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  1. Character name: Red Dee Global Handle: @Some Girl Supergroup Name: Little Heroes Shard: Torchbearer Passcode for Base: ITSBIGGERONTHEINSIDE-4262 Characters involved: Red Dee (@Some Girl) ACS-42 Lucy (@ACS-42 Lucy) Little Heroes Open House Extravaganza! For the first time, Little Heroes is opening its Base doors to the general 'Super' population. Luxuriate in our exclusive gentleman's lounge/restaurant. Get a check-up in our fully stocked infirmary. Inform yourself about any topic in our multi-storey library. Spend time outdoors exploring the secrets of the enchanted valley outside our walls. See the private spaces of our top-tier member's personal rooms. Keep up-to-date on global activity from the comfort of our state-of-the-art conference room. When you are done, simply ask one of our expert pilots in the hangar-bay to convey you to a location of your choosing. Gentleman's Lounge The Lounge and second-tier Restaurant will be open to public use during this event. Please avail yourself of all amenities. Relax, have a game of pool, try out the arcade area, and enjoy free refreshments at the tiki bar (18+) Infirmary Fully stocked and with on-site staff, the Infirmary boasts the latest in medi-port and super-power boosting technology. Our recently installed Decontamination Chamber is capable of removing all but the most stubborn of ooze, nanites, ectoplasm, and curses. Please have your insurance information on-hand should you wish to test the facilities. Library Our library features copies of works from almost every field of knowledge, and plays host to an immense data-base. The first and second floors feature works useful to any superpowered being, and contain some of the safer artefacts in the possession of Little Heroes. Although the Third Floor is a registered potential hazard zone there are containment protocols in place should you wish to examine them. In order to access the Chamber of Viridian Horror, please use the on-site portal. The Enchanted Valley The Little Heroes Base is nestled beside a river in a valley of magical wonders. Note the stream's source from the 'Flooded Floating Island' that hangs above the ancient Malevolum Tree. Explore the magical fixtures of the landscape, and partake in its enchanting atmosphere! Private Rooms Little Heroes provides private areas for our top tier members which they can have adapted to suit their needs. Whilst usually private, all members have consented legally to participants of the Open House event to see up close the interests and personalities of the best of the best in super powered humans. Conference Room Connected to a mass information route, the conference room can keep you up-to-date on crime and villainy across the very dimensions! The gentle white-noise of the privately commissioned free standing wall-fountain, will distract from the intense toilings of our patented CPSR (complaint-power super reactor). Should you have any questions during your visit, please direct them to our team of analysts in the office space. Hangar Bay A combined hangar and repair bay, the base's central processor, main power core, global positioning system, as well as the secure entrance from the Enchanted Valley may be found here. A top maintenance crew keeps our helicopters equipped with the latest tech and ready to go at a moments notice. Any of our dedicated pilots will be happy to fly you anywhere you wish at any time. ...PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS... (No really, it's important) Warning: Little Heroes takes no responsibility for any-and-all mishaps, magical or mundane. Ruins are a protected UNESCO heritage site. Do not provoke the tree Do not feed the horses. Warning: Do not open/damage the coffin within the Gentleman's Lounge. If coffin is closed, please maintain a low volume. Kindly do not eat in the library. Warning: Do not use the toilet in room 2 of the private members area. Whilst all safety measures have been taken in The Hangar, we ask that visitors not touch the big red button on the power core, to stay out of the repair shed, and keep mobile-phone use to a minimum whilst in flight. P.S from Hal the repairman: Stay outta mah shed!
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