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  1. So, maybe this was answered once already, but, I noticed that we're not paying for a lawyer anymore (and haven't been for a while). As I understand, this individual was a key player in the talks with NCSoft. Is there anything you can disclose about what's going on there?
  2. I'll also throw my hat in for Primal. Power Boosted Farsight, especially combined with Time's Juncture (if you run it) puts you well past the defense cap, and that's without any IOs or other fancy tricks. This type of combo IS in line for an "adjustment", but that may not be for a while, so I'd say enjoy it while you can!
  3. So, kinda spurred on by an earlier comment here, but, why not have "featured Story Arcs", too? Maybe the reward can be smaller, like 1.5x normal merits instead of double, but it would help give some not-as-played content an opportunity to shine! I bet dollars to donuts that many newer players (and there are a few of them) never played the Freakolympics or Striga or anything like that. Just an idea 😃
  4. That's an interesting test, @FUBARczar. Though I play exclusively on Excel and never heard of it being run (feels bad, man). In any event, it makes sense: Doms are supposed to be a pure offense AT, but they trade raw power for control, and controls don't work very well against +4 enemies. Doms don't have any self defense, buffs, or debuffs, unless you go out of your way to build for it. Also, are all these characters SO's only, or are they all loaded with VR ATOs, IO sets, incarnate abilities and/or P2W buffs? Because those later few things would skew the results a LOT, especially if we're talking about baseline damage and the ability of controls to affect the mobs. Here's a test I would propose: SO's only, no incarnates or outside buffs, regular run at +0/x8. See if Doms stay on the bottom compared to other ATs doing the same test or not. I predict completion times will be higher, and that some ATs will trade places (I feel like the 4-man Controller group were all Illusion/*, good luck keeping a good time WITHOUT perma PA!) Though I guess an argument could be made that the Devs here are looking at endgame performance, and that DOES mean IOs and Incarnates and all that, so if WITH all that Doms fall behind, then it is something worth looking at. Maybe allowing Domination to up the secondary effect/debuff mods on their blast powers?
  5. Just make Mind Control the best set in the game and I'm happy =P
  6. Weaken Resolve is normally for if you don't have much in the way of debuffs. It does a small amount of -def, res, and tohit, and lasts just long enough for you to get a few hits. Makes a nice proc-gun, but you have plenty of rad powers for -def, which you can slot -res procs into, soooo the utility of this power is a bit superfulous in your case. Wall of Force is really only good if you're starved for AoEs, OR you need an AoE with Knock so you can slot a FF + Rech proc into it. Also, not sure what the 13.3 seconds is, I've only ever seen it do all its damage up front, not in ticks. Either Mids is wrong, or the 13.3 is a cooldown on being able to knock down foes with subsequent casts? Also, it should be mentioned, it's a RANGED attack, with an 40 foot reach. PS is a 7 foot melee attack, so you're comparing a fresh apple to an old orange.
  7. For some reason I thought you meant "redneck" and was going to suggest the Trucker badge. I know there's one or two Feakshow related badges that use l337-speak (such as Pwnz), which is about as nerdy as this game gets.
  8. MT: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that everyone on Praetoria thought Hamidon was dead, and it's just his creatures out beyond the fences? Isn't that what the big reveal at the end of Underground was, that Cole never defeated Hami and it's been watching humanity this whole time? Or was it simply the lie that Cole COULD beat Hamidon, even though he couldn't, he merely bargained with it?
  9. So apparently the original plan for CoV WAS to pick a faction to join, buuuut seeing as the 5th Column were literal Nazis, well... the idea didn't keep. But then they wound up replacing the 5th with the Council before CoV launched anyway, but by that time it was way too late to go back to the original plan.
  10. Of my dozen or so characters, only 1 is completely finished (all T4s, badges, all story arcs complete, etc). I have maybe two others who are Incarnate'd out, but nothing too extravagant.
  11. I dunno if it counts as "One" thing, but I'd rework some of the ATs and their role(s) on a team. The issue I have with ATs is two-fold. One: The Villain archetypes were made with soloing in mind, and also were supposed to represent a "dark mirror" of sorts to the heroside ATs. It's not one-for one, obviously, but it's not hard to see that Brutes are "just angry tankers" and that stalkers are "just invisible scrappers with controllable crits, lol". Adding onto that, all the "mirror" ATs share most of the same powersets. Especially sets that came later in the game's life. And this was all FINE while the two games were separate. But now that you can have any AT on any side at any time? Well, while it's nice to just do what you want, it has made some ATs a bit superfluous when you're talking about the endgame or meta or what have you. One specific idea I've had was to rework Stalkers: Instead of being "Scrappers but with AS and mandatory Hide", I'd do something a little more creative with them. Think about, say, Batman. He hides in the shadows, and uses tricks, gadgets, and subterfuge to manipulate and finally take down his foes. For Stalkers, I'd bring this a bit more into play. Remove most of their armor powers, and give them light mezzes and debuffs. Sure, you might only have 12.5% defense, but you could also assail the baddies with flashbangs, fears, immobs, confusion, and other effect to keep you safe and pick them off. This would A) Make them more than just "Invizibul skrapperz lol", and B) give them some utility on a team besides just DPS. Ninjitsu is already a bit like this, but they dropped the ball on the other secondaries. I'd do other things, like make Tanks more AoE-centric, give Controllers a way to compete with Domination (maybe by extending Containment to all mez types?), etc. But the Stalkers one is something I've actually put some thought into. Though I should add that I don't expect HC to actually do this. We're just spitballing here, right? 😃
  12. I'd probably give it a cone or slash damage attack, especially the Tank/Brute/Scrapper versions. Let it keep up with the Jones's, so to speak. At the very least, buff Whirling Hands' damage. I played an Inv/EM on live, and while I never minded the single-target focus of the set, I also skipped half of it. When I recreated the character here, I made her Inv/Rad instead, not just to play with the New Shiny, but because I recognized that a Tank, who's always surrounded by dudes, should probably have more than one AoE option (And Rad has a cone, a patch, and an PBAoE, AND a chance for all of its powers to do splash damage?! Dayum!). So in that regard, EM isn't a great set for Tanks, at least, not in my opinion. If changing what powers are in the set isn't an option, then maybe a slight endurance and recharge reduction is in order. If it's supposed to be a single-target damage factory, let it be a more efficient one. Yeah, it's ST damage would then be slightly off-curve, but you're still talking about being out-done by most other tanker secondaries when you consider kills per hour or XP per minute or whatever other larger-scale metric you can think of.
  13. So, I have this Inv/Rad Tank, and I was choosing powers and slotting them haphazardly as I leveled her up, not really paying attention to her build, just getting her up there. I eventually tightened things up a little bit and she became really fun to play, soloing +4/x8 missions and AVs and all that. Buuut I felt she wasn't as good as she COULD be. Little global recharge, endurance hog, damage was good but could probably be better, etc. So I opened up Mids, compiled a build, showed people, got feedback, took some suggestions, and overall came away with all her stats better than they ever had been! This was gonna be great! I went in-game, respec'd, picked all the powers and correctly placed all the slots, bought up all the enhancements I needed, aaaaand... ... Nothing. Well, maybe not "nothing". Her endurance management is better, but other than that? She's not doing anything she couldn't do before. It feels like nothing really changed. Kinda feels like a wast of an evening and all the inf and merits I spent. Kinda having buyer's remorse on the whole thing, y'know? What about the rest of you? Any of you ever have something like this happen?
  14. So quick story time: As a kid I'd imagined up a ninja dude who uses a staff and gadgets to beat up bad guys. It's dumb but w/e. When I started playing CoH back in the day, neither Staff nor Ninjitsu were made yet, so I rolled my guy as a Kat/Dark and had a decent time with him. Fast Forward to now, where HEY, I can roll a Staff/Nin scrapper! Finally! So I did... and he's kinda underwhelming so far. He's only level 18 or so, so it's not like I'm expecting anything great outta him, but... playing him just feels like a drag. Due to the combo system, I end up repeating the same moves in the same order every fight... which I guess happens with my other characters anyway, but that doesn't feel forced. With staff, it's like "if you want the most damage, better click the orange circle on this long-animation AoE when there's only one bad guy left. No? Boy, you just wasted a lot of time building up a combo for nothing!" It doesn't feel satisfying, I guess. Is this maybe a late-blooming combo? Does it maybe not synergize very well and that's what I'm feeling? Is there anything I should look forward to while I level him? Gimme some hope here, guys!
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