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  1. I've recently dusted off a Willpower/Dark Melee tank that is mostly following Solvernia's build as mentioned in https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/4532-willpowerdark-meleeenergy-tanker-build/ . The damage output is low in the build at first, but the defenses seem solid especially with siphon life being a combination attack and heal. I'd tried this build in part to see what cross punch from the fighting pool was like when using the boosts from boxing and kick. I'm enjoying cross punch far more than shadow maul for a melee cone attack. I had a dark melee/fire brute back on live and just could not handle the slow animation speed on shadow maul but your mileage may vary. Cross punch is supposed to bring in a You might want to try training and slotting cross punch earlier to help build up an attack chain of shadow punch, cross punch and siphon life.
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