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  1. The shitpost title aside: I've had some really quick ideas for task forces/story arcs at 50. These aren't horribly fleshed out to the very last detail. These are just ideas and I'm not even remotely suggesting these go through without serious work. I'll add more ideas for level 50 content as I get them. Note: Not Incarnate-level stuff, don't worry. BLUE/HERO Aftermath (Story Arc, 45-50) Contact: Positron? New Contact entirely? Enemies: Can be any 45-50 group, or all/most of them! Reward; 30 - 50 Reward Merits, B A D G E S. The world has seen its fair share of conflicts - The Rik
  2. Thanks, both of you. It's definitely going to be improved for next year. Costume Contest winners/participants! Villain Winners Sovereign Serpent Vengeance Defcon X Hero Winners Combat Alien Freeholder Team Winners Elementals Scare Crew Brigade Finalists (Villains) Charge Disaster Lasergaze Dominion Evolutionary Hero Finalists Ghost Bug Solarguard Bigger Celcius Stellar Striker
  3. We are hosting this tonight! 5 billion Influence (might go up before the CCs!) + SEVERAL Winter IOs / ATOs.
  4. I'm not quite sure that fits the theme that this caters to, but you're more than welcome to show up.
  5. Impervium, what's the official stance of a bio linking to F-List via something like /c/pagenamehere For context, F-List is a website where (among other things) you can make a character kink 'sheet'. Is that reportable? I forget if this has been said before. Obviously you have to actually know what /c/pagename here / "has a /c/" refers to buuut curious people are curious. Sometimes not for the better.
  6. The unfortunate part of The Coming Storm plot is that this thread shows it's a divisive issue. There'd also be a lot to do just on the side of getting the story concluded - given that the Battalion were this alien conglomerate, it'd mean new npcs and that brings all sorts of new things to make/add. Then you add in the Incarnate side, and the Incarnate system is divisive as well. To truly conclude it, you'd need more stuff for Incarnates (given that's where the big stuff would happen + Battalion's goals) and that'd cause people to gripe about the system even more. Plus people going 'u
  7. That reminded me! Due to the amount of groups, we are not doing banners. I apologize to those who sent me theirs already - but I evaluated the interest. I am going to trust people to not mess with other groups and so on. Once your group picks a booth/desk, stick to that one. Some groups will probably rotate in and out as the night goes on. There will also be the wide open outside. We're getting closer to the day!
  8. Both groups will be added. Please note that there are limited amount of booths inside, and we are above 13 groups. That being said, there's plenty of space outside and I'm sure some groups might rotate through the night.
  9. We are now over 3bil inf. A big thanks to an Anonymous donator and Invictus Academy's leader & an officer for their donations! If anyone wishes to still donate, please contact me on Occult or email them in-game to @Shadeknight I also have judges for the CCs now, but if anyone else wishes to help with that (These will begin at 10PM Eastern!) please let me know!
  10. Give us more options with the two-tone styles for hair. Give us more hair styles too. Also update the resolution of old to the newer hair styles. Up the resolution on facial hair options. TWO TONE COLORED BEARDS. Please.
  11. LIST OF GROUPS SIGNED UP SO FAR; Global Defense Force New Defenders Academy of Heroes Young Warriors Grace Academy Paragon Junior Supers Academy Curiosity Kilz The Honor Society The Dawn Patrol The Twilight Legion Traveler's Guild Hero Corps - Founder's Fall Black Hand Society Please note that the base as a whole is large enough. However, there are about 13 spots inside the center's building. Some groups are doubling up, thankfully. There will be enough space for everyone I think, but please be aware I may ask groups to use outside as well. PRIZE POOL; (As of April
  12. Rewrote the bio of my first main. A fire/dark corr.
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