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  1. I'm really sick and I'm just whinding myself up, so I guess I should leave it be. Homecoming will do what it does, and who knows what NCsoft will wanna do. In the end my opinion doesn't matter any more or less than anyone elses. In my opinion HC CoX is lacking in areas I believe are vital to it's continuing to garner and retain players. If I'm wrong I'll happily accept that and continue playing If I'm not I'll be sad not at least I had some fun in CoX one last time and I'll have tried in what little ways I could to help.
  2. Has nothing to do with me personally. I mean I could just go the way of my friends and others by not saying anything and leaving, but I care about CoH and look forward to what it could be.
  3. But what I'm asking for isn't what I spoke about last year. This is refined down and much more compromising, plus not grindy at all unless you view regular game play and story arcs grindy.
  4. Speaking of which! There's a new suggestions thread, you should check it out.
  5. Read my examples. You'll see that it's not grindy, nor for 'i did x and you didn't'. Not trolling me this time around and trying to get me into an argument to get the thread close.
  6. I feel that, but I'm not asking for grindy things that take a lot of time. Instant gratification doesn't lead to anything good: If Homecoming had come back as what we have in the beta server (being able to jerk hack everything) it would be a skeleton by now.
  7. But it's not already here, as the examples I gave are definitely not in game in any way. I am glad it's back, but that doesn't mean I can't tell and offer suggestions to make it better. I'm glad when I eat food that I'm fortunate to have, but that doesn't mean I won't season it. I'm not sure what you mean by seeking validation. Do you feel I'm only posting to get attention?
  8. I do sometimes. I also pretended to be playing the actual game in Paragon Chat one day, going from zone to zone as I would have in game. Not quite the same
  9. Please find in this thread where I asked for gated stuff built on grinds. Did you read my examples of what I personally would like? I don't think you can say what I'm asking for is already here if you don't even know what I'm asking for. Side note: It's interesting that someone who hates something would tell someone what's enough haha
  10. Lol ,unique as in only from that mission/story arc. I don't think I'd want to trust CoX rng with making truly unique enhancements haha, but who knows.
  11. People seem to like the new arc idea so I'm putting my idea here Story arc with branching path: You succeed - You're given a permanent temp power of a flying hoverboard that was found in the bad persons warehouse as it was cleaned out. You fail - You're captured and put in a containment building after having your powers disabled in a way that vaguely matches your origin, and the only way to escape is using a hoverboard you find there, which you keep after.
  12. I don't see how my idea is just a day dream because they're already doing most of that idea. I also can't agree with your assessment of the HC group. They seem to be going over the suggestion fourms often and they hadn't done anything to show other wise. (Plus this is also off topic)
  13. I agree. That's why I'm a fan of playing the game to get more from the game :). Everyone has the same opportunity to get it, and all you have to do is play 🙂
  14. Great idea! But it's still gated if someone goes 'I just don't wanna!' Which is a reason some have used against many ideas I've shared. Personally I think it's a poor reason to keep someone else from enjoying things they like just because you don't.
  15. Now varry this idea throughout the game, with other temp powers, costume peices, heck even unique enhancements
  16. I've noticed we're gone into 'want a big grind or not' To clarify, this isn't what the topic was about originally, and also not what I want. I don't want WoW or Everquest grinds. I want meaningful Content, and rewards that are something besides just badges. People seem to like the new arc idea: (Made up Example) You succeed: you're given a permanent temp power of a flying hoverboard that was found in the bad persons warehouse as it was cleaned out. You fail: you're captured and put in a containment building after havi
  17. Just because you wouldn't call it that, doesn't change it. When a player goes down the one path, another becomes locked away, or gated
  18. I don't think the example I gave of a story arc is that way; neither was my original post.
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