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  1. Ok but Cremate from Fire Melee and Shin Breaker from StJ both crit from hide and do more damage than Disembowel. And Cremate is a T3 attack and much more useful when exemping than Disembowel which is T8. Shin Breaker is also T8 and is equally as useful when exemping as Disembowel. I was checking the numbers in game again and I see Headsplitter has 50% crit chance from hide. Meanwhile, Crushing Uppercut and GFS have a guaranteed crit from hide. AND do more damage in general. Good call on not being able to use Ninja Blade with Shield. That does make irrelevant in comparison. Dark Melee was the "buzzsaw" back in the day. It's attack are extremely fast and have very high DPA outside of Shadow Maul. The total activation time for your main chain is a bit lower than Broadswords chain, according to in game data. What is does lack however is any meaningful AoE. Not trying to derail the thread but I am seriously trying to see the light here. I do see how Broad Sword Stalkers are by far the best version of Broad Sword though! Does Headsplitter have a higher native crit chance out of Hide? Is that what is making the difference? Where can we see those numbers?
  2. This Broadsword Stalker meme is still greatly confusing me. What is so great about Headsplitter compared to, say, any other Stalker single target T9? Just looking in game DPA numbers, Headsplitter is the lowest damage of all the ST T9 attacks. [BS] Headsplitter = 11.16 [DM] Midnight Grasp = 13.33 [FM] Greater Fire Blade = 12.78 [MA] Eagle's Claw = 11.58 [NB] Golden Dragonfly = 12.46 [StJ] Crushing Uppercut = 14.65 [Staff] Skysplitter = 12.68 It is barely better than Eagle's Claw and MA is considered a pretty mediocre set across the board. Meanwhile Disembowel has lower DPA than Shin Breaker, Cremate, and Soaring Dragon. I feel like I am missing something because I do not see the power of this combo compared to almost any other primary. Especially powerhouse sets like Street Justice or Fire Melee. Can someone break it down for me?
  3. I noticed something weird with Stupefy: Chance to Knockback when slotted in Wormhole in the Gravity Control. The proc occurs before the mobs are transported and then it prevents mobs from being teleported all together! They get knocked back and don't arrive at the teleport destination. It is kind of annoying and really neuters Wormhole's power. Is this working as intended?
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