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  1. If only the code could update itself every time the data structures and enums changed, that would be awesome too.
  2. The issue seems to be that Synapse's Shock and probably all the new sets have their attuned versions flagged as below. This is only supposed to be used for things like PvPOs and Superior enhancements. It means they work all the way down to level 1. ignore_exemplar_for_bonuses = true
  3. Most likely. Am I correct in inferring that these were attuned pieces? Unfortunately, the level something can be slotted at is controlled by different settings than the lowest level at which set bonuses (no longer) function. Having a given piece of a set contribute to the bonuses you get is supposed to be based on the Boostset's level range definition compared to your own level, where the level an individual enhancement can be slotted at is specified on each individual boost (enhancement) itself. I can't see why Reactive defenses should work all the way dow
  4. While I've kept parts of Ruby's tool up to date, I don't use it like most people would - my build is invoked via an internal API wrapper that I call from within Python code, and emits data directly to Python. I haven't been updating the export code that is how most people would use the command-line tool. Basically my build is a fork that's diverged from Ruby's version, and Ruby's version now has more "raw" data export features from when I first forked off of it, which was a big reason I forked it to start with. That's a long winded way of saying my updates really aren't such that y
  5. UberGuy

    Soul Storm

    This isn't a bug. Not that it can't be changed (technically), but that's a suggestion, not a bug report.
  6. A couple more small updates and fixes. Not all attribmod types showed when they activated with delays or "over-time"/DoT-like behavior. This has been fixed. In particular, this hid the fact that the prestige rezzes have a small delay before the untouchable effect kicks in, which is how the site's lack of showing it was found. A string-to-integer (lack of) conversion bug, affecting the AT modifiers page, was discovered and fixed. (I am guessing almost no one hit this, because it would totally break the page.) The "Class Name" field on entity pages is now a link to the AT modif
  7. This has something to do with the way the mission sets your level. There seems to be an "arc or mission-wide" way that properly strips you of powers like this, and an "in-mission only" way that fails to do this. It will fail to remove any power you have via grant by another power. For example, the new travel power bonus effects will stick around, even if you lose the travel power. It was testing for the travel power changes that actually brought this to the attention of the current devs. They do know about it, but I don't know what the priority is to fix it, if any.
  8. The above issue with Super Stunners is fixed.
  9. Thanks for that. That name entity's internal name is a bane on existence in multiple ways. I am forced to sanitize it because using it as a filename is invalid in nearly every operating system, and CoD uses a separate file for each entity. Clearly I missed lining up the generated link with the (sanitized) file name.
  10. Small update! Based on reports of issues with the checkboxes in the header (PvP/E and Raw Data) not always applying on page load (which I have sometimes seen myself), I made some relatively small tweaks to how these are loaded. Hopefully, they will now consistently apply the checkbox setting to the page, rather than occasionally requiring you to re-toggle them to get them working. For the curious about how the sausage gets made... Visual elements on CoD pages are "components", each with their own code, and so loosely coupled. The main component on the powers page (itse
  11. That makes sense to me, but as someone who plays a lot of characters who don't get that benefit from their snipes anyway, and also who has blasters without snipes, that seems like a-nice-to-have rather than something I would unequivocally refuse to lose. But I admit it does sound useful, and slotting this enhancement on a Blaster does make it much harder to leverage effectively.
  12. I don't remember the exact details, but I know for sure that threads use a relatively complicated modification of your chance to get one based on how recently you got one before. I think I recall that shards have something similar, but it's different and not as aggressive. This is something shared on forums that are no longer around, so I don't know if I have access to the specific details anymore without a code (data) dive.
  13. There's no drop suppression. Not for invention stuff. There's drop suppression for a few things: Threads, Shards, Catalysts and one other thing - maybe converters? - have suppression mechanics. (All of the suppression mechanics for each of the things that have them are different.) Stuff like recipes, IO salvage, and SOs are all fixed probabilities checked on every defeat of a standard rank critter. The specific odds vary by critter rank and only by rank. However, your personal odds of receiving a given drop, once one is determined to happen, vary with team size, and, in multi-team contexts, wh
  14. Just a status update, I'm working on building the code to perform dedicated data exports that will facilitate a set bonus search/lookup interface. However, I'm pretty tied up with work for the next few weeks, and then I go on vacation, so I probably won't get a lot of new feature work done for the next month or maybe two. Obviously, updates will appear here when I have them. 🙂
  15. Personally, it wouldn't really bother me - I certainly don't consider it trash. But I also don't tend to rely heavily on snipes as an opener. If one's primary goal is to use your snipe as a high DPA booster to your regular attack chain, it's not especially valuable that it have long range, since you can't use your other powers at the snipe's regular range. Remember - snipes exist on ATs other than Blasters, and not all of those ATs have the damage scales (or an Aim/BU to use with it) to reliably one-shot snipe even just minions (at least at high notoriety). So having it as a hard-h
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