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  1. Thank you both very much. I went back to that page, and just went down it, grabbed full sets of 5x 10%, 5x 6.25%, etc... and while not probably the best choices, I'm at 147.5% and Perma-Dom... so at least now I can perform a side by side comparison, fighting the same mobs in the same area, between the Perma-Dom Mind/Psi and the non-Perma one. @placta you've given me a more specific road map, and that's greatly appreciated.
  2. Oh... under very rare... and on the page I linked the "purples" are colored... uh... purple... is it Friday yet?
  3. Was wrong, (shocker I know), Preventive Medicine is 8.75%... however I have kitted out 9x 6.25% sets, lol. Thanks... I'm getting there... slowly but surely, lol.
  4. But then you have to play the slotting game again to make Hasten perma. On the Beta server, using the cheat menu, how do I get "purples?" I'm not even sure what exactly "purples" are specifically, lol.
  5. Actually, I picked those with the highest recharge rate, not specifically 6.25%... but some, like Preventive Medicine, says something different on the page; 8.25%, but is actually 6.25% in the game. So, I'm sure that's what happened. I'll check in a bit.
  6. I'm quite sure that I am, and didn’t know about that, thank you. I just used this page, and picked powers that could use the 6.5% sets: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Enhancement_Sets. Back to the drawing board, lol.
  7. Looks like I'm about 5 seconds away from Perma :(
  8. Thank you. So far, without Hasten, I'm at 115%. However, I don't seem to be getting any global recharge from Synapses' Shock in Stamina, even though it shows the 5 pc 6.25% in green, or the same with Preventive Medicinenin Aid Self... there was a 3rd one too that doesn't seem to be adding to the total that I don't recall the name of. I should be about 123%, (I've read that you need 122% for Perma-Dom). I have no idea why the three sets, despite seemingly giving me global recharge are not factoring into the total. And still don't why Domination
  9. Disregard last transmission... think I've got a handle on things... but how come the recharge time on Domination, despite me currently being at 98% still says 3m 20 sec on the detailed info tab?
  10. Hello, folks, Hoping that I can get some help here. I've tried searching all over the web, and no where is there a simply outlined Perma-Dom guide, especially for a Mind/Psi... also without Hasten. Tons of posts on the math, don't care about it. Mid's builds imported from forum posts seem few and far between, and either involve Hasten or an SG Base recharge buff. Then no matter what I do I can't get the Mids/Beta import to work. I export the file to my COH/Homecoming/Data/Texts/English/Menu firect, I see the file there... but neither the line
  11. My favorite character from a concept/RP viewpoint is one I created years before CoH, for a PnP game. He is derived from X-Men lore. ************************ Archetypes: Tanker & Scrapper, EA/EM & EM/EA Hero Name: Smasher Civilian Name: Jacob Summers Origin/Powers: Cousin to Scott & Alex Summers, also a mutant. Jacob's power is similar to Cyclops' in that it's the same ruby red, concussive force, solar powered energy that Cyclops shoots from his eyes. However, this energy manifests through the pores of his skin, and unlik
  12. Oh, and I have so many alts it's not even funny... fun, yes... funNY, no, lol. S'why I rely on the test server so much... to cull the herd a bit, or just play there with already fleshed out characters; especially ones that may not come into their own until 20's/30's or so... I just insta-level them to X level, give them basic crafted IOs to start, then start hammering bad guys.
  13. I have solo build characters, and more group oriented characters, (probably like many others do as well), and my Grav is more for teaming, for exactly what you said... all the mayhem and chaos of groups breaks sleeps, lol. Though I of course totally agree on the pew pew vs evisceration aspect. :) Actually, conceptually, and with regard to maybe not wanting a lot of secondary power picks... Repel at Lv 8 for /Kin is very thematic. I've wrestled with /kin vs /FF for that very reason, but as you say, I think there are more thematic "Telekinetic" powers in /FF
  14. That was a large part of my, "Huh?" with Doms. Mostly using Mass Hypnosis, Confuse, Dominate, Levitate, and Mesmerize... juggling amongst the bad guys... those things kill them, while keeping them controlled the whole time, (more or less... I'm looking at you, "MISS," lol)... nary a need for the secondary other than a, "got it, may as well use it," thought process. Looks like it'll be Mind/FF Controller... awww... who'm'I kidding... with my raging Alt-O-Holism, both with see play time. The Controller will just get more time and more investment. As for Gravity... lo
  15. Thank you... been chomping at the bit to get in and narrow the field a bit regarding characters and builds to pursue... guess today's the day, lol.
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