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  1. My 2 inf: while I like most of the travel power changes, and they're not much of a big deal since they're just travel power changes, 2 items I don't like/agree with, since they weren't broken: "Level Scaling Travel powers no longer increase in strength as you level up, the previous level 50 values now apply at all levels Travel speed caps no longer increase in strength as you level up, the previous level 50 values now apply at all levels" Don't like this, all chars with lvl 50 travel speed? Why? I think fast
  2. I would strongly recommend taking the msi installer off your website for now. The zip archive should be used until a lot more testing is done. I'm a developer, and have worked a little with msi installers, they're a pain in the ass. But since I've never got your msi installer to overwrite a new install either (it crashes and leaves the icon pointing to nothing, possibly due to AV conflicts), I'll only be using the zip archive. Thanks for quick response.
  3. Happened to me too! Uninstalled Mids from Windows 10 Settings, since the new installers always crash! It destroyed my desktop!!!!!!!! Dozens of icons deleted, not in trash! This thing is dangerous! Please look at it.
  4. It's not a matter of finding or searching for chars, I'd prefer the game keep track of it for each shard, rather than yanking back to first char for no reason. All they have to do is write a file with the slot number in it, and read it back.
  5. Ok, that has nothing to do with what I asked for, but good luck with that I guess.
  6. This is a tiny thing, but it bugs me all the time, which makes it less tiny. Char Select should remember the last char you played and stay there when you log/relog. Instead it always goes back to Char 1. Very annoying. That can't be hard to change, can it?
  7. Does that also explain why the tanker secondaries are now showing as mostly single target attacks? For sets that were mostly AoEs?
  8. Ever since the tanker changes, I've seen major problems with the power descriptions in-game (mostly primaries I think). They contain large amounts of extra power effects that don't actually apply in-game. Example - here is from the power text for Fiery Aura - Plasma Shield: ============== 30.00%% resistance to fire damage on self unresistable 30.00%% resistance to energy damage on self unresistable 30.00%% resistance to negative energy damage on self unresistable 12.98 hold protection on self unresistable 12.98
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