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  1. So many excellent suggestions! I think I'm going to try out /Staff and /Martial Arts for ten or twenty levels and see which of the two I like better. /Radiation is one of my favorite melee sets, so I might try to squeak in one of those later, but I have an SR/Rad Tanker that is pretty sturdy. It sailed through the LRSF solo until the last mission, when I couldn't outpace the Heroes' regeneration. That was before the recent tanker changes, so that might be easier now. I haven't tried again due to lack of time lately.
  2. Question in the title. I'm planning to make a new Tanker and I have a concept for Dark Armor, but the secondary is wide open. What combinations do you like, and why?
  3. I explored the function of Burn a long time ago and found that the Flames component did not actually use any slotted accuracy. I was thinking this had been fixed some time after I pointed it out, though. Maybe the changes were rolled back. Flames inherits to-hit buffs (and I think accuracy buffs--it's been a while and I don't remember everything), so powers or effects that buff that (focused accuracy, insight, etc.) will make Flames hit more reliably while the effect lasts (only briefly, on toggle powers). Another thing Burn does is create not one Flames patch, but one
  4. Thanks for the input. I'm certainly leaning toward Bio/Spines now. After a quick search, I note that many of the builds I've seen skip Spine Burst. Is there a particular reason for that? Does it not translate well to a Tanker? Is it just because it's slow?
  5. I have never tried Bio Armor before and I'm looking for a good secondary to go with it. I have a concept that lends itself to physical attacks (as opposed to elemental/energy/psychic) so I'm trying to decide between the following: Any of the weapon sets (except Dual Blades) Martial Arts (I'm disinclined to pick this set, personally) Savage Melee Spines (this is a pretty good fit for my concept) Stone Melee (this is a little bit of a stretch but, colored appropriately, can fit my concept) Street Justice I'd prefer average-or-better damage. W
  6. You're going to want some accuracy in consume. It has to hit to work. Edit: Burn, too. Burn is about to be fixed so that it properly uses accuracy, but even now it is significantly better with accuracy slotted.
  7. I'd recommend increasing the DoT portion's damage to compensate for the loss. Perhaps either by increasing the ticks' base value or by increasing the number of ticks. I'm not sure if either is a better solution. Me, personally? I'd change the target cap on both the initial pulse and DoT portion to 10. Increase the endurance cost to about 14. The damage values are fine for a PBAoE attack, but it's cheap and small at 5 targets. Also, maybe this is already on the radar, but the initial damage pulse doesn't seem to even try to hit more than four targets. I'd guess the pla
  8. I am terrible at builds. How can this be improved? My goals were at least 46.5% defense to S/L/F/C/E, a healthy amount of S/L resists, and perma-hasten. I'm not sure how to gauge how effective the Force Feedback proc is for global recharge, but I think it will be enough to close the current gap. I have no idea what to pick for the last three powers, and I was out of slots anyway, so I just left them empty for now. I'm leaning toward Soul Mastery as it's the closest to the character concept. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github
  9. Hi folks. I have a concept for a Psi Melee / Energy Aura Brute that I'd like to try, but I don't have any experience with either set. I'm looking for some tips on what powers are most useful and which are skippable. Also, what should I try to build for once I start using IOs? Typed defense seems like the obvious first step. Recharge next? I'm not very good at builds. I realize that this won't be very good at farming, but I'd like to be able to solo most other content at higher difficulty levels, though not necessarily +4/x8. I didn't see any builds for this
  10. The latest patch notes address Burn's multiple-patch issue. It's performing much more like it was intended. Sadly, finally getting fixed means it does significantly less damage than before. The DoT portion does only 20% of its previous damage, fully saturated. Its damage output no longer varies based on targets hit, though, so there's that. It was a necessary loss, but not a fun one. The up-front damage is still capping at 4 enemies, though. Now that there's only ever one burn patch per power activation, that up-front damage is much more important.
  11. That's it! That's exactly what it's doing. After some testing, I was able to confirm this behavior. I couldn't find the post you mention, but thanks for pointing the behavior out. Summary of my results: - Burn summons one burn patch (called "Flames" in the combat log) on the caster for each target in range, up to five (including the caster), depending on a successful hit-check of the front-loaded pulse. I was never able to get that pulse to target five foes, even when five were in range. I think (as you said) that means the caster is target 1, leaving only the four rem
  12. I see in the patch notes that a fix for Burn's accuracy problem is coming down the pipe. This is great. I don't see any mention of the other problem with Burn that I recently noticed: The DoT ticks hit twice. According to the in-game detailed info on Burn, it should be doing 13 DoT ticks. According to the combat log, it is attempting 26. Each tick seems to have its own hit roll, so maybe this is using an older tick count (from before the i18 change, perhaps?) by mistake. I think this is at least partly why the Avalanche (and Overwhelming Force?) proc is doing knockback
  13. I sometimes use the buff pet to trigger a mob's alpha strike. Just summon it in the middle of the pack just before jumping in. Better it than me!
  14. If I recall correctly, this was a known inaccuracy with the text, rather than the function. I believe it's working as intended, but not as described.
  15. While testing, I spoke with a few other /Fire Brutes about this. One in particular had a very expensive build and had clearly spent a lot of time tuning it. He was shocked when he repeated my testing with similar results. None of them had noticed. That may seem strange to you, but I believe the main reason for that is because that portion of Burn does not report in the combat tab. Only the initial pulse of damage appears in the combat tab by default. I tend to play Masterminds a lot, so my default chat setup includes a tab with all the Pet channels. It's because of that Pet tab that I sa
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