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  1. I did not know about the last three. Deeeerp.
  2. Piece, you've ruined my entire reason to be a Debbie Downer. Thank you.
  3. I hate to down the mood, but I'm going to state what I stated last night in ELTF - this would be a big disservice to the other raid leaders, and its likely that none of us (Elm, Keen, Black, Oh, Captain Star, Chi, Mojo, myself, and Veracor to be topical) would even want a plaque/care for one. The thing about it is the resources as well - placing a plaque would be game-wide, not server-wide. Which then opens up to "well what about me!?" from Excelsior, Torchbearer, etc. Not to be the Debbie Downer but no amount of +1s will get this done is my train of thought.
  4. Alright, folks. August 29th - That's my shaky date for this. I'll have more details posted by the 15th or the 22nd on prizes, etc.
  5. Discord isn't excludey. https://discord.gg/kkcfJQZ Boom, done
  6. It is still in the works. I've just been busy & burnt out. . I still want to do it this Fall more or less.
  7. I'm going to be aiming for an August date for this - an August weekend more than likely. I'll start finalizing the details soonTM.
  8. Please never post in one of my threads again, Berk.
  9. Villains are valid too! It's a little hard to pull off IC, but I'm sure any attending RP-VGs wouldn't mind IC making some distance from the main plaza. It's stuff that can be discussed.
  10. Hello, one and all! My name is Shadeknight / @Shadeknight and I am the administrator behind the City of Roleplay discord ( Found here: https://discord.gg/DZENfu8 ) and have been working up an idea in my head of a recruitment faire like the old times. Admittedly, it was meant to happen sooner but I did not want to step on any toes (See: The SG Recruitment Faire hosted by the Dawn Patrol in March.) so I did not go for it until recently. The idea behind this recruitment faire is that it allows supergroups (MOSTLY Roleplay Supergroups - that is the target audience) to get their names out there and interact. These interactions could lead to co-operative efforts during story lines or simply new friendships! I personally believe in working towards creating a shared universe together, but that's a bit ambitious I know. For now, I can and will settle on a recruitment faire so groups can get their names out there! However,, I don't want to just do a Recruitment Faire as it is! I'm all about giving back to the community through trivia & Costume Contests. In the vein of celebrating comic books & comic book universes as well. You can expect, with any luck, a bunch of trivia surrounding Marvel & DC + City of Heroes. You can also expect to see costume contests focused around heroes, villains, and themes that fit those. The idea here to bring out the greats of the comic book universes & Superhero/Super villain antics. These range from The Ages (Bronze, Silver, Golden) to general origin/type theme groups, and more! Those details are still being hashed out on finalizing what contests we're holding exactly. Now onto the other details! DETAILS WHERE: Kallisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza WHEN: August 29th, 2020 @ 6PM EST WHAT: A RP-SG/VG recruitment faire with costume contests & trivia alike! PRIZES: To be announced! Influence and probably lots of it. HOSTS: Shadeknight (@Shadeknight), ??? COSTUME CONTEST THEMES The Ages (Bronze/Silver/Gold) Overall / Best Costume (To the Judge's tastes!) More to come? TRIVIA TOPICS All things Marvel! All things DC! City of Heroes & City of Heroes Lore/Story Now, there is one final detail - aside from hashing out the when. Which is the lovely lovely prizes & hosts aspect. I myself am not a farmer or constant player so my additions to the prize pool will be something small to start off with (Somewhere around 300mil+ influence) but this is where the community comes in! If you would like to contribute via prize or helping me judge / host this hopefully large event - you need only PM me or post here. Your contributions will be noted and thanked both prior to the event and afterwards when the night is winding down. Please, feel free to contact me any time and we can talk more about that. You can also help contribute ideas on questions for trivia & themes for costume contests as well! I for one look forward to this event - but I still have a lot on my mind to finalize about this - plus hopefully maybe getting the community's help & input to making this a enjoyable event! I should close on the note that your RP group does not need to inherently be comic book superhero vs super villain themed to appear, but it is what this event is geared towards.
  11. You'll have to elaborate, for I am the confuse.
  12. Roy, you're misreading what we're saying. It's getting straight up frustrating that you keep leaping to conclusions and misreading what has been typed. We are showing a lack of tolerance towards stupid and inappropriate things being said during Hami Raids & other content. We are taking this step to ask people to remember that we're all a bunch of internet strangers - that what we've said as examples are not okay to be said - that's it. It is in the CODE OF CONDUCT to not say very specific things - a Code of Conduct which has gone ignored. This isn't being upset at "words", but being annoyed and fed up with people saying disgusting and disturbing things during our content runs. This isn't us getting "triggered." or any other excuse you want to try and make up. It shows a general ignorance if not outright blindness to brush what we've said off as that. We cannot control that people want to talk about more than TFs in the ELTF channel. We'll gently remind people, but there's only so much we can/will do. Now, if it gets to the points brought up in this thread? Then we need to bring this up - that there are things not okay with being said either by us or by the rules of the server. You're making it out to be something entirely different.
  13. r0y, this isn't some private medium where everyone is the same. Not everyone is open or free to any sort of topic. Some stuff also really should not be mentioned or brought up. I don't log into an MMO to see someone going "Let's ethnically cleanse these bad guys!" or seeing a sexual joke that's clearly not meant to be seen for children's eyes. It isn't a matter of thin skin or "personal weakness" that makes words get to you. It's a matter of, hey, being a decent human being and thinking before you type. You don't know the people on the other side of the screen - they're not your best buddies or long time friends. A lot of us are complete actual strangers, and it's neither fair nor appropriate for them to have to put up with this stuff at public events. It's not that hard to be an actual person and consider others over yourself in regards to interactions. This isn't "my free speech" or "get a thicker skin" at all - its us asking for people to actually behave and be adults. It's not even remotely an adult thing to do to crack terrible references/jokes among a bunch of strangers - especially in a game, as I've mentioned, where people have their children playing. I also know that, even as someone who IS an adult, I don't go around enjoying things like "teehee sexual joke." during a Hami Raid (or in other places) I also certainly do not enjoy hearing about references to a whole lot of other things that should not be said in public mediums. I could go on and on about examples, but frankly I'm not sure where to even begin. People have been ignorant of the Code of Conduct for long enough, and treating various channels as their own comedy hour - with some very deplorable and detestable things being said. Even the lightest stuff is getting to be too much - given what I'd consider "light." The major reason I posted this is because myself & the other ELTF operators / raid leaders have gotten tired of this being a reoccurring thing. All we're asking is that people be decent. Not that hard.
  14. It's not about what happens in the ELTF channel. The stuff mentioned has happened in other mediums - tells and broadcast as major examples. Also, the summary would be more "Hey, Follow the Code of Conduct." The matter of what's talked about in a TF channel is something we can only do so much to control without being overbearing as operators of the channel. The problem is that people are ignoring or forgetting the CoC - especially in Broadcast. People don't come to Hami Raids to see references to genocide or see sexual jokes. Especially in a game where there can and have been kids playing. All we're asking is that people, if they truly must say this sort of stuff, do it among friends and not complete internet strangers.
  15. Hey everyone! This is a general message from the raid leaders about some recent conduct. The origin of Everlasting TFs was to create a gathering spot for the content that has come from us today - that is, groups gathering to do iTrials and other content. In doing so, we hope to create and foster a community that is open and welcoming to as many people as possible. However, even that has its limits - for we do not tolerate things that are sexual in nature, hate speech, references to controversial real-world individuals or organizations, or sensitive current or historical events among many other things. More on this is that we do not tolerate or stand for those who are dishonest and disruptive towards our efforts to run the iTrials and other content. We strive to welcome new and old - so when we see people dishing harsh words towards other's accomplishments, it is a sign that one has forgotten where they are and what they are doing. There have been a variety of other things going on that have caught our eye, but the point is - please do remember that ELTF seeks to welcome all sorts to our community. We're all here to play the same game, and none of us want to come home from work / school and see harassment, passive aggressive remarks, or crude if not unwanted jokes / commentary. Please remember that Everlasting TFs seeks to welcome players of all levels of skill or experience. All we ask is that you to be aware of your conduct. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of the ELTF operators/raid leaders.
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