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  1. I realized I never responded to this post. Both powers are Auto powers, so they both come on immediately when the secondary critter is summoned by the triggering of the trap. The "initial" effect will only ever activate once - it has a 1000s activation interval and the "triggered trap" critter only lasts 30s (as defined by its "Self Destruct" power, which goes off after a 30s delay). The debuff effects in the other power eacg last 10s but reactivates every 1s, with new debuffs replacing old ones - they don't add together. There's nothing in there about the vomit because
  2. Couple of small updates. Entities (critters) now show their group name. Previously, this was simply an integer value I wasn't sure how to use, but I figured out it was an index into a list of villain group definitions. I've added the ability for the Rust code to read these and use it to populate the critter's group name. As long as none of the groups are too huge, I plan to use this to build a page showing villain groups by name, with each name a link leading to pages for all the critters in the group. (Even if the groups are too big, I can still likely provide some pagination wit
  3. Yeah. The phased areas aren't really "instanced" in the way that's used in other places in CoH. While phased areas' contents vary based on the status of a team's leader (including a team of one player), different teams whose leaders are in the same state all see the same things in the phased area and can effectively "share" it. Everyone doesn't get their own team copy.
  4. This seems like a simple fix. The status interfaces are missing their tags. The main powers both grant you the proc and set the chance it goes off using a global chance mod - in this case affecting tag "InterfaceStatus". But the only power bearing that tag, is (weirdly) the Preemptive Interface end drain proc's effect. Fixing this should be as simple as adding the "InterfaceStatus" tag to these powers: incarnate.interface_silent.immobilize incarnate.interface_silent.confuse For consistency, Preemptive should really get its own tag (something like "InterfaceEndurance
  5. I haaate drift, but have been able to ignore it for years because fast switch to Hover completely stops it. I can basically stop on a dime from flight because I can zip up to something and flip Hover on at the right place. (Within the limits of game client/server position (dis)agreement lag, of course. 😛)
  6. I don't think it's possible for a Null option to do this. It would require completely different powers, or a code change to allow exclusion groups for powers to be some kind of expression, rather than just a string that's checked at power activation time.
  7. This would require a code and data storage (DB) change of some kind. Nothing currently is shared across accounts except Global Mail and the stuff in "Character Items", both of which are rather limited. Character Items seems largely restricted to "back end" reward grants, with the closest to us "storing" things there that I can think of being opening Super Packs. Personally, I would not want all my characters' items and wealth shared by default. But I would like a better interfaces for sharing than Global Mail's. And yes, shared Inf would massively overflow if it was not a larger in
  8. This. To my knowledge, Containment has never had a float text associated with it - only the extra mag effect of Overpower did.
  9. I have those toggles on the side of my mouse, where I can flip them with my mouse hand thumb. At this point, I can do them by sheer muscle memory. There's no performance cost, unless I block myself by queuing attacks while I try to change travel modes. Edit: It helps hugely that the true travel powers (so excluding EvMa) are zero cast/recharge time, so you can toggle them on/off freely.
  10. I don't run all the toggles. I build binds that let me toggle them off so they're mostly exclusive. I don't need Fly (or EvMA) to run when I'm in combat, and doing so is a huge waste of endurance. And until Hover's animation doesn't override Fly's, I don't want Hover on while I'm flying in open spaces. (Otherwise I'd keep it on for the movement control.)
  11. Clearly it's just foreshadowing. Level limit 120 update coming Soon™! (But seriously, that's kinda funny. Clearly those stats are just freeform text.)
  12. You may have wanted to test it before posting. That's what the most recent ones do.
  13. There are probably a lot of OG players here who've seen all but the most recent content hundreds, even thousands of times. They don't all want to rush through content, and all new players don't want to stop and smell the roses, but I am sure it's part of what you're seeing. As far as your complaint about scatter, while it's usually extra annoying for melee, it's annoying for anyone who has their own AoEs to leverage. Spreading foes all over does no one any favors. But everyone isn't interested in efficient play. Some folks just want the visceral fun of sending things flying. I'm no
  14. Actually, a little bird pointed out to me a bind combo that I think (?) does what you want, @Blackbird71 Bind this to start or stop flying. Hover turns off if it was running "powexec_toggleoff Hover$$powexec_name Fly" Bind this to start or stop hovering. Fly turns off if it was running. "powexec_toggleoff Fly$$powexec_name Hover"
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