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  1. Taking all the medicine powers on a Kin is a little wasteful. Not COMPLETELY, but a little. You're going to have a lot of redundancy, and may find yourself not using your medicine powers too much. Also, the standard "Healing isn't important in CoH" rant applies. You're not going to get that experimental power, because as Uun said, it's not actually in the game. You could swap that with Hasten. If you want to enhance your holds, the best way will be to put Chance for Hold procs in your powers (Lockdown in Domination and Total Domination, and Decimation in Mesmerize, Levitate and Dominate). These don't make the holds last longer, but they DO make holds more potent, meaning you'll be one or 2-shotting bosses and holding them with ease. You're going to find it VERY hard to get max damage AND duration into your powers. For instance, in Mesmerize, you can put the Call of the Sandman set in there, which will increase your Sleep Duration on all your powers, your HP, Max Endurance and Recharge bonus... but you won't be able to enhance for damage. Or you can go with a damage set which will give you global damage and recovery buffs, but then you're saddled with the default mez time. You can split it up, though. With 2 Call of Sandman (Range/Sleep and Acc Sleep/Rech) and 4 Decimation (Acc/Dam, Dam/End, Acc/Dam/Rech, Chance to Hold), you end up with +5% sleep duration, +12% regen, +2.25% HP, and +3% Damage, while the power's stats (with lvl 50 IOs) are such: Acc: 68.9% Dam: 73.78% End Discount: 26.5% Range 15.94% Recharge: 43.4% Sleep: 47.7% Note that these don't include the global bonuses you gain from the sets. So while that's not BAD, one could certainly do better. You're not going to find mez duration in damage sets, and you'll find damage bonuses sparingly in Mez sets. I didn't work out a whole build, but basically I don't think you'll get everything you want out of it. If you're a Controller with a lot of healing, maybe don't worry about the +HP bonuses (If you get them, great, but don't pursue that bonus in lieu of other things), because you should be keeping yourself alive with controls, buffs, debuffs, and a team of meatshields. Hope this was helpful!
  2. "Beginning of the end" for a game that lasted 21 more issues, 2 expansions and 5 years, and was only shut down out of the blue for reasons which are still unknown by they public at large... but yeah, the Unstop nerf caused that. Sure.
  3. The lack of Bruising is the only thing I'm really not liking on paper (er, computer screen?). I mean, yeah, the tank can do more damage now, but Bruising means my whole TEAM can do more damage! I feel like this is in response to all the data mining the HC team has done, only to find out that Brutes are the most popular AT, with Spines/Fire Broots being more popular than many entire ATs by themselves! Clearly, this is an aberration, and they feel the need to take some corrective action. I'd probably feel the same way. And I appreciate the restraint they're showing by not just nerfing Broots into Oblivion. But... I don't know if buffing the heck out of Tanks is the way to go. I'd probably just give most Tank Secondaries an extra AoE to solidify their role as battlefield controllers. Foes hit = foes taunted (and possibly stunned or debuffed). Let the player think "Do I want to do more damage to a single foe, or to more foes?" when making a character, instead of just selecting the best of all worlds.
  4. It's been said here and on Reddit, but... Basically, a guarantee that what we have here won't go away. My main is at over 1330 badges, I don't wanna have to start all over again!
  5. I tried that.. Sapper managed to kill me in 5 minutes. So much for the AFK method =(
  6. Whenever I try to move an item in my base, it sometimes jumps away from its current position. I'm not sure what it's trying to do, but it IS annoying. Also, sometimes I have items that are over-lapping. I click the item that I want. I go to move it, but then a different item gets selected and starts moving! This too, is annoying. With all the base love we've been getting, I hope that these two annoyances can be dealt with, unless it's working as intended for some reason?
  7. Well, I know that you can go to Echo: Dark Astoria via Ouro and summon him for the express purpose of beating him up and getting a badge. I don't know anything about it happening in Sharkhead. Anyway, you go to Echo: DA, and head to the NW corner of the map. You should see a summoning alter-looking thing, and you'll get a zone event prompt to "Summon Adamastor". Beat up a bunch of dudes in the area, and Adam will wake up, rightly pissed. if there IS a Sharkhead equivalent, I imagine it'd work much the same.
  8. The game is just easier overall at very low levels. I'm pretty sure the level 1-5 Arachnos and the level 6-10 Arachnos are two different sets of characters, not just a scaled version of the other. So the level 6+ guys will have more HP and more attacks than their 1-5 counterparts.
  9. I love/hate how Mind Control is so popular on Doms, but lags in last place for Controllers. I mean, i sorta get why, but it's still odd to me.
  10. Update, though still not as high as a lot of others in this thread!
  11. ^Title No matter what I do, my screenshots won't capture the UI. Normally, I had a hotkey that would switch between UI and Non-UI screenshots. The game says this hotkey is still set up, but, no dice. Worked fine before. Maybe I'll just switch to 32-bit version for some of my screenshotting needs, but figured I'd give you guys a heads up! [EDIT], After investigating further, it seemed to be my keybind simply no longer working (even though the game still has it as a keybind), and this happens across both 32 and 64 bit versions. I was able to assign a different keybind to "Screenshot UI" and that worked.
  12. I think sleep should only have a CHANCE to break when a foe takes damage. The higher the amount of damage, or the more often they take damage, the higher chance to wake should be. I'm not a numbers guy so I don't know what would make for good balance, but a solo controller shouldn't have to worry about waking their foe up with a single attack. Or maybe at the very least, slept foes have a -res debuff (which lasts only so long as the foe is asleep) so that the controller can double-down on some extra damage.
  13. So, I'm a bit torn. On one hand, you explained everything perfectly! On the other hand, this guide is exhaustingly long, and I feel like it would deter people more than convince them it's worth it. I'd recommend giving it an editing pass to see what you can trim (For instance, each Incarnate tree can probably be described in a few sentences instead of a few paragraphs). Also, last I checked, Incarnate Shifts do NOT work in Apex/Tin Mage. Maybe the HC team will change that, but for now, it doesn't seem to be the case. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to write this out! I hope people find it useful!
  14. RE: Devastating Blow. I suppose my thinking was "I can either have that, or freakin' lasers coming out my eyes". I chose the laser eyes so I could squeeze in a ranged set, also pew pew! Overall, though, this looks pretty good, thanks! What power would you recommend I trade for DB if I go that route?
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