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  1. I tend to skip most cone attacks, both melee and ranged, as they seem to draw more endurance than they're worth for the damage they do. While they can be great if you can get your position right, the way the game sequences the attack animation and damage vs the target's movement makes it rarely worth trying to reposition. One idea I had to improve cones would be to have their damage be inversely proportional to the number of targets hit. So a Heavy Burst into one target will apply all the damage to that one target while hitting multiple targets splits that damage up. It would be more "realistic" and particularly make cone attacks more effective vs AVs and such where there isn't always other targets to hit.
  2. 1) players who go into a PvP zone for the non-PvP objectives; and 2) players who go into a PvP zone to attack the first type of player. And since we're big on personal attacks today, you won't see my in RV anymore "griefer". I got my badges, learned as much as I could about the current state of PvP (*cough* proc-stacking *cough*) and came here to give my ideas. And for the person asking why I'm on Indom? Because that's the shard my crew and I chose to settle in when HC started up, before they even announced that it was the "unofficial" PvP shard. In other words, it was MY home first. And yet I couldn't see a stalker standing next to me, but he could see me. Either I've found a bug or something isn't right. But let's keep talking about how much "skill" it takes to AS someone clicking on a glowy...
  3. I see you think you're a better person than I, just because my preferences rub you the wrong way. I think the PvP zones offer an outlet for griefers that shouldn't be in the game. Zones that were added 2 years into the game's life. Yes I think they should be removed, not because I think PvP is silly, but because I think it brings the wrong kind of players into the game. The kind that should stick to Fortnite and CoD to get their kicks. If you feel that statement includes you, then I suggest you do some soul-searching.
  4. The stalker has stealth beyond the perception cap, I know I tried to make a blaster with capped Perception to try to thwart stalkers, still couldn't see them. But enjoy that mechanic if you like it.
  5. I would simply stop playing, I don't play multiplayer shooters or other competitive multiplayer games, and I hate PvP based MMOs (Aion, Archeage, etc). And I'm saying this AFTER trying them and give them a good go. I don't enjoy it and I'm certain I'm not alone. If City of Heroes was a PvP focused game I would never have started playing it. As you're saying removing PvE from the game, or making it all open PvP, would just make me uninstall the game. If removing the PvP from the game entirely would cause someone to quit I'd be perfectly OK with that.
  6. Again I can't empathize with someone who enjoys griefing other players. So yes, my intention is to discourage/eliminate opportunities for griefing. I'm sorry if that's an aspect of the game you enjoy.
  7. New suggestion: create instanced versions of the PvP zones available through LFG to allow players to get those badges and temp powers without being hassled.
  8. Technically it would be the devs doing the griefing as they code it and implement it. Meanwhile you'll still be able to PvP in the arena. Therefor the only "griefing" happening is that you will no longer have zones to "grief" in. And I'm perfectly fine with that.
  9. Actively attempting to foil another player from accomplishing their goal is what then?
  10. In essence there is no risk to be warned about. Another player is only able to slow down my efforts (griefing). The number of times I was killed didn't matter in the end. Again, it took two weeks but I have ALL the PvP badges now. The only time RV was relatively empty was during raid hours. I'm bringing up suggestions that might entice players like me to go engage in PvP. I can't empathize with someone who thinks griefing is fun because that's what RV and WB felt like. Might as well call them griefing zones. At least in RV the "fight-clubbers" stayed under atlas statue and left the carebears alone. The rest were hanging out by heavies waiting in ambush.
  11. And yet there is no way for someone to enter the zone and say "I want to do the stuff that's here but I don't want to be engaged in PvP". Again, Siren's Call is empty, for two reasons I can fathom 1) the level cap, and 2) the bounty system helps players track down and engage others actively. There's no spot to sit and wait in ambush like in the other 3 zones.
  12. That's what I heard way back on live too. I wouldn't go into a PvP zone if I didn't have something to do there that wasn't PvP. So those badges are just there to entice seals to go in and get clubbed.
  13. Your argument would have some merit if it didn't boil down to "griefing is a valid playstyle". We all like having griefers come and mess up zone events so let's just encourage griefing in those four zones that also have things to do in them. My suggestions boil down to "make griefing a PITA".
  14. TL;DR: make PvPers participate in zone content rather than use zone content to draw in non-PvPers for them to kill, and make PvPers think twice before attacking a player doing zone content. After spending a couple weeks badging in the PvP zones on Indomitable (the unofficial PvP server), I've had the opportunity to observe various PvPer behaviors and have come up with some ideas that would make zone PvP more fun and relevenant. For starters to comment on PvPer behaviors: 1) PvPers don't want to fight, they want to kill. 2) PvPers don't want to do zone content as intended. 3) PvPers have a distinct preference for one-hit kills (stalkers and proc-stacking). 4) PvPers don't want to play fair, and will take any advantage they can get. 5) non-PvPers (badgers, casual players) are favored targets because they usually don't have PvP optimized builds and are easy to predict and stalk. So to combat what some could see as unfair gameplay I've come up with the following suggestions to improve the PvP zones (not Arena). I've found that other than Recluse's Victory the PvP zones are mostly empty aside from the occasional player going for temp powers. At least Warburg and Bloody Bay have a reason to visit. But Siren's Call has no reason to visit other than plaques and exploration badges. In RV, PvPers mostly play stalkers and blasters and hide out near heavies and pillboxes waiting for other players to come in and do zone content so they can have turkeys to shoot. Calling out for help to take down an AV in Broadcast is basically asking for every opposing PvPer to come and get you. PvP zone improvements Increase all PvP zone caps to lvl 50 (make all zones worth fighting in with your top-tier incarnate build) Reduce Stalker stealth cap or increase Perception cap so stalkers can be spotted (mitigate stalker advantage in some way) Have MM pets stay alive for 1 minute after the MM is defeated (MMs, especially those busy doing zone content, are easy prey) Upon defeat a MM grants Vengeance to pets and allies nearby (basically, punish the player who went for an "easy" kill, they either have to deal with the pets first or deal with buffed pets after) Upon defeating another player you are granted a large stacking damage and resistance debuff for 15 minutes (prevent "camping" as getting a kill means you now have to focus on surviving rather than waiting for your kill to rez and come back to where you're waiting for them) Upon reviving in hospital after being defeated by another player you are granted a large damage and resistance buff for 15 minutes, which is revoked immediately upon defeating another player (gives the defeated player a "fighting chance" on his next go, also prevents a feedback loop and favors back and forth combat between players) Encourage or Force PvPers to participate in zone content so they can PvP. Recluse's Victory (encourage zone content: pillbox taking and defeating AVs) Flag PvP off to all players upon entering zone (prevent "camping") Flag PvP on for 5 minutes when a player captures a pillbox (makes a PvPer participate in zone content) Flag PvP on for 15 minutes when a player defeats a Signature Hero or Villain Warburg (encourage zone content: fighting for Rocket codes) Flag PvP off to all players upon entering zone (prevent "camping") Improve Lab Tech AI to better follow stealthed players Being granted a code flags player for PvP vs opposing faction after a 1 minute delay (now that the player has a code to steal they're fair game) Successfully launching a rocket grants a random Purple or PvP recipe if player already has Temp Power (again encourage zone content) Siren's Call (Make Siren's Call THE free-for-all PvP Zone) Flag PvP on for all players (not just Hero vs Villain) upon entering zone (like in Warburg currently) Player with most consecutive kills is flagged as Bounty (give a reason to have a bounty) Defeating Bounty grants a random Purple or PvP recipe (encourage hunting down and defeating the Bounty player) Bloody Bay (encourage zone content: Shiva Strike mission) Flag PvP off for all players upon entering zone (prevent "camping") Flag PvP on for 5 minutes when a player scans a meteor (now that the player has something to fight for they're fair game) Flag PvP on for 15 minutes when a player takes over a Firebase (player now has the BIG thing but also now has the advantage of turret support against players hoping to take his sample) Have turrets respawn as pets controllable by the player who took over that Firebase (like in Recluse's Victory) Delivering Ore Sample to Scientist grants a random Purple or PvP recipe if player already has Shivan Shard temp power (again encourage zone content)
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