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  1. Very good set, but no melee attacks whatsoever. Agree with the comments above on the non-arrow powers. Other than Upshot, the non-arrow powers don't need more than the base slot. As far as the arrow powers: Electrified Net Arrow: Decent damage for a tier 1 immobilize, plus -fly. Glue Arrow: Kinda meh on a blaster. Skippable, but doesn't need more than base slot. Ice Arrow: Mag 3 hold with minor DOT. Nothing to stack it with if Archery is your primary, so either skip this or Stunning Arrow. Flash Arrow: In addition to the -perception (handy if spawns are close together), I really like this for the -tohit, which is autohit (for critters) and unresistable. ESD Arrow: AOE Mag 3 hold with damage to robots. IMO skippable due to acc penalty and short duration.
  2. I have no problem with this. This game needs more challenges. I do seem to recall however that back on live one of the devs stated that shadow cyst crystals spawning in missions was a bug.
  3. Clarion is definitely handy, but not required. Are you both taking Increase Density? If you don't mind hitting each other with ID, Clarion wouldn't be needed.
  4. No taunt aura, just -recharge debuff.
  5. In what content are you not killing stuff fast enough? A full team of incarnates can steamroll through just about anything. This game is too easy, not too hard.
  6. I think that Meltdown and Moment of Glory should be the model for T9s. Overload, OWTS and SOW are somewhat better than Elude, Power Surge and Unstoppable, as the crash only drains your endurance, not your health.
  7. Uun

    Archery/TA build

    Looking for comments and/or constructive criticism on this build. Flash Arrow effectively adds another 8% defense, so I should be soft capped to ranged damage.
  8. This is when you use the Elusive Mind accolade.
  9. If you don't want melee, I would pass on blaster - 5 of /Atomic's 9 powers are melee. It's a very blappery set. If your focus is on doing damage, I would vote corruptor.
  10. I believe that Mother Mayhem (or some version of her) has damaging non-positional psi attacks. Not sure about Malaise. I seem to recall that the Rikti used to have them but not sure if that's still the case.
  11. Note, there is no Toxic typed defense in the game. Also, there are some attacks that are Psi typed with no positional aspect and will therefore bypass your positional defenses.
  12. Assuming you're not increasing the total number of power picks, no thanks. I frequently skip the tier one power and forcing it on me makes me lose another pick later.
  13. Depends what you mean by "won". Thomas was more successful, but Nikolai invented cooler stuff. Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Gummo Tim Radio? Was never a Spike fan. Watching the moon landing on TV. I'm only 57, but my mom is turning 100 in October.
  14. Disagree strongly on the difference between 70% and 90% resists. For an attack that does 1,500 damage, it's the difference between taking 450 and 150 damage. It's not a matter of not being 2-shot - I can AFK tank most AVs that do S/L or En damage. Hitting soft cap for S/L defense would be completely superfluous. I'd like to pick up more defense, but probably looking more at trading some AoE defense for more ranged defense. Will be able to shuffle things around a bit once I upgrade the ATOs to Superior.
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