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    Running Sunday afternoon iTrials (1200PST/1500EST). We may attempt some badges but it is for fun and the salvage. Forming in PcoketD on Indom.
  2. Lucky’s iTrials running every Friday night at 1800PST/2100EST. Master of attempts undertaken on every iTrial. Forms in PocketD on Indomitable.
  3. Updated count 🙂 My global is @Lucky Strike if anyone ever wants any help. If I can I will.
  4. Hey All, With no City Info Tracker, the other servers forums have a badge bragging thread. Here is Indoms. Post screen shot of your badge ccounts. We should have a fair few number of people with high badge counts just with the number of people that attend Cultivated Darkness iTrials 😄
  5. If you want a pretty icon for it you can use the below /macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Tiki Club Transport Hub" " enter_base_from_passcode TOUR-5307" It should work but I havent been able to test it yet as maintenance is ongoing /e owns up - stole the string from the transport hub on Excelsior Edit - it works just fine
  6. Can we get a Thursday morning Timezone please so those of us in the EU know when to expect the start time please?
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