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  1. Requiem is a bit in an odd space. He's got this Nictus in him called the Dirge of Entropy. So ancient evil alien thing bonded to him. The Nictus are just all around bad - look at the Cyst Crystals. Requiem himself does not like obeying - especially to other people. He makes Reichsman kneel to him, but by that time Reichsman is pretty depowered. Plus there's probably bitter fighting between him and Arakhan. I mispell her name, but yeah. It's a little hard to pin point, given retcons but Requiem is power hungry and the Dirge likely wants to flood the Earth in Nictus.
  2. Probably on the 'long term' project docket, tbh. Reworking those TFs would take a lot of time & effort behind it.
  3. 5th Column is now once more led by Requiem, for the record. The most recent split (seen as of DA) was because Requiem wants to lead, and has his own plans. The Council is a paramilitary force with a lot of connections & troops + delving into all sorts of advancements. The most recent one left off was the acquisition of a serum during the Marchand arcs.
  4. Other MMO designs do not need to be forced into this MMO.
  5. You can play on as many servers as you want. # of players online does not mean the other servers - which get a fraction of what we get on a daily basis - should just shut it down and stop. What they have does not mean it's as easy as 1-2-3 for it to be over here. To iterate on the last point; HC's stance is thorough testing, careful consideration, and keeping to a design philosophy that they've alluded to through prior updates. They would rather things work and work right - as best as it can at the very least. If something isn't working out they scrap it and take it back to the drawing
  6. Page 3 is the release of Atlantis and the Moon Base. But which issue? 😉
  7. And its not like we don't get new costume pieces (or other things that x server has). We just don't throw out massive amounts.
  8. Listen, I look forward to the day that there are 69420 badges in the game. :)
  9. I think the only "meta" to come out of Hard Mode content - going off previous statements/ideal goals mentioned by Cobalt / Piece - is that the team will be well-rounded to be most efficient/effective. That's not to say a team of All Blasters won't be able to do the content, but focusing down on damage entirely will (or so I hope, personally) cause HM to be just a little more difficult versus a team that has things like debuffs and lockdowns among them. Controllers (or dominators) being what makes a run go from bumpy to smooth is a good thing. Same with corruptors / defenders making things just
  10. I believe that HC's official stance, from reading discord posts and elsewhere, is that costume pieces will never be an unlock/earn thing anymore. Badges are an incentive enough. Accolades & Day Jobs give powers (temp or otherwise) There's no real need for added incentive.
  11. Yeah, but why can't they introduce content from x server??? Shitposting aside, this is a good thread Glacier.
  12. Lore/Destiny might be needed, even, to survive/handle "Hard Mode" content. Though we'll see how true that is when it is ready.
  13. I'm sure no one will disagree there, but I could see a...couple issues that the forums would set themselves on fire over - which is how much something is rewarded. Specifically merits - but we'll have to see what happens when the next big patch hits Brainstorm.
  14. I think the 'hard mode' stuff can't reward anything super-duper cool (though this is by opinion and is not factual) - the game is limiting in what it rewards. Badges, merits, salvage, enhancements, and temp powers - that's the limit of it. HC won't lock costume pieces behind anything as far as I've heard. So the reward loop is gonna be...small. If none of those things interest a person, then oh well.
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