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  1. I'm waaaay late to this topic. @Alpha-One here. Leader of the Rogue Isles Marine Corps, reformed on Indomitable. You'll also find my Mrs as @Rogue Ivy. It's good to be back. Would be cool if @Gai-Jin and @Alpha Scion showed themselve
  2. Homecoming is in a sweet spot right now so don't change too much. - No character wipe. - New content development. Paragon's writers were just getting into a really nice groove when the game was shut down. The i24 story arcs were incredible. If anything re-hire Dr. Aeon and get him to continue the plot. - Some kind of guarantee that we can keep playing without worrying of being shut down again. Or a way to move our characters and bases to a private/illegitimate server if another shutdown does happen. - I'd ask for my old characters back but I think my main is better off now than when he was at shut down. At the least I'd like my SG base back.
  3. As the Death From Below and Drowning in Blood trials each offer four different non-stackable boosts, it would be nice to see the DFB trial grant enough XP so that four runs with Double XP boost can get a character from level 1 to 15 so they can immediately move into the DiB trial. Similarly have the DiB trial grant enough XP through four runs to get a character from level 15 to 22. I think this would give players a fun and active way to achieve certain milestones, using the Hydra and Shivan enhancements to bridge the gap to 22 when lvl 25 SOs and IOs can be slotted and characters generally hit their groove.
  4. Not sure if cross-posting is ok or not but here goes. Been quite a bit of discussion that would be nice for the devs to look at.
  5. Thanks for this, I had already started doing this with mercs. But I'd rather be playing than transcribing stats 😆
  6. Another idea that just popped into my head, trying to keep thing thematic. Give all rifle attacks "Suppression": Guaranteed -ToHit and -Recharge regardless if the attack hits or not. Suppressing fire is a defining tactic of the small infantry squad/fireteam. Just by shooting at an enemy you force them to duck for cover and stop returning fire.
  7. How about giving every merc minion a mini-leadership? Like maybe 1/5th or 1/10th of regular leadership, much like Enforcers have. The more are together the better they perform. And I like the idea of simply turning Serum into Mind Link.
  8. I've mained a Mercs/FF MM since CoV went live, with a 7 year break of course. I've been mulling over ideas to potentially improve Mercs effectiveness compared to other MM sets. I think one of the things that sets Thugs apart from the other sets is how the Bruiser and Arsonist get Inherents. So I figure Mercs could benefit the same way, by maybe giving the Commando Defiance or Opportunity and Spec Ops Containment or Scourge. The Medic's heal could certainly use a change too, maybe an AOE or cone similar to Nature's. Just throwing it out here to see what the hivemind thinks.
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