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  1. I have a whole series of suggestions for Assualt Rifle in general but here's one for ignite. First, Ignite sucks. The cast time buff doesn't help it. The aoe is tiny, the dot takes forever, it's clunky to use, it slows teams down, and when enemies get feared by it they become a pain in the ass to chase down. Second, AR doesn't have a cool flashy nuke. Full Auto still needs work but at least it's a functional power, unlike Ignite. Solution: Swap Ignite and Full Auto. Replace everything about ignite and make it a clone of thr Assault Bot's incendiary missil
  2. Replying to highlight this suggestion. I'd love to have any power that grants invisibility/stealth to have various options that range from "Off" to what Invisibility is. Or if that's too much to implement, then some kind of character setting or toggle power that controls the transparency effect of any given stealth power, including the Celerity IO.
  3. My suggestion is to make it a single target attack that will chain to enemies that get close to the original target. Or replace it with the Assault Bot Incendiary Missiles and make it the T9 power of the set.
  4. After having spent some time playing with AR I would strongly prefer the speed up of Ignite be applied to Flamethrower instead. Ignite is still an awfully situational power and even using it on tightly packed enemies in a x8 AE mission I use to test out builds It was challenging to get more than 2-3 enemies trapped even with Web Envelope from Mace Mastery. Plus the rare situations where one might try to use Ignite (like the ITF Computer, for example), the long animation isn't gonna factor in. However the long animation and slow dot of Flamethrower is a hassle on every encounter for an AR user.
  5. That would be great too. Right now it's just kind of tough to keep an enemy in it and hardly worth the effort VS throwing out another AOE.
  6. I've been campaigning for some QoL buffs to AR for a long time so it's great to see some here. I want to offer up the following suggestion for Flamethrower that goes directly in line with the idea behind the rooting, Ignite, and FA changes: Reduce the cast time of flamethrower significantly and make 75% of the damage be dealt up front with the remaining balance of damage dealt as a faster DoT over a few seconds. With the other changes included this would shore up ARs greatest weakness which is slow ass Dots that don't flow with the 2021 state of the game.
  7. Gun Drone Now has 80% resistance to all damage Taunt aura reduced to 8ft, mag 3, max of 4 targets Death explosion now has a knockup component I would love to see Gun Drone's duration drastrically increased, or just make it a toggle power. The biggest issue for playability is having to resummon it all the time. Giving it another attack or two might be a good idea as well. A Cone or AOE perhaps?
  8. This is why I suggested that Energy Focus be a timed buff like Momentum and not just blow the load on a single attack. It'll give people room for error (I'm guilty of clicking wrong or pre-loading an attack at the wrong time too) and it'll also allow for some build optimization to squeeze as much into that Energy Focus window as possible.
  9. Sticking with the mechanic idea, personally I like the idea of Momentum as a short buff that will effect your powers while it's active. If I were to suggest a change to EM's mechanic I would change it so it isn't like a "builder/spender" system. Instead I'd keep powers within the set that have a chance to give the player an Energy Focus buff that lasts for 5 seconds (or whatever) and isn't consumed by a "spender." TF being the 100% chance to grant, as it currently is. This way you have a chance to pop off a couple of focused attacks in the duration of Energy Focus before it wears off, and if
  10. 100x this. Works great in Water Blast with Tidal Forces.
  11. I'm already late to this party. Others have provided good feedback. I think the set is strong and super fun to play. My only negative feedback is on the animation of the new PBAOE. Perhaps it can be something besides the baseball pitch?
  12. I don't think there's an easy solution to game difficulty but if given unlimited time and resources to address this issue I would eliminate levels from the game and use the gray/green/white/yellow/red/purple conning system as a starting point. I'd then rebalance what those cons meant in terms of power effectiveness, to-hit, etc, and then rebalance every enemy group in the game to have more interesting mechanics across the board. More buffs, debuffs, strengths, weaknesses, and tactics required to be effective against them. Then, after doing that, there would have to be a long perio
  13. I saved everything CoH related on a storage drive that I totally forgot about after shutdown. It was surreal to have all my costumes and enemy groups 7 years later, most of which I had no memory of.
  14. The previous poster is correct. There are a couple of things that you may lose, though, depending on where you saved stuff. Your saved costumes and saved AE missions and custom enemy groups are local files. Everything else is coming from the server though so you won't lose your characters or anything else. Just don't delete those files I mentioned, if you even have them.
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