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  1. I don't recommend skipping Piercing Beam. Its got 15% -res which stacks with Slowed Response.
  2. The unresistable piece is enhanceable, so your potential tohit debuff is -30% for defenders and -24% for corruptors.
  3. The sets with taunt auras are Bio, Energy, Invul, Radiation, Shield and Willpower, although the duration on Energy and Willpower is shorter.
  4. My vote goes to Archery/Trick Arrow corruptor. The corruptor debuffs are good enough, the damage is much better than on a defender, and you can skip Snap Shot. I also have a /Tactical Arrow blaster, but all it brings to a team (other than damage) is Glue Arrow and Flash Arrow, the blaster versions of which are nothing to write home about.
  5. Uun

    Resistance vs +health

    It depends on how much you depend on +regen (such as WP or Rad). You get more benefit from +regen the more hp you have.
  6. I just checked. Stuns appear in the combat log in dark orange (damage received), followed by the message "You are unable to use any powers!" in orange (general combat). Spore Cloud, Livegiving Spores and Entangling Aura were all detoggled, as messages in orange appear when they're recharged.
  7. My main has been a MA/Inv scrapper since I2. Largely agree with nihili's comments. A couple of additional thoughts: You're going to want 4 ST attacks. Assuming you skip Thunder Kick, 3 will be Storm Kick, Crippling Axe Kick and Cobra Strike. Crane Kick has better DPA, but some people just like the Eagle's Claw animation. My scrapper has both, purely for style reasons. If you take Crane Kick, slot a KB>KD IO or the Overwhelming Force set. Another option is to take Gloom from Soul Mastery if it doesn't mess up your concept.
  8. The I27 patch turned off the green numbers from blaster sustain powers. Perhaps it turned them off for procs on blasters too.
  9. I have a lvl 50 /nature controller and have not experienced this. All 3 toggles turn off if you're mezzed (even just for a second). They will also turn off if your endurance is drained and you don't have enough to run them. Knockback and damage have no effect. Spore Cloud will stay on after the target is defeated, but will turn off after the body disappears or if you move too far away. Lifegiving Spores will also turn off if you move too far away, but its got a really long range. The toggles that stay on while mezzed (but are supressed) are armors, leadership and travel.
  10. Time Wall is absolutely enhanceable. Not sure what you're seeing to indicate it isn't. In any case, if you're going to 1-slot it, you should slot acc. As Tidge said, Time Wall provides boosts to other /Temporal powers which follow it when used on the same target. If you want the set bonuses from Pacing of the Turtle, that's fine, but you should be aware that the pieces enhancing accuracy, damage and range do nothing in Snow Storm. It can only be enhanced for end reduction, slow and recharge. You should update to the new version of Mid's (https://midsreborn.com/). There were a lot of changes to the Blaster secondaries in I27, including a bunch to /Temporal.
  11. Unless you're really in love with the set bonuses, I wouldn't 6-slot Trap of the Hunter in Time Wall. You don't need more duration on the immobilize. Either 1-slot it with an acc IO or slot it for damage. I recommend the former. Slot Freeze Ray for damage, not for hold. It's one of the best DPA attacks in the set. Temporal Healing is a toggle. It doesn't need recharge. Slot for healing. Although it has a really long cast time, Bitter Freeze Ray is your highest damage attack. Slot it for damage, not for hold. Snow Storm doesn't need 6 slots - either 1-slot with an endred IO or and a 2nd slot with a slow IO. Drop Flash Freeze, take Frozen Armor. Time Shift is an AoE stun with an accuracy penalty. It needs 4-6 slots to be useful. The tohit debuff is incidental and not worth slotting for. I'm not sure if you have some concept in mind, but not clear why you've got Invisibility, Phase Shift and Teleport. You would be better served picking up Hibernate and/or Hoarfrost. You don't need all the +end IOs in Health and Stamina. You get more than enough end from Temporal Healing. Here's the current build on my Ice/Temporal
  12. I agree. My thought was to have a set bonus that provided 15-20% resistance to some debuff. Not game breaking, but certainly a slotting alternative that's not out there.
  13. Willpower, a set that relies significantly on regeneration, only has 26% resistance to -regen. It also has a +recovery power, yet no resistance to end drain or -recovery. (Invulnerability and Dark Armor, neither of which have +recovery or +end, both have resistance to end drain.) Every set has holes. You can patch resistance holes. It would be nice to be able to patch debuff holes to a degree.
  14. I always forget about the range bonus from snipe. I don't have Boost Range (I'm Dark/TA), but I do have Clarion Radial.
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