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  1. Thanks for your response, although I am not sure how I would convert a mastermind robots/storm build into a beam/dev blaster
  2. With the changes to /devices and my relative inexperience when it comes to creating builds, I would very much appreciate it if someone could hook me up with a build to utilize these two sets fully. Thanks! (Also, I am aware there was a beam/dev build posted not long ago, but I would like to see a different perspective. One preferably still utilizing the gun drone, if anything, just to have it and Time Bomb because it seems kinda useful now with the short fuse.)
  3. IMO = In MY OPINION. Doesn't make me toxic for sharing my opinion. This game was not designed for PvP, it was something tacked on years later and never felt right.
  4. Right? At least there are PvPers. It was never very good IMO, at least retail, and always felt broken beyond repair in some sense (even more so than other mmos). Most of us are here for PvE anyway, unfortunate that our PvE changes are slowed down by PvP. Honestly, I wouldn't mind it if the 'tacked on' PvP just went away.
  5. I saw this and got super excited, hopefully this comes to live sooner than later. MMs are my favorite but the idiotic AI makes me have to take rage breaks from the game.
  6. Nullbolt

    Name Release

    Released into the wild: Waylayer Sharkhead Slasher Nechronomancer
  7. I know it is just math, but I have a hard time with the timezones. UTC is the same as GMT? Is it GMT without DST? I have honestly never seen UTC before which probably makes me an idiot. If it is, then the reset for American's is actually Sunday evening? PST is -8 GMT, which is my timezone. I am on my phone currently and clicking the hyperlink for the reset time doesn't seem to open correctly. IMO, this is horri-bad. Should be able to do all the current strike targets for the full reward instead of just choosing 1 out of 3 options and boom, you're done for the week. Not everyone has a million characters ready to go, some of us just have a few high quality characters to run stuff. But, again, just my opinion.
  8. Could use some help coming up with a build for my empathy / beam rifle defender. I know it is not the best combo, but would like to see its full potential with no price limitation.
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