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  1. Please don't demean either one of the leaders like this, Seamless. You've ignored some of the asks of Veracor by furthering vitriol. That's been stopped and asked to stopped.
  2. As one of the people who incan into the wall, while I have differing opinion on death in CoH I do realize my glee at death of others needs to be toned down. As does my language and attitude towards other players.
  3. I think the Incarnate system is fine where its at. People are missing a few points about why Longbow/BP are so strong, and the trivialization of content was by Paragon Studio's design. Incarnates are easier to get by SCORE/HC's design. The only thing Lore is missing is more theme choices - IMO. The only thing Judgement is "missing" is more elemental choices - IMO
  4. "i dont like the game design, please change." No.
  5. Just a couple of updates We've had a couple moderators be added Shards of Rularuu and Stained Skin were astounding successes, and we've now moved on to Sins & Secrets (there's a theme of S-named arcs...) We've got some changes down the pipeline regarding community events hosted via the CoR Discord. Come. Join. Become one with us.
  6. A mixed one is going to happen soonTM. I won't spill the details as to not hijack the thread.
  7. The thing also is that most other servers are on i24 with OuroDev. HC is different. HC probably has to do their own stuff to make Wind Control a thing.
  8. Different cores/codes. HC is specialized, where as WHC and others are i24
  9. Got a question for people going "the game is too easy." Have you tried anything past a +4/x8 mission stomp against Council? EDIT: Sorry if that comes out as like rude but there's several things still tough about the game Getting people to do a successful Magisterium badge run. Any of the badges besides Shadow Master Loves a Challenge/Avoid the Green Stuff Keyes trial badges Underground bomb badge Try those. Try soloing a TF or an AV. Boom, there's your challenge.
  10. The issue is a lack of end game, and that comes from the cut short development. Which we really can't be asking for right now until we have more of a development team or more of an idea what is possible and what isn't.
  11. It didn't make the profit in one specific area: Asia. Western success never mattered to NCSoft. Case in point: The very game we're playing. The only weak sets that come to mind are Kinetic Melee, Ice Melee, and Dual Blades. But even those can perform. Dark/Shield is one of the craziest combos out there as is Fire/Shield. That may also be a case of synergy, but yeah. Buffing underperforming sets through serious number crunching and comparisons would be a good step, sure.
  12. You weren't playing the game in its later years, you just outed yourself with this. Go to those games then. This game doesn't follow the same design philosophy.
  13. COX died because of NCSoft pulling the plug - not because of balance issues. Yeah, no. This would get cheesed and we'd have people moaning once more. It doesn't solve anything. The game is not meant or built to be hard. Here's a couple of builds that show-case this: Fire/Time and Fire/Dark Corruptors Titan Weapon / Bio Armor Scrapper/Brute/Tank Ill/Time and Ill/Rad Controllers Hell, Radiation Armor & Melee as a whole. Scrappers and Blasters as a whole.
  14. Not a balance issue, just a thing where multiple power sets do the same thing. Time, Cold, Thermal, Kinetics, Empathy, Dark, etc - some have some overlap while others do things semi-special to them. Same with attack sets. Tactics is not a staple of this MMO. Paragon Studios made sure of that. Single target damage shines in missions with AVs. CC still shines (see: controllers/dominators) on trials and TFs. I don't see the same issues people have, but maybe that's an issue on different servers.
  15. I don't find myself, as a Fire/Dark corr, having trouble getting into teams or making a difference. Also, here's how I know the game isn't made to be difficult: the original devs didn't try to stop anyone from soloing AVs or solo/duoing certain iTrials. HC hasn't either. Or soloing task forces even end-game ones.
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