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  1. You can have all my ignore slots. I don't use them.
  2. Looks more like a brook...
  3. Or you can always just run past the ghouls unstealthed, once you leave their aggro range they do not follow (except for certain ambushes which will find you regardless of stealth).
  4. Some things that would help to know: 1. What are your Primary and Secondary? 2. What powers have you chosen so far? 3. What server are you on?
  5. I have run through Praetoria on Blasters, Brutes, Corruptors, a Defender, a Dom, Scrappers, and a Tank. I am currently running through a Stalker and it is by far the easiest run of all. I always do all arcs (for the badges) so I spend a lot of time stuck at level 10, 15, and 20 with xp turned off. Because I don't really care about xp at that point I tend to avoid a lot of the trash mobs (especially Clockwork and Ghouls) by simply running past them (they may take a pot shot or two but unless there is an ambush they do not follow). The only time I do a kill all is when it is required for the mi
  6. Heard from Resistance fighters during an ambush in Praetoria: Resistance Recruit(1): Go! Resistance Recruit(2): Wolverines! Resistance Recruit(3): W....what? Resistance Recruit(4): Really? Resistance Recruit(5):: Wolverines?
  7. I am curious as to why people find Praetoria (1-20) difficult. The enemy groups are generally easier to deal with (clockwork are ranged only, no Vahz toxic damage, no CoT/Tsoo annoyances), the sewers are way easier to navigate, there are no 'layer cake' caves (no caves at all for that matter), and the xp gain is so much faster. The story lines in Praetoria are so much more engaging and better written than most anything in the original game. What is causing people grief Gold-side? Let us know, maybe we can help you through it.
  8. The 1-20 Praetoria content really is not that difficult and is very solo friendly. You can run through most maps bypassing trash fights and seldom will anything follow you. There are a few missions with ambushes that can see through any stealth but only one that I can think of that is a legit faceplant threat (Bobcat I'm looking at you). My advice is to play whatever you want and enjoy the ride. If you find a mission is too tough either lower the difficulty to -1 or autocomplete.
  9. If it helps, you can disable xp at levels 10, 15, and 20 to complete all missions. Getting the extra powers at 10 and 20 can make a difference.
  10. I just bought 400 packs, haven't opened them yet, waiting for Christmas 😉
  11. They don't get used upon opening a pack.
  12. I hear if you dig deeper you can even find Diamonds!
  13. No Defense Debuff Resistance, no taunt, low HP, low Defense, low Resist Damage, High Damage output. Sounds like a DPS class, not a Tank
  14. For future reference huang3721, you do not need to be introduced to a contact to start their arcs. Once you know the contact order for each part of Praetoria you can initiate contact on your own. Each zone is level locked as well, 1-10 for Nova, 10-15 for Imperial, and 15-20 for Neutropolis and contacts in those zones will no longer give missions once you exceed those levels. If you are trying to run all missions from all contacts (there is a badge for each zone) you will need to shut off XP at levels 10/15/20. Resistance Crusader contacts are almost all locked in the Underground Resistance bu
  15. I was walking through a grocery store when the piped in music started playing 'Word Up' by Korn which made me think of this video (not a rickroll I promise). While doing my best (worst) Spider-Man 3 homage dance through the store (to many an odd look) I started thinking about CoH. As soon as I got home I looked up Titan Network's Hail Mary thread and was shocked to see all the hullabaloo about some secret server operating in the shadows. A few weeks (and a failed start or two) later I was logging in here.
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