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  1. I would love for some more staff options. I mean, we have a good choice selection as is but GIVE MORE PLES.
  2. " maybe next time they'll engage the players in the design process first." Bad. No. This is a one way ticket to completely screwing the pooch on development and design. On topic - Sad about the command, but we were told for months and months that this was going to occur.
  3. Another thing that is my pet peeve is perhaps very very limited in who it aims for - but the cry for transparency or to let the community have more of a hand in the development process (in any form more than what we have) drives me absolutely up the wall. Furthermore, the aspect of specific posts that seem to pull down one's pants and shit all over the dev's current methodology, process, or current scope of the development...for their server.
  4. I am curious, Taboo, on some of the things you said. What was rushed and unfinished? What small groups? What big changes? Powersets the same? How so? Which ones? What statistics do you have for the "many didn't want"? (Yes, Solar asked/prodded for the same things but I didn't want to go through your post as he did :P)
  5. RP conflicts solved through PVP is perhaps one of the funniest things from live. It's the worst way to solve conflict in experience, and yet it's the only surefire way unless you trust one another to not be knobs. I say that as someone who had a Dark/Shield scrapper try to fight a Fire/Regen scrapper on live. It did not go well, because fuck you Regeneration and extra fuck you Fire Melee.
  6. I particularly don't mind the whole system given it is unfinished and will likely remain that way. At best, fix the UI up and maybe figure how to optionally disable the stuff in teams outside of Dark Astoria/iTrials. Wham bam, thank you.
  7. I think it's just irritation from a publicly known Discord being touted as a secret or what have you. People are painting the Discord in a wrong light for...no good reason. So I can't blame them for getting a bit snarky.
  8. I just want to play the game. I just want to make cool costumes. I don't want to have to bash my head in against 500 Skulls just to get a cool skull-themed costume piece. I don't want to have to go through content to get anything cosmetically to be unlocked. Weapons, costume details, etc. There is one exception, but even I'm not too into it. That shit aint cash money.
  9. Firstly, Bopper made a thread about the Discord. It was there for people to see. Secondly, transparency is a joke - we're not exactly entitled to anything nor do we deserve to know what's going on. We may be the population, but we're not exactly the ones working at the code to get things to work. They have a game plan, we have a game to play, and somewhere in the middle they do somewhat adjust but not hardcore. It has always been my stance that development should be a majority of their game plan, but room for adjustments based off of feedback from the community. Sometimes they have bigger plans in the future for changes, and can only afford to put so much in one patch. Sometimes, they have to cut it back and go back to the drawing board. They did this with the Eagle's Claw (I think that was the MA power) this patch and they did it with Dark Consumption a while back. They're trying new things, new ideas, and they have goals in mind. We saw this with the End Game/Balance thread, but they aren't exactly going to sit down and lay out everything for us. They don't have or need to. Anyone asking for them to is trying to be an armchair developer at this point, or thinks we need more say in development - which neither are healthy for short and long term. Yes, it sucks that they narrowed down feedback, but they got where they wanted with the Issue 27 (Page 1) update and are trying to wrap it up before Christmas at the least. It's not like they're saying "no more feedback ever", but they clearly have a plan in mind for what they want to ship and when. It's hardly unfair to claim that feedback was a waste of time - some things are just minor compared to the meatier aspects of a patch. Chill.
  10. Someone asked for it, it seemed easy enough to implement?
  11. I think it boils down to differences in what people want out of a game, but HC should not twist itself like a pretzel in my forum warrior opinion. What I mean is simple - there's a middle ground that can be met if its figured out. I think it would be shooting the foot to shove costume pieces behind a grind of any form. I think those should remain free and open to all - whenever they can design new costume pieces that is. The exception being NPC costume pieces, but there's no indication they're looking into freeing those up for players. I also think that a grind should not reward cosmetics in general. I do not believe, personally, that HC should invest in "something to play towards" for a game like City of Heroes. However, people clearly want something more - so perhaps there is value in eventually figuring out what. More chances for IOs? More reward merits? I doubt that's something people want. Badges? Probably wouldn't be "enough" for some people. I'm no code cracker, but perhaps titles akin to the origin ones or the Yellow/gold title rewards could work. Of course, I'm spitballing options here because CoH was never a "grind grind grind" type of game. It is not a game like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, or other MMOs. It has one tradeskill which doesn't have any skill up to it. HC has gotten rid of "do this to unlock x.", and thankfully so. Perhaps HC may be able to figure out more costume slots. Perhaps not. It's a little hard to ask for stuff to play towards when CoH was not a game built around the grind and HC has taken out the unneeded "do x to get y" missions (Capes, Auras, costume slots bar the last slot IIRC) so meeting the ask is hard. Perhaps people need to temper their expectations/wants out of a volunteer team that doesn't have the manpower of an actual dev team. Also, leveling grind is a whole other topic before people say anything about that. Food for thought.
  12. @Tyrannical To get us back on topic - how would a non-elemental based Unity look, based on how you designed the other Unity sets?
  13. careful there with your snark, solarverse. that's a paddling by the new proclaimed F O R U M C O P. fear my keyboard strokes. On topic - I only said it was neat as a show of approval where as it took you about 4 posts to actually give anything except "BUT MUH COLLISION". Eat a Snickers.
  14. Going off about collision and offering nothing else about the thread.
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