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  1. Forgot to mention I would like to avoid raising all my demons as that causes alot of timewaste on resummoning etc. as kelika2 mentions. 🙂
  2. Not at all 🙂 I got some very useful tips and methods I didn't know or think about, which seems like a little QoL for me. I didn't open the thread as a, find a solution to rushing like a stalker or I'll quit my mastermind. Atleast not what I intended but you know... english isn't my mothertongue 😛
  3. Thank you so much for the replies 🙂 I did not know about incarnate Incandescence Destiny 😮 thats awesome 🙂 i will deffo use this when i solo, even great for helping rush without my demons out in groups I think! I'll test the passive/stay thing today, cant belive i didnt think about that 😮 Good idea with knockback in SS and stealth in a sprint type of ability, ill change that today to gain some knockback protection 🙂 Hmm, Team Teleport seems very slow if you're in a cave kind of map, cant barely click 50yards away before you TP into a wall then 😛 unless it works as Recall Friend? that would be... awesome 😮 Being slow poke around maps isn't much of a big deal to me, just trying to optimize or adapt if possible, got some very useful tips so far 🙂 Im glad i can test stuff today, hopefully this means I can keep Combat jumping, Superspeed, Leadership and fighting powerpool for some survivability 🙂 The incarnate TP thingy is really interesting, hopefully I can get enough salvages to test it... when I get enough exp to unlock it 😛
  4. I team 99% of the time and rarely solo which means I usally just go ham on everything instead of trying to rush. Seems the time my demons enjoy the pretty sights of warehouse/office or cavewalls while on passive&follow is far longer than just arresting everyone 😛 But as I got to 50 and about to try build my Demons/Thermal to my kind of play even when i solo, i figured i wanted to put it out there in case any powers or methods i dont know about help 🙂 I thought about building in: Grant Invisibility for the missions where i need several clickies and/or a boss, but at different places so i dont have to dismiss my pets. Recall Friend for when my pets fail to rush and goes for sightseeing for minutes before arriving. Is it worth it? as this leaves me without leadership powerpool which is a bit sad as I team alot in lower levels, but I wont sacrifice Combat jumping / Superspeed combo for traveling. Assemble team has 30 or 60 mins cooldown which im not even sure works on pets and im using it for TF's doors anyways. How do you cope with pets taking their time or being surrounded/walled by every foe in missions when rushing for objectives? 🙂
  5. How much time do i have left to get badges? :)
  6. I checked all of the npc's cant really see anyone selling those badges :'( I believe that there was a contact during the May Anniversary Event that sold the anniversary badges. Sadly you (& I) won't be able to pick these up until next year. :( Thats just sad :(
  7. I checked all of the npc's cant really see anyone selling those badges :'(
  8. How did you manage to get 1-14 years anniversary badges? :O
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