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    Stone Melee / ?

    Also interested on Stone Melee, any Stone/Energy example builds?
  2. I disagree with it, but the main argument is that....you aren't the set makers. At least for the live sets. You are a private server with "no right" to nerf people's characters. Which is silly since every server has been changing the game one way or another, but people get really offended because of it.
  3. Something is happening on the costume creator, in that you can pick colors for Electrical Affinity, but if you go back to changing your costume, the color picks get reset to the default Hero/Villain themes. Don't think that's intended because is kinda annoying.
  4. Also having the same issue since then, game has been basically unplayable since last month there was massive framerate drops/lag and constant disconnects. EDIT: And it got worse with the winter event, can't even log in since the game is so slow now.
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