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  1. Thank you all for clearing this up for me. I now have 5x Global Recharge LotG slotted throughout 5 powers, and I'm seeing the 37.5% recharge.
  2. Ohhhhh... for some reason, (I'm stupid?), I thought that I could only have one of the LotG that specifically says "Global." Ok, time to putter around a bit more. Thank you all very much.
  3. I only show 7.5% Global recharge whether I only have the Global LotG, or that and other LotGs. If I slot just the Global one I show 7.5%... if I slot 5x other than the one that specifically says "Global," but not that specific one, Combat Attributes doesn't show any recharge. The power timer that I have set to count down each power, on Footstomp for example, starts counting down from 13 seconds... the detailed info shows 14 seconds... so there's no additional recharge happening. Maybe these are bugged on test?
  4. Hello, folks, So, I've been dinking around on the test server, (which as an aside has helped me tremendously by taking various build/concepts to insta-Lv 50, running a few normal, not farm, AE missions, and just seeing if I find them to be enjoyable and worth pursuing or not... I've found some to not play out as fun in actual gameplay as in my head, and some I wasn't sure of, that turned out to be more enjoyable than I had expected), and I just don't understand LotG. I've put 5x recharge ones into Def powers, (always being sure to use the Global one and I understand th
  5. Scuse me, pardon me. Pardon me, scuse me. No, please, you go ahead. I wouldn't think of it, you can go. Oh, allow me. Why thank you, you're most kind. On and on, lol.
  6. Funny, actually at the lower levels, I've been doing the opposite by shoring up the weaknesses. Been building for dmg first on Tanker, and defenses first on Scrappers, lol.
  7. You really lack reading comprehension skills. I simply asked if what I was told was true, nothing more, nothing less. I expressly said, TWICE now, that it didn't really make any difference to me one way or the other... other than maybe I wouldn't bother kitting out a team build. I said I mostly solo. I said true or not doesn't dissuade me from playing this character, and more specifically, building it for my enjoyment. Not having any experience with something rather precludes the ability to analyze and critically think about somethin
  8. Uh... am I not doing exactly that? Asking other opinions? He never said, nor did I say that he said, to play something else. Who is he? All I'll say is that he's a Lv 50, fully incarnated Brute who gave me some power leveling, and then offered me 100,000,000 Inf, (which I did NOT accept... Yomo's 20 mil Inf gift was enough), because he was at the Inf cap, and needed to get rid of some. A) I'd say someone like that probably has enough game experience to know something. B) Again, he never tried to dissuade me from playing a Tank, just said that in toda
  9. Actually, when grouping, I'm very much a healer/Support/CC player in MMOs, as well as my weekly PnP D&D game, lol. My favorite grouping characters are a Rad/Rad Defender and Mind/Emp-Rad-FF Controller... putting a gun to my head... Rad/Rad Defender taking top slot, both from an efficacy and visual/animation standpoint.
  10. Ok, ket me rephrase, because I do believe no class, in any game should be necessary per se, and hold up a group. Actually, and specifically, the person said, "...not wanted because they don't bring anything to the table that other ATs don't do better..." I'll still play, and thoroughly enjoy him... just curious if he'd ever be needed/wanted in an endgame group.
  11. Hello, my super brothers & sisters. I'm posting this question here rather than in the Tankers section because I believe it will garner more answers since often people who don't play an archetype may never view their section... I never ever check the MM section for example as I've never, not since joining EQ1 in '98, ever enjoyed pet classes, lol. Someone told me, since I have one, that leveling a Tanker, (my favorite is my INV/SS), is pointless if I ever have interest in "endgame group" content. I'd be better off with a Brute, which I also have, or Scrapper, which
  12. Hello, folks. This post is both for conversation and advice. Similar in scope to the post by @Snarky "Soloing Blueside," I'm just kind of expanding on his post a bit... if you had to pick one character/Arch/powerset to solo Blue, or Red, or Gold, (I don't even know what Gold side is but see references to it, lol), what would it be? Not twinked beyond SOs, IOs starting at lv 22, but not fancy, named ones... in other words, sorta gimp yourself, don't make yourself god like... yet... lol. Hitting every contact, every story, cutting off XP where nec
  13. Sorry, for misleading statements. No, I didn't 6 slot defenses yet, only 3 slotted them with DMG RES, though only 1x END REDUC in Invincibility. Assuming ED is still a thing, 3 slots of any one single type of enhancement is "fully slotted" from an effectiveness standpoint. The attacks, as of my OP are 3 and 4 slotted. My current notoriety settings have me at groups of 3, either white or yellow, and either yellow or orange Lieutenants, and a fake LT/Boss. Now that I know you can have 2x specs at my level I plan to build out a group
  14. Thank you, that's good to know... I'll pay more attention on the stories now, and other solo merit options.
  15. I'm not swimming in inf, but I do have your 20mil inf gift, (again a hearty thank you). However, that's being reserved for use by my two favorite characters; Mind/Psi Dom and Arch/Bio Sent. My other characters are on their own, lol.
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