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    Here's mine. It was intentionally built to focus on resistance and regeneration, so not a lot of defense.
  2. I really like Melee Core for the resistance and regen (for T3 you want Partial Core) for those times things go sideways. Assault is good too, but I've never tried it on a brute.
  3. The 7.5% hp boost is a unique and can only be slotted once.
  4. You are correct. My point is that the procs do more damage than you would get if you slotted TT for damage, and they're front loaded.
  5. I just took a Dark/TA to 50. Dark needs some love, but it's far from the worst. Needs a KB>KD in Umbral Torrent. I slot Tenebrous Tentacles with procs (and +range) as the DOT is really weak.
  6. Fairly certain the lesbian hellions are responsible...
  7. Uun

    Stone Melee / ?

    I've been having a good time playing my Earth/Earth dom and toying with ideas for a Stone melee brute. Trying to pick a secondary that I can match thematically (I don't want Stone or Bio and I've done SR, Invul and Rad recently). Ice? Shield? I might consider Elec if I could come up with a concept.
  8. Hits like a freight train, particularly Heavy Mallet and Seismic Smash.
  9. Just to clarify, Martial Assault and Spinning Kick are for Dominators. Blasters get Martial Combat and a version of Storm Kick that does knockdown and has chance of lethal DOT.
  10. Did a little digging in the patch notes. This is what I found: 2/12/2008: Enemy XP values (and Influence/Infamy dropped) have been increased across nearly all levels. The size of the increase directly relates to datamined leveling speeds for characters, so levels where characters have found themselves ‘stuck’ or ‘slowed’ will have enemies of that level’s XP increased more than other levels. Enemy Levels with the greatest increase in XP rates are: 13 to 20, and 36 to 50. Other levels have had smaller, but still significant, XP and Influence adjustments. This may mean that characters will find it impossible to do ‘all’ the content of a given level range before outleveling it. http://web.archive.org/web/20121003093848/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/game_updates/issue_11/xp_curve_smoothing_qa.php 9/15/2009: To go along with our new changes to sidekicking and exemplaring, we've made some adjustments to the experience awarded from minions, lieutenants and bosses in the level 5 to 24 range. In short these enemies are on average receiving a 20% experience and influence increase. This will slightly speed up the pace at which heroes and villains advance through the 5 to 24 range. So it appears that xp rewards were buffed at least twice.
  11. Aside from these, I'm fairly certain they increased the amount of XP received per mob defeated.
  12. I've got three on HC: Gravity/Storm controller, Ice/Temporal blaster and Cold/Beam defender.
  13. I've played thousands of hours on MA dating back to I2. My main on live was a MA/Inv scrapper, which I remade on HC. I'm surprised nobody has suggested this (unless I missed it), but I'd like to see Storm Kick replaced with Spinning Kick from Martial Assault or otherwise converted to a cone. The set really needs another source of AoE damage. You could do that and still proliferate the defense buff (see Guarded Spin from Staff).
  14. I don't remember when this got changed back on live, but the leveling pace used to be a lot slower. People used to play through all of their contacts at a given level because you had to in order to level up. It was possible to complete all the contact missions at lvl 35-39 and not reach lvl 40. This was before the introduction of radio missions and many of the new zones. While new content alleviated this, I recall that the devs increased the pace at which you earned xp as well. In the earlier years of the game it would take much longer to reach 50 and you needed to play through much more content in order to get there. Now it can be done in matter of weeks even if you're not PLing. I would be in favor of dialing it back a bit. It also feels like all the PUGs do nothing but radio missions. One issue is that the contacts offer missions in 5-level bands and with the faster leveling pace it's very easy to out-level a story arc prior to completing it. I recently formed a team to do Stephanie Peebles arc, and by the time we finished it I had out-leveled Long Jack's arc. I know that the arcs can all be done through Ouro, but if you want to do it with a team, that requires everyone to commit to it. Would it be possible for teams doing Ouro arcs not to be in TF mode and to allow recruiting new members? This would allow people to play lower level arcs with a team over several days without requiring a long-term commitment.
  15. I can't run Apex on my Rad/Rad scrapper because I can't see the blue on the ground.
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