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  1. Yeah but 25% of 0 is still 0 =P I kid, of course, but I think the basic point still holds merit.
  2. So, per the title, I'm running a Plant/Emp. I slotted everything I could with sets, and realized I have recharge to spare, so I wanted to take out one of my AoE sets and procbomb a power. The question is, which one? The candidates are Roots, Seeds, Enflame, Vines, Carrion Creepers, or Fireball (yes, this is a magic user, how can you tell? =P). I figured I could turn at least one, maybe two of these, into a Proc-Nuke for m04r damage! But, which one(s) would be most effective? Do Enflame or Carrion proc often while in use, or do they only proc when cast? Do pr
  3. If you're using the Homecoming launcher, there's a button on it that opens your screenshots folder (actually I think Tequilla has a button for this, too). Otherwise, you can just look for the screenshots folder in your CoH directory. 😃
  4. Yeah, the crux of my question was pretty much "People don't want Illusion for Doms, they want PA for Doms." Get Perma PA to get all the aggro, then pew pew away. That's a bit reductive, though. I'm sure Doms would appreciate Superior Invis and Deceive, too. Maybe if anything, get rid of Phanty, make PA the level 32 power, and put another ST control in it's place. A sleep, perhaps?
  5. Would you still want it if they took out Phantom Army and replaced it with a control or debuff power? Because I feel that's the major roadblock to porting it.
  6. To be fair, the lawyers weren't charging us much during covid, if at all; see here: I think this month was the highest they've ever charged (though I'm not 100% sure). I don't know if that means something big happened, or if that was just a cumulative amount for billable minutes back when they weren't sending invoices.
  7. I think DFB has a reward option that increases your End Recovery, and it only drops SOs... oh, wait, "no teaming". Nvmnd =/
  8. I'm pretty sure that's what TK does when someone is immune to repel, but are still held.
  9. Uhm, TK has repel, not KB. It'd just be a toggle hold, then. Which I guess isn't awful. Was that where you were going with that? But yeah, I'd also like to see Mass Levitate... though my existing builds are already pretty tight, not sure if I'd be able to spare the 5 or 6 slots I'd want in that power! Also, terrorized foes DO stay afraid. It's a part of the effect that it temporarily breaks when they're hit, allowing them to run or take a potshot, but then they return to quaking in fear. Unless this got changed and I never noticed? Also, why would you want to make Mass
  10. Yeah, depends what you mean by "effective". Plant is good for aoe damage, control, and even support with a regen patch, but it's not top tier for ST damage. Illu is good for support and agro management with group invis and Phantom Army, and even has a hard-hitting ST attack, but it's not so great at locking foes down. Grav is great for ST damage, but is an otherwise standard control set. And that's not even touching on the secondaries. Basically, tell us WHAT you want to be "most effective" at, because I don't think that any one combo will be a clear winner in every cat
  11. I mean, I used to be a Mind cheerleader, but then I played, like, other ATs and other Controller sets, and my opinion on Mind has become a bit more nuanced. And then I went and made an SOs only Mind/Time build and it was the slowest, most tedious thing EVER. Yeah, I didn't take a single point of damage going through a 0/4 radio mission, but it took ALMOST AN HOUR. It's kinda disheartening =(
  12. Yeah, if you don't want to be stealthy, just, turn off any stealth granting powers. =/
  13. I think maybe a super-nerfed versions of seeds should be TESTED, and then have the numbers brought back up to a healthier place. See how it works with a 15 second duration instead of 37.25. Give it a 2 minute recharge. Lower the target cap, range, arc, increase the activation time... make it literally unplayable, and slowly creep back up. I think we'd arrive at a happy medium, though to be fair, that would still constitute a nerf. As for Mass Comedy, and Mind Control in general... I don't want to lose anything, but I'd also like to have a power that turns minions and L
  14. Yeah, things probably skew a bit towards being too convenient/easy, but mind you, the way things WERE, were ways to keep people playing and paying. Since this is a non-profit venture, there's literally no reason for any of that stuff. Give people what they want and let them play! That said, I do get nostalgic for having to earn things. It was an ACCOMPLISHMENT when you put on your first cape. It was AMAZING when you got yourself decked out in that shiny Vanguard armor. But not so much for the 30th time in a row.
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