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  2. If I send it back to you, then you send it back to me ad infinitum, we can create a perpetual engine to power the whole city (or at least a SG base or two)!
  3. I hesitate to admit it, but I actually track all of my characters pertinent info and storage in an Excel spreadsheet for easy viewing. Right now I am running a ton of Heather Townsend missions so I started tracking Incarnate salvage needed for each build as well.
  4. Apogee


    moar DoTs!
  5. If you really want to try out a powerset without investing a whole bunch of time simply go to the test server and kit one out.
  6. I farm from time to time, same as I run any other content, and I enjoy it. Calling people a liar for enjoying something you do not is a bit harsh. Not everyone in this world feels or thinks as you do.
  7. For me, Corona will forever be associated with a mediocre beer and Cinco de Mayo.
  8. I had the final bookshelf show up in the breakroom (in the near corner as you enter) once. I didn't have my headphones on and didn't hear the glowie sound as I passed by. I spent a few minutes in the warehouse looking for the damn thing before finally putting on my headphones. Tsneaky Tsoo.
  9. Should really do Sweet (16) this year and save Resurgent for 17, then Legendary for 18 and Platinum for 20. Then we just need to come up with a name for 19.
  10. Holy thread necro Batman!
  11. Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of these screen shots.
  12. Will the judges be running with Cell Shader enabled or disabled?
  13. Think of it this way Snarky, you made someone very happy. Good karma for you :)
  14. He is in a random spot in the final room passed out on the floor. He will not appear however until sometime after the gas starts. Whether it is tied to the final PPD officer going down or when the Clockwork spawn to clear the building, I am not sure. I usually start defeating the PPD until the gas takes effect, then I make my way to the last room to grab Rothstein. If he isn't visible I leave the room for a few seconds then search again.
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