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  1. I understand the balance implications of Rage on a scrapper but you can't put super strength on any character and not give them Rage. It's super strength's thing. Thematically and from a design standpoint Rage is an essential element of the powerset. It would be like taking Lightning Rod out of Elec Melee or taking Ice Slick out of Ice Control. They would have to find a way to make it work.
  2. Tried this with an Archery/Storm Corr a couple months back and it's absolutely bonkers. Just non stop +300% recharge. Rain of Arrows becomes part of your attack chain.
  3. Yeah I don't think we're in any danger running out of the seeded salvage, let alone if people keep playing.
  4. We have no way of knowing, years from now, if the population shrinks to a point where the market for salvage crashes and all the ebil people use up all the salvage, that the team wouldn't just seed the market again. I'm assuming they would, since running out of salvage would kind of break the game. I'm in favor of the suggestion, with the ability to block any rarity individually.
  5. Preferably some kind of order similar to how we can sort salvage by rarity, quantity, etc. By default any sorting would reset all of the enhancements to start at slot 1 of tray 1 and proceed to the right. I'd like to see: Sort By Level, Sort By Set (which would automatically sort them alphabetically, by set), sort by rarity, stuff like that. That might be complicated but even if it was just an alphabetical sorting from left to right that would be enough for me.
  6. In Diablo 3 you have an NPC called the Artisan who can take one of your items and re-roll a stat on it to something else. I took a screenshot below. You can see if I press the little question mark icon that pop-out on the right tells me the possible outcomes of my re-roll. It's still totally random, it's just informing me what I could get. Since the outcome of what IOs will convert into depends on their level and what category or rarity you are converting by, I feel like it would be a nice feature to show me all of the possible outcomes. It could be a list that shows each possible Set it could convert into, and then there's a submenu when you click on that which shows what enhancements within that set you could receive.
  7. I am jumping into this thread late and this may have already been mentioned but the biggest issue with low-level content is that we've all run it 100 times. As long as making a PL account and PLing my alts is faster, I will do that. In order to match the XP gain from dragging an alt into AE with my Rad/Fire farmer they'd have to increase the XP rate by... 15x, and give me tons of rare salvage and recipes and a giant stack of merits. Really if you want people to stop farming and PL'ing, you have to turn off AE. The amount of materials generated by farmers on the market though is substantial and killing off AE would seriously hurt the availability of items on there.
  8. I'm often walking around with a lot of enhancements. A button to sort them would be nice. One annoyance is if I'm working on tray 6 and I throw an IO up on the AH so I can press the "Find" button to check it's price quickly, and then I press the "get" button, it'll put the IO in the first available slot on my tray, which may be on tray 1. In general though as I craft and sell a lot of IOs, having a sort button would be handy. I know it's a small thing but, that's about it.
  9. One of the best things about this process is that it actually seeds the market with super rare IOs that would otherwise be impossible to find given the demand and limited player count of a private server. Over 800 million influence now...
  10. So it's been 7 days since I started this. I've spent about 30 minutes to an hour per night working on this. My character had <100k influence when I began. So what did I do.... I did one run of AE 125 which got me about 28 million influence. Even a Fire/Rad brute with no sets could do this. Maybe not as fast, and it would have to be a lower difficulty, but this was an easy way to make some start up cash (I primarily use this Brute to PL my alts). First I practiced with some level 50 uncommons just to see what would happen and saw how easy it was to convert into rares. I went into the AH and put out a bunch of bids on random level 30-39 uncommon recipes. I spent my startup cash on converters and crafting the uncommons. I then just converted all of the uncommons once within their own category like "Hold" which guaranteed that they upscaled to Rares. Then I Converted said rares in the "Rare" category and prayed for something good. If I got something inside of a set with a desirable proc like LotG or Miracle I would put in the extra converters for "In-Set Conversion" to hunt down the proc. If I got something decent like Obliteration or some melee set or whatever I would throw it on the AH for 1-2 million. If I got any defense set or any healing set I would do the in-category conversion to nudge my way into a LotG or Numina/Miracle. By Thursday or Friday I had about 500 million influence. This includes spending millions on converters, however whenever I needed to buy converters I would do a run of 125 just to break up the monotony of standing around staring at the AH menu. I invested some money into buying a ton of uncommon healing sets. I upscaled those uncommons to Miracles, Preventative Medicines, and Numina's and listed them at competetive but slightly less than the going rate at the time. So as of right now I am sitting on.... 642 million influence. I can't stress enough how easy this is once you get the hang of it. It's also addicting. Converting is basically like playing a slot machine only you get the power to influence the results very specifically. Anyone who wants to fund a build should be doing this. Even if you only want to do something specific like get your LotG and Healing procs, you can save yourself tens of millions of influence by converting them up.
  11. What's your AFK strategy? Just fire up three clients, run them to the middle of the map, and stand there with burn on auto? How long does it usually take to clear the map and do a reset?
  12. When you think your programming skills are increasing then someone blows you away.... Awesome tool. Truly incredible. I am going to try to make a bunch of AI builds with it.
  13. That's a good tip. Once I make some good bank with converting I am going to give this a try too. When I started this thread my character had about 70k or 90k influence, don't really remember. I spent what I had accumulated at that time on Winter IOs to get myself juuuust shy of the fire cap. I just need one more winter set and I'll be done with that. Anyway, I just now hit half a billion. All I'm doing is buying uncommon recipes, farming to break up the monotony, and spending the 25ish million I get from a full run of 125 on converters. Convert and sell. So half a billion in less than a week. I like it.
  14. To me it's like re-rolling weapon stats in Diablo 3. Definitely addicting.
  15. I have been learning quite a bit as I go. I've been exclusively doing level 30s and I'm starting to see the patterns for what's worth doing and what's not. The starting IO is particularly important. If I can start with a multi-strike I'm fairly likely to get an Obliteration which I can intsantly sell off. If I start with some less desirable IO like a sleep it's automatically going to take more converters to roll it into a high selling set. Healing sets are like the golden ticket as many of those sets all have a good proc. Resist is good, and defense of course, too. I hadn't thought about up-leveling an IO to get it into a new category by selling it to a new alt. Do you tend to just list it at an extremely ridiculous price to make sure your alt will get it?
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