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  1. IceScream Man: Cold/Sonic Defender JenericElectricChick: Elec/Elec Blaster. I just liked the rhyme scheme 😃 Patty-Sue Ivanova: Mind/Kin Controller (If that doesn't sound like a pun, figure out the acronym 😉 ) And my favorite, though it involves reading his bio to get it: Balaka. CSB time: This was my 2nd or so character back on Live, and I wanted to name him the Black Ninja, because I was terribly unoriginal. Well, surprise surprise, the name was taken. So, I tried Black Warrior. Taken. Dark Ninja. Taken. Black Shadow? Taken. Black... uh, bllllaaackkk, uuuhhh.... And it occurred to me in that moment, that if this poor sap was actually sitting at the Hero Registrar's office, having this exact conversation, trying to come up with a cool name that wasn't taken, while there was a line of heroes behind him, the registrar would at that point roll their eyes, type in "Balaka" (Black uh), hand him his Hero Registration card, and send him on his way. And I thought that was hilarious, so, that's what I named him!
  2. One of the devs, I forget if it was 6 or Powerhouse, opined that raising the agro cap actually makes Tankers even LESS desired on a team, because you need fewer Tanks to control all the agro. If one tank can herd an entire room/floor/map, why bother with a 2nd tank, especially when the need for more AoE damage becomes more apparent? I was fairly on the side of raising the cap until I read that, and really have had a really hard time trying to come up with a suitable a rebuttal.
  3. So, I was playing around with the "random" button in the costume creator the other day, and I noticed a weird pattern. A lot, and I mean, damn near MOST, of the randomly-generated costumes had either an animal head, the "brain in a jar head", monster legs, and/or the Crab backpack. Heck, it seemed to cycle through most of the same options over and over. So, if this is a problem, why would I ask to "de-randomize" the randomize option? Simple. Currently, it weighs all the top-level options equally. If we stop it from doing that, and maybe give certain options more "weight" than others (like cape for back details, since there are a ton of cape options), then the results would no longer be "random", BUT, the end results WOULD be more varied. Just a thought.
  4. Oh man, the Clockwork King is gonna be salty about THAT!
  5. Well, there's no way you should be able to get into the Ritki Ship bowl while the shields are up. Otherwise, yeah, i have a "junk" build for getting odds and ends badges, like taunt/tpfoe for those annoying pirate ghosts you have to trap.
  6. Sounds like that would beat the alternatives (either overwriting the SOs with IOs, or using unslotters, which I don't think would be financially viable).
  7. I know some people try to distance themselves from CoH's lore, but, technically, EVERYONE is "Magic" origin to some degree. The only reason super powers exist in this world, from super science to advanced gadgets to people being able to naturally train themselves to superhuman heights to being born with that X-tra something special... is because Marcus Cole and Stephen Richter opened up Pandora's box (A magical relic) and unleashed all of humanity's latent potential. Humanity not only gained the benefit of 2,000+ years of progress in mere moments, but also re-learned all the old forgotten magics taught to us by the Old Gods. Or maybe I'm misreading that bit of the lore, idk.
  8. The individual server buttons (Live, Pre-Release/Staging, and Beta) should have the version numbers in the lower left corners.
  9. So, a Blaster Arch/TA will have the highest damage and a few unique tricks up their sleeve, but the debuff numbers are meh. Also get Munitions Mastery for concept TA/Arch Defender will have the highest debuff numbers, and slightly higher numbers for Stealth and Combat Jumping to bolster their own defenses. Arch/TA Corr won't be saddled by a wimp T1 attack, and seems like they'd fit square in the middle between the other two options. Or, if i wanted to be a masochist, i could roll a Petless Ninja/TA! Opionions/ideas? My only crutch is fitting in Stealth, Invis, and Misdirection, other than that, whaddya all think?
  10. I agree with a lot thats been said: Synapse needs to deal with CKs hatred of Blue Steel. I actually wrote up what this would look like as a TF, but i dont think i ever finished. Citadel needs a few missions removed, and to make the rest more interesting. I dont even know what its supposed to be about! Don't we fight Citadel copies? Hess, ITF : i wanna fight the giant robots!!!!!
  11. Shot in the dark: is your HD full?
  12. Erm, not quite. See, when the power was made, it was LONG before IOs. It accepts jump sets (and as an extention, Travel sets) because it takes jump enhancements, so that you can slot it to jump 20 or 25 feet instead of just 15 (or whatever the numbers are, I'm on mobile atm). It is NOT a "travel" power. Turning on CJ and trying to get around Paragon City would be almost as much of an exercize in teidum as doing so with Hover (which accepts flight enhancements and sets, despite being slower than our basic run speed. I think we can all agree that Hover is not a "travel" power). Besides which fact is, if you want to jump around for your travel power, SuperJump is available at level 4 with no prerequisites. Your idea may have had merit back in the old days when SJ wasn't available until lvl 14 AND you had to take CJ first anyway to unlock it (well that or jumpkick, lol), but now? I personally don't see the point, sorry.
  13. Despite its place in the Leaping pool, Combat Jumping is a defense power with a jump height bonus, not a travel power.
  14. +1 from me, too! I'd love the "placate" animation for something like Mesmerize or Confuse, or a small head jerk to cast Levitate. Minimalist stuff like that would be gravy!
  15. Can't you just summon your protector bot first, wait until he bubbles you, and THEN summon everything else?
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