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  1. The useless endurance drain effect is the least of Elecs problems in my opinion. The biggest issues for me are mechanical. Ball Lightnings slow dot gives enemies too much opportunity to shoot back and causes wasted damage on a mob that you (or volty) fire a ST attack at who would have died from the DoT but just wasn't dead yet. Short Circuit has the exact same problem only you get to stand in the middle of the enemy group and wind up that long ass animation on top of it. Voltaic Sentinel is weak and you have to rely on the AI to fire at the correct enemy. It's AI is wonky and recasting it all the time is annoying. Tesla Cage on its face isn't bad but I would prefer a T3 blast over a ST hold. Thunderous Blast seems to have a shorter range than it should and the animation time is kind of long, in addition to the cooldown. I would love for Volty to be permanently out and, when in combat, to fire at my target. Crank up the damage of Tesla Cage to make it comparable to a T3 blast, swap the animation of Short Circuit to the Water Blast TAOE attack, speed up or eliminate the DoT on ball lighting, and increase the range and reduce the cooldown of Thunderous Blast. I think those changes would increase the playability of Elec Blast a great deal.
  2. I think your ideas are awesome I'm just not sure they would fit as an update to assault rifle. It'd be better suited as a concept for a new powerset. Thread jacking a little bit here, these are my ideas for AR: Burst: Make this a smallish cone. Keep everything else the same. Slug: KB2KD and add -res. Buckshot: Increase range and cone radius simultaneously (I know range makes more cone but I'm asking for both). KB2KD, add -fly for the lols. Beanbag: replace with flash bang grenade. Pull an actual grenade. No damage, TAOE, 16 targets, chance for mag 2 stun, chance for mag 2 confuse, and 50% chance for knockdown. I feel like that would add interesting slotting possibilities. M30: Change the lethal damage to fire damage and do a KB2KD. Sniper Rifle: super narrow pierce effect (essentially a tiny cone like Beam Rifle), deal more damage for each enemy pierced. Ignite: change to incendiary grenade. Grenade throw animation, 1.5-ish animation time. instant high fire damage that leaves a patch of fire on the ground. Ignited enemies have a chance to ignite other nearby enemies. Flamethrower: decrease the animation time down to 1.5 or 2 seconds and deal 75% of its damage up front with dot procs to make up the rest. Full Auto: Widen the cone, 16 target cap, increase defense when shooting to mitigate counter attacks during the long animation. Roll that chance for extra damage into the damage of the attack and remove the chance.
  3. All I can say is that I'm glad you guys decided to make this update and I'm excited to see what comes next. I'm curious about the blaster the secondaries. It's just too bad about regen. Can't we agree it's been nerfed enough already?
  4. Time for another prediction! My next prediction is.... Knockback! I predict some addressing of the great Knockback debate that has raged since.... Forever.
  5. I'm right there with you guys and burnt toast did a better job of explaining the kind of communication I was asking for too. They don't have to say specifics but maybe something like: "hey guys were aiming to have 3 new story arcs, some more powerset proliferation, general balance across X, Y, Z ATs, and we're looking to fill out one of the unused Incarnate categories." Then just some general updates, as generic as possible, until you start to figure out what is locked in for release. After that, open up and tell us what's planned. And if something doesn't make it to live, people will bitch about it, but it's really no big deal. Ultimately we all understand the situation.
  6. Have you tried FFXIV? I've been playing during my CoH downtime and having a good time.
  7. *instant healing has been reverted to a toggle. * Instant healing will now automatically kill you when toggled on.
  8. I agree with the quoted person's point regarding clues and riddles being irritating to a degree and also agree with Luminara's explanation as to why developers (in general) tend to keep quiet. That said, since we're seemingly getting closer to release, a general overview of the update and it's contents might be good info to drop at this point. Nothing specific like a list or even saying what has been changed or added, if you guys don't want to, but at least some kind of forward describing the aims and ideas leading into the patch. If not I'm just gonna assume regen is getting buffed and then just get mad when it gets nerfed again.
  9. All damage dealt to you applies a slow Heal-Over-Time that is equal to the damage that was dealt. As long as you don't get focused down to death, you're effectively Immortal.
  10. I would add a level up path to each power. Each power has its own experience bar which is leveled up by using that power. Each level you gain on a power slightly increases the stats of that power, like damage, recharge, end discount. These leveled up stat increases are to the baseline properties of the power and aren't counted as enhancement values. Enhancement Diversification will not have any effect on these values. Once you reach a certain level with the power, you have the option to branch that power into a separate path. For example if you level up Shockwave from Claws you'll get two options: a branch that converts the power to energy damage and causes mag 3 stun but removes thr KB, and a branch that converts it to a wide melee ranged cone that deals toxic damage, adds a dot and -dam, but removes the KB effect. If anyone has played ESO they will know what I'm thinking. Obviously this would be a total redesign of the power system. Probably better fit for CoH2.
  11. A stealth nerf will be announced but they won't tell us to what. Player who finds it gets an all expenses paid vacation to Gary, Indiana.
  12. I think it's time to discuss our serious and not so serious predictions for page 6. They can be anything you want or don't want, and there's no limit on what you want to predict. So I'll go first: Regen BUFF (you heard me). Energy Melee Deleted from the game. It's just too hard to fix it. Rage renamed to Nerf, character gets a nerf machine gun that does Zero damage and a ten minute animation of running around trying to find all the nerf bullets after you fire it off. A revisit to the bottom tier powersets like AR. Revert the stealth nerf Scrappers got when AE went live (you know what I'm talking about ;)) Titan Weapons adjustment. MM buff. Freem added to P2W.
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