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  1. *raises hand* I have a question! What's the Inf difference for an even-level foe vs a +4 one? Because I'm... not great at farming. Takes a solid 15+ minutes to clear a +4 space map compared to about 10 minutes for playing at even-con. And if the arc is 5 missions, then finishing up takes nealy a half hour longer at +4, and doesn't really seem worth the time. I'm not sure if fighting at +4 is worth it, considering levels don't affect drops, just inf gain. Any insights?
  2. I thought SS actually gave a -Threat buff, not actual stealth? In other words, they see you, but don't bother attacking. But maybe I'm wrong =/
  3. Yeah, no touchy the Mesmerize. In addition to "shutting down bosses", it's also good for maintaining a single-target attack chain! One thing that can be done to help MC without even touching the set itself: moar Procs! Like a sleep set proc that has a chance to hold or stun (which only applies after the sleep is broken!) to let us keep containment on fools. Or a chance for AoE sleep in a ST sleep power (or put into the AoE for added sleepies). Or a proc that "pulses" a sleep effect on a target so they have a chance of taking a nap after you hit them. But otherwise, this
  4. ... WHUT. Well, that explains why we all got screwed!
  5. I have a total of around.... 2.5 billion, give or take? Most (1.5b) is on my main, with my 2nd richest character holding onto about 750m, iirc. I have a few e-mails with "starter cash" attachments of 25m each, and most of my other alts tend to hold onto a few million at a time... I'm in the process of dumping a lot into a new farmer/power leveler, but I haven't gone far enough in to make it bear fruit yet. In addition (I know the topic was "just inf", but since the discussion seems to have mutated to include other things), I too have several thousand reward merits spread across my
  6. Iirc, in one of the comics, Honoree (Hero 1, the true wielder of Excalibur) tries to unsheath it, but two beefy-looking fairies (who are invisible to everyone else) hold it in place. So it seems to be a lot like Thor's Hammer, where there's some kind of cosmic power at play preventing it being used by just anyone. Except instead of just some arbitrary trait like worthiness, the fey themselves consciously decide who gets to use it. As an aside, I've said before that I'd kinda love an incarnate version of the LRSF where Ms. Liberty wakes up while you're fighting the Phalanx, and is a
  7. Probably it would be the ability to command an already-confused critter? It would be an extra click, but i do agree it's a great idea, just needs some ironing out 😃
  8. So after re-reading the OP, i realized a small flaw with their idea. Subjugate seems to imply turning a minion into a MM pet basically. Sounds great on paper, except... what if the map is a defeat-all? Could we "Dismiss" the minion to auto-defeat them, or just relinquish control? Also, I think it should have a duration attached to it, to allow us to still slot Confusion set IOs. One of Mind's strengths in a post-IO world is the ability to slot two confusion sets to get all the amazing set bonuses from them, and I'd hate to lose that. Also, keeping it as a confusion-class power
  9. I think the point is that most people play this game to feel SUPER, and we can't be that way if we can't destroy the hardest content possible as efficiently as others can, if at all. I don't think that's a good baseline for viable, but, i do admit it's disheartening to know that my favorite characters will never get a sub-4 minute pylon time or clear out a +4/x8 moon farm in less than 15 minutes when other builds do these things in half the time.
  10. The "coming" storm? More like the "it came, it saw, it kicked our ass" storm. At least, that's how I personally view the shutdown of the live servers, with Homecoming (and others) being small pocket dimensions that have so far escaped the Battalion's notice. But for the official story, yeah, the AMAs are the place to look!
  11. I'm curious about the builds, playstyles, and content/difficulty being played all those who are fighting this change so hard. A lot of people seem to be concerned about their offensive toggles. Which in many (but not all) cases, implies melee. But they're not on melee-based ATs (yes Blasters and Doms have melee abilities; this is balanced by them not having melee defenses). So, I'm not too against something that helps re-align these ATs a bit closer to their design intent of high risk/high reward. You wanna dive alone head-first into a group of 17 +4 Ritki? You're SUPPO
  12. WTH devs?! I was using the server instability as part of my character concept! Can we please have a lagging/rubberbanding emote to make up for this character-destroying "fix"?! /s ...actually, I kinda want an emote like that now >_<
  13. So, just an FYI, the -1 setting won't work. All TFs spawn at a minimum of the leader's (your) level. But i've Dual-Boxed a few TFs: Dr. Q, Manti, ITF, MLTF... though it's a drag constantly going back and forth to have my buff bot click a door and set myself back to follow. The buffbot was always a FF/Psi defender, while my mains have been a Mind/Kin controller, Illu/Time controller, or in the case of MLTF, my Invuln/Rad tanker. Good fun, can play at my own pace, but again, it involves a bit of drudgery.
  14. I'm just wondering what enemy groups y'all are fighting that you need 100% uptime on mez protection, and why you go through the hassle of alternating two powers every minute and a half instead of just hitting it reactively. That sounds like a chore! Seriously, if you're soloing +4/x8 radios, just pick Council missions, or use AE and find a farm where the bad guys don't use mez. If you're on a team, let a meleer take alpha instead of Leeroying in if you're so afraid of the consequences of taking alpha. It's not that hard to avoid mez. I'm just sayin', there's gotta be a
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