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  1. Love the new IO's Please don't take next bit as being ungrateful. Both AoEs look useable, but I have to wonder about the choice to do another target aoe in the first place. It already had 2 good choices, only one with 2, for rare IOs now it has 4.
  2. I'm sorry, I was. Teach me to cheat and rely on mids. It only shows the 8%. Now, that other guys math makes more sense. Ty Also macskills careful or fun police will get u for off topic too 😛
  3. That was kinda the point (sucking the life and power from someone should be pretty deadly) and the reason for the buff change I mentioned. Still not sure how 8% or 30 secs is better than 80% over 10 vs an AV.
  4. To be honest, single proc per power needs to be a thing or require x amount of set or more set higher frequency
  5. I wonder if a comprise of the too much and it's perfect can be found. Let's look at it a different way. Personally, the nuke on DC makes very little sense. My thoughts are keep all timing changes to DM and all changes to SM. Take the nuke put it on SD and remove end variance to dam. Then give DM SD's old dam to help mitigate the damage loss from both powers. This way the nuke is unboostable ( new word) within the set and give more consistent output. Also would like to see SD get a base dam of 20%, while lowering to 6% its target buff. This gives same AOE dam but help s in long AV fights where SD fails
  6. Ya I would not even mind DC being set at SD' s recharge. I got SD down to 34s so only a 4 sec off time. Most will use the 2 together so having same recharge makes sense. Since mine is fire aura , would love fiery embrace faster too , lol.
  7. About dark melee and dark consumption change. I love the fact dark got some love. I do wonder if DC makes sense. Maybe if if drew in endurance first then exploded out. Also, I love soul drain but it fails heavily esp In AV encounters. Is it possible to give it a base 20% dam and reduce from 8 to 6% the dam per person. This keeps its mob dam the same but gives a little extra in AV situations, esp now keeping mobs alive to boost off of will be harder.
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