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  1. I understand why the blaster powers got the change, but it made me realize that the current behavior is illogical. If you turn on a stealth power, presumably you don't want to aggro foes. Having aggroing toggles suppress when stealth is activated is the logical result.
  2. What you need is repel protection, not KB protection. While Invulnerability, Energy Aura, Shield, Stone and Willpower have this, other armor sets do not. Break frees and similar inspirations do provide this.
  3. I really like Radiation Blast, although I've never tried it on a blaster. You can marry it to a lot of concepts by recoloring. The -def on all the powers is great and permits slotting many procs. Cosmic Burst combines high damage and a mag 3 stun, Atomic Blast (T9) has a mag 3 hold, Irradiate is a massive PBAoE. I agree that the long animation plus projectile travel time on both Electron Haze and Neutron Bomb is annoying, although I think Electron Haze is better than Fire Breath or Frost Breath. You should be aware that the damage scale and recharge of Neutrino Bolt and X-Ray Beam
  4. I have an Illusion/Poison controller. I pretty much keep Venemous Gas (15 foot PBAoE) running all the time. I'm constantly forgetting to turn it off when I use Superior Invisibility and unintentionally break stealth as it aggroes mobs as I walk past them. Last year, blaster PBAoE toggles (Reaction Time, Dynamo, Cauterizing Aura, Frigid Protection) received the following change: "If you are concealed (from Stealth or a similar power) this power will not impact foes unless you are in combat (it will no longer accidentally break stealth)." These powers include both debuff and damage
  5. In the defender version of Cold Domination, Sleet has the wrong defense debuff value. Should be -30%, not -22.5%.
  6. Uun


    For a different take, this is my Fire/Time.
  7. Different sets. Corruptors get Trick Arrow, blasters get Tactical Arrow. Trick Arrow is a debuff set. There are some powers with the same name in Tactical, but the blaster versions lose most or all of the debuffs. Corruptor version of Flash Arrow does -15% tohit debuff while the blaster version does -4.9%. Corruptor version of Oil Slick Arrow has a 25 foot radius while the blaster version is 15 feet and doesn't have -defense. Blaster version of Ice Arrow doesn't have -damage or the secondary effect debuff. Blasters don't get Poison Gas, Acid or Disruption. Their immob
  8. Played an Arachnos Soldier/Widow, Peacebringer or Sentinel. Until last week I had never played a Stalker. Hami raid in the Abyss. I can count the number I've done in the Hive on one hand. Power leveled a character or done an AE farm. I have been know to farm Fake Nemesis. Played goldside. I think I've done Dr. Q once. Had to google ERP - didn't know that was a thing in CoH.
  9. Uun

    OSA question

    While I normally use Electrified Net Arrow to light it (and have a bind that automatically targets the oil slick and fires it), I've noticed that the Interface Reactive Radial proc will self-light the oil slick.
  10. Uun


    Power Boost or Power Build Up is almost mandatory with /Time. Use it before Farsight and you've soft-capped your defense. Not sure why you're waiting until 47 to get Slowed Response. That's your big -res/-def debuff. Would take that at 35.
  11. I think this issue is larger than just debuff procs. There's a decently large number of procs that can't be slotted in powers that don't aggro, making it impossible to get the 6-piece bonus for those sets. Smoke, Smoke Grenade, Flash Arrow and Blinding Powder can't use the procs from the tohit debuff sets. Sleep powers that don't aggro can't use the proc from Induced Coma, Overpowering Presence, Will of the Controller or Dominating Grasp sets. (Call of the Sandman, Fortunata Hypnosis and Ascendency of the Dominator procs are OK.) Confuse powers that don't aggro can't use the
  12. @Hyperstrike Was going through some screenshots from live and found this. Was right after Dr. Kahn launched but before they fixed it so that you couldn't defeat him.
  13. Slotting confuse (and endred) is your best bet. Unenhanced, the confuse effect has a 30% chance to occur every time the power pulses (every 2 seconds) and has a 3.7 second duration at lvl 50 (the duration is shorter at lower levels). Fully enhanced, the duration is almost double, increasing the chances that foes in the AoE stay confused. Slotting for slow isn't worth it, as it comes close to flooring movement speed out of the box. Most efficient slotting (ignoring set bonuses) would be 3 confuse/endred IOs from 3 different confuse sets. https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?powe
  14. I haven't tried all of them yet, but I think I've done 15. It's almost always thematic. Depending on the AT, sometimes I want a ranged pet. Some of the melee pets like to get themselves squashed almost immediately. I haven't been impressed with the radial pets. I don't find the buffs to be that useful, and I'd rather have the additional damage from the core pets. (In addition to having 2 dps pets, the core pets do more damage than their radial counterparts.) In addition to BP, I've been impressed with the Carnival, Knives and Talons. Polar Lights and Robotic Drones are unobtrusive and good if
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