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  1. Homecoming updated Ice Armor's Hoarfrost icon from the old "generic resist" symbol (IceArmor_Hoarfrost) to a new "max hp" symbol (IceArmor_HP) for brutes, scrappers, and sentinels. The stalker and tanker versions of Ice Armor still use the old icon, however. The versions of Hoarfrost in Mastermind Chill Mastery, Blaster Cold Mastery, and Dominator Ice Mastery also still use the old icon.
  2. Back with fridge inspiration. Since we already have anniversary badges Torchbearer, Indomitable, Everlasting, and Excelsior!, how about: Reunited
  3. Scrapper Kinetic Melee Confront uses the same icon as the Brute/Tanker multi-target Taunt, KineticAttack_Taunt, but a more suitable icon KineticAttack_Confront exists in the base game piggs. Kinetic Melee Confront also has the same short description as multi-target Taunts, "Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Taunt", but it is single-target and should be "Ranged, Foe Taunt" like other Confronts.
  4. OK, serious suggestion Debutant ♂️/Debutante ♀️
  5. Although it's been this way forever, the Synapse TF has never had anything to do with Vahzilok. More likely, the dev who mixed up Vahz and BP in the original description for this badge also mixed up Positron and Synapse TFs. Suggestion: Award Abomination with Dam Hero badge, Positron's Ally/Positron's Betrayer badge, or Dr. Vahzilok defeat instead.
  6. As I write this, another level 20-29 enemy design, the Zoombie, has gone back to the drawing board, again. For all the tweaks and reworks, are Zoombies interesting, beyond solo badgers, to the player base in general? Quantifiably, no. Never a peep about that arc on /lfg. There's no interest. Given those circumstances, I'm skeptical of retuning existing level 20-29 content. Nobody wants it to end with Warriors becoming like Zoombies - content to either skip or solo, because subjecting mid-level randos from /lfg to it would be rude. Here's how to avoid that.
  7. In-game help says players can use /gladiators to access the "Build Your Gladiator Team" window, but this slash command appears to have never been implemented. The "Build Your Gladiator Team" window can only be accessed through arena kiosks.
  8. In uiTarget.c, getConningColor() compares level and rank, capped at diff=4 (purple). This gives a player running +4 notoriety less UI information about targets; almost every target is purple, regardless of rank. Adjusting plvl by adding the player's notoriety level, or some other optional player-chosen value, would give some players a more useful UI. For example, a level 50 player with a +4 adjustment would see level 54 minions as white, level 54 LTs as yellow, level 54 bosses as orange, etc.
  9. There is no separate Tsoo group for Siren's Call. It's the same mobs used in St. Martial, and this bug affects both zones.
  10. Defeating Dragon Blue Ink Man minions in the level 15-40 Tsoo villain group does not award progress toward the Ink Man gladiator badge. (Note: All other Blue Ink Man minions correctly award progress. Checked level 30-40 Eagle, Serpent, and Tiger Blue Ink Man minions, and all Blue Ink Man minions in the level 50-54 Tsoo villain group.) Steps to reproduce 1. Have a level 20+ character without the Ink Man badge 2. Go to Siren's Call or St. Martial 3. Observe Ink Man badge progress under Gladiator badges 4. Find and defeat Dragon Blue Ink Man mini
  11. If a target is hit by Transfusion, but is defeated immediately afterward, Transfusion's visual and sound effects play, but there's no healing. Steps to reproduce 1. Log in a high level character with Will Domination and Transfusion. 2. Stand next to a solo Hellions lieutenant in Prometheus Park, Atlas Park. 3. Target the Hellions lieutenant. 4. Use Will Domination, and immediately queue Transfusion while Will Domination is activating. 5. Make sure both powers hit. If either power missed, try again from step 2. Expected result
  12. It's not in the patch notes, but issue 27 fixes a bug with shriek and psionic dart. The alternate power customizations no longer hold the animation like the third act of a shonen anime. Forum mods: I think the following Bug Reports threads can be safely closed. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15548-psionic-dart-for-blasters-animation-time-increased-after-218 https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15557-experiencing-heavy-lag-on-some-abilities-broadband-testing-report https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15564-psionic-dart-cast-time-bugged ht
  13. Summary: Completing an Independence Port safeguard or mayhem on a level 25+ character for the first time grants the temporary power Movement Increase. This power is described as a straight movement speed buff, but is applying strength buffs instead. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use a character who is level 25 or higher and who has not yet completed an Independence Port safeguard or mayhem. 2. Complete an Independence Port safeguard or mayhem for the first time. 3. In the power tray, under Temporary Powers, examine the description and details for Movement
  14. Possible missing bug fix note: the long delay on Psionic Dart (specifically Psi Dart's alternate power customization animation, as well as other powers with the same animation) appears to be fixed now on the beta server.
  15. Faathim TF busted for bad mission design. They can't even deny what they did here. Credit to https://youtu.be/nGYcMriYDKQ?t=1450 not my video
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