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  1. For future reference huang3721, you do not need to be introduced to a contact to start their arcs. Once you know the contact order for each part of Praetoria you can initiate contact on your own. Each zone is level locked as well, 1-10 for Nova, 10-15 for Imperial, and 15-20 for Neutropolis and contacts in those zones will no longer give missions once you exceed those levels. If you are trying to run all missions from all contacts (there is a badge for each zone) you will need to shut off XP at levels 10/15/20. Resistance Crusader contacts are almost all locked in the Underground Resistance bunkers and can only be accessed when you are actively siding with the Resistance (you have the blue Resistance chevrons). The Loyalist Deputy Assistant of Information is locked in a building only accessible when you are an active Loyalist (you have the gold Loyalist star). If you want to run all missions for all contacts, you can run three of the four zone contacts at once if you careful (some contacts will be killed during other contact arcs as you know, read the guide/wiki for spoiler info). Starting as Resistance you can run missions for Robert Flores, Ricochet, and Chief Interrogator Washington. You cannot run missions for Deputy Assistant of Information (and rest of Power) until you turn to Loyalist. Starting as a Loyalist you can run missions for Robert Flores, Chief Interrogator Washington and the Deputy Assistant of Information, but need to turn Resistance to run Ricochet (and rest of Crusader) missions. Basically you can do either Warden/Crusader/Responsibility or Warden/Responsibility/Power depending on your initial loyalty when starting a zone. I usually run the three arcs up until the final morality missions then figure out what order I want to do the final missions to get the right loyalty for starting the next zone (or for the finale).
  2. I was walking through a grocery store when the piped in music started playing 'Word Up' by Korn which made me think of this video (not a rickroll I promise). While doing my best (worst) Spider-Man 3 homage dance through the store (to many an odd look) I started thinking about CoH. As soon as I got home I looked up Titan Network's Hail Mary thread and was shocked to see all the hullabaloo about some secret server operating in the shadows. A few weeks (and a failed start or two) later I was logging in here.
  3. It is possible to begin Calvin Scott's arc at level 15 before you do Crow's and Helix's arcs. The problem is that you have Calvin in your active contacts since the first time you joined the Resistance. This allows you to contact Calvin for undercover missions while a Loyalist. If you are not aware of the correct order for doing the Neutropolis missions (as well as Steffard/Kang missions in Imperial City) it is possible to lock out a contact. Redlynne made an excellent guide to Praetorian content here.
  4. Did I miss something? Not a single call to nerf regen yet? For shame y'all, for shame. TL;DR nerf Regen
  5. Wait, you have your own personal bugbear?!? Is it trained?
  6. I haven't played many Dominators so I started to think about playing one. The first name I came up with for my new Dom surprised me when it was available, Perignon. Now I need to figure out a fitting power combo. Maybe something chilled?
  7. You nailed it on the head right there. You find enjoyment by "playing the character all the way through". Please understand though that there are people who find enjoyment in power leveling a character to 50 and starting from there. The tone of your post comes off as condemning power leveling as wrongbadfun. There are multiple ways to enjoy this game. To each their own.
  8. If you like to alt a lot and think you may want to power level more than a couple of characters, you may want to make a second account, level a farmer, then power level yourself without needing to ask to door sit someone else's farm. You can kit out a /fire farmer pretty cheaply too.
  9. Now I want some Kung Pao (Pow) Chicken
  10. Snickerdoodle, tasty AND fun to say!
  11. Gobbledegook is a good one too!
  12. Ohyeah I forgot about Bailiwick, I use that a lot as well. I will admit I had to look up tintinnabulation 🙂
  13. I was thinking the other day about some of my favorite words and how it is fun to sneak them into a conversation. Three of my favorites are: Hootenanny Cattywampus Hullabaloo What are some your favorite words? I checked in game on TB and all three of those names are taken (as expected).
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