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  1. On a tank, I find that the damage from the procs is superior to slotting the power for damage. The recharge is short enough that you can spam the hell out of it. If a foe gets feared and debuffed, that's just a bonus. Also serves as an AoE taunt, but scrappers don't get that.
  2. I'm leveling a DA/DM tank and have Touch of Fear slotted with 1 acc IO and 3 procs. It works really well and I may add more if I can spare the slots. The thing to remember is not to use fear set or tohit debuff set procs - those effects are single target and only have a chance to hit the targeted foe. Melee AoE set procs can hit any foe in the damage AoE.
  3. Not sure if this is doable in CoH, but in other games there's a button/pulldown on the zone map for "change instance". This would allow folks to change from RWZ1 to RWZ2 instantly.
  4. Your MA slotting is fine, but you've made some odd choices with WP, particularly how late you're taking the powers. You're going for a lot of +regen set bonuses and uniques, but they're really not needed with WP. I would target resistance and defense bonuses. High Pain Tolerance doesn't need to be 6-slotted. I slot with 2 heal IOs plus the Steadfast Protection and Gladiator's Armor 3% defense uniques (which you've skipped). Instead of Titanium Coating, I would slot Mind Over Body with Unbreakable Guard. If you don't 6-slot, don't skip the 7.5% +hp unique. Fast Healing doesn'
  5. It's a mag 3 immobilize, so it will only affect minions and lieutenants with a single application (although it will slow bosses). The other thing to keep in mind is that Time Wall applies the "Delayed" effect, which makes your other Time powers do bonus damage or add additional mag.
  6. I pulled my vet lvl 36 Rad/Dark corruptor out after a long hiatus. Ran through a DA arc and a TinPex. What a beast!
  7. Buying ATOs with reward merits is not in your best interest. ATOs cost 100 merits each but sell on the AH for about 8,000,000 inf (80,000/merit). Enhancement Boosters cost 5 merits each but sell for about 1,100,000 inf on the AH (220,000/merit). Use your merits to buy Enhancement Boosters and sell them on the AH. Then use the inf to buy ATOs. (This also works with Enhancement Converters and Enhancement Unslotters.)
  8. Spinning Kick (from Martial Assault) is Storm Kick as a non-targeted cone.
  9. You can soft cap defense to all without using Elude. It is completely superfluous. Hardly. Other than MoG (which lasts 15 seconds), the only resistance or defense Regen has is 9.375% res (all) in Resilience. SR is orders of magnitude better. SR has defense debuff resistance and scaling damage resistance.
  10. This is the build I'm currently running. Not final by any stretch, but may give you some ideas.
  11. Disagree. Other than Elude being a complete waste, SR is fine as is. I could see reordering the powers for scrappers and stalkers so you don't have to wait until 35 to get Evasion. Don't really see +acc as necessary - it's pretty easy to get from set bonuses or the Kismet IO. Not sure what armor sets have +dmg other than Bio. End drain is only an issue if it's autohit, which is pretty rare.
  12. For ST, I like a 4-attack chain of Storm Kick, Cobra Strike, Crane Kick and Crippling Axe Kick. I recommend a KB>KD in Crane.
  13. In addition to those, log out next to a base portal to get charges for the Monitor Duty Teleporter (base teleport). Once you get the Monitor Duty and Patroller badges (Rapid Response Member accolade), you'll also get charges for the Rapid Response Portal (summonable base portal).
  14. You're 6-slotting a lot of powers that really don't need to be, presumably for the set bonuses. You would be better served putting those slots in your attacks. Time Lord doesn't need more than the base slot. Since it only provides 7% energy resistance, enhancing for damage resistance doesn't get you much. Not sure why you're slotting Temporal Healing with Synapse's Shock. It's a toggle that provides an endmod and absorption buff to you. Accuracy, damage and recharge are completely wasted. Your best bet is a healing set. Maneuvers only provides 2.275% defense to blasters. 6-sl
  15. It's a good power, but it works well out of the box and doesn't require a lot of slots. The only enhanceable aspect of the power that affects survivability is the tohit debuff. It has a 1 second duration, so it only affects mobs that stay within the power's radius. It doesn't protect you against ranged attacks. The debuff is 5.625% base, 6.75% with 1 SO, 7.7875% with 2 and 8.775% at ED max, so if you want to devote the slots to it, you pick up about 1% additional debuff for each additional slot. I don' think any of the tohit debuff IO sets give you exciting bonuses at the 3-slot level, so I do
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