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  1. While I think the primary purpose of a Dominator is the crowd control and debuffing, I keep feeling like if I just changed my builds enough I might have something approaching a kind of status-effect reliant scrapper or maybe a weak brute. Trying to play to that strength tends to lead to a very dead Dominator... but not always, and the successes are just common enough to make me think a close-quarters variant of what I typically do has some merit. Having said that, I'm bad at regular builds and slot optimization in general, so this kind of theoretical construction feels like it's pr
  2. I know in my head it's not most efficient way to do it, I tend to prefer KB to KD. Maybe I can benefit from that ranged defense if I pick up something along these lines.
  3. I can't do that just now, though I might be able to download Mids later tonight and try to get an export then. I've never quite gotten Mids to "click" for me. Whenever I try it, it just looks like I'm manipulating enhancements and things like I'd do in the game, even though I know a lot of people swear by it as a planning tool. I don't have any particular goals in mind at the moment beyond "keeping up." Ideally the character can lock down, or at least slow down, enemy groups while closing in to focus on individual targets with melee capabilities and more specific crowd control opti
  4. I just hit level 50 after over a year of taking my sweet time checking out as many story arcs as I could. and mostly not giving too much of a care to my build, but now that I'm 50 and having some friends inquiring about me tagging along on task forces I was wondering what I should do to start polishing the build up when I decide to take my first real respec. There's a lot of places where I've already got plans to completely throw out what's happening now (Pulverizing Fisticuffs feels like it should be swapped out of Mind Probe for something else entirely, for instance, and I'm considering just
  5. Please don't remove the St. Martial exit! I like St. Martial and hate Mercy Island! Don't make me go there. -EDIT- Didn't see the notes from Faultline saying that he'd reworked the lobbies so that the old entrances wouldn't be removed. Thanks!
  6. I've always had a completionist streak a mile wide, so when I wind up playing in a way that causes me to outlevel a contact who's content can't be redone with Ouroboros, it always vexes me so. Unlike detective or broker contacts, regular contacts won't give progress if you're merely on a team with someone doing missions for them, so there really isn't a way to go back and finish filling up that relationship meter. Recently, this problem was addressed for Warzone contacts who basically have the same four or five missions over and over. In a way, it's narratively and mechanically fi
  7. I always liked how the ones from while the game was live suggested that you were good at partying. The post-live ones tend to emphasize our staying power, and that's totally warranted (especially a few years), but in the spirit of some of the classic ones... Lit Mirthful Hilarious Extreme Toast of the Town
  8. While part of me prefers to just sort of stumble upon exploration badges over time or, occasionally, look at odd geography to see if it has an associated badge, I think I really like this. Since pretty much all the badges have interesting lore associated with them, I look forward to seeing them! Except... since I have so many exploration badges already, will my well-traveled characters miss out? Guess I'll have to roll a few inquisitive alts.
  9. So, I read this and I got kind of excited because I thought that a lot of my issues with the update to the Teleportation power pool and free gift of the Long Distance Teleport power were going to be addressed since the changes 1) made me lose my original destination spots for Long Distance Teleport and regulated me to settling for the Base Portals in most zones, and 2) made my dedicated teleporters basically just as good at navigating inter-zone travel as everyone else's free power (which, hey, great QOL change for everyone else, but shouldn't my Flash-but-for-teleportation-instead-of-superspe
  10. So I finally got a Stalker to level 50 (got her to level 49 back on live, nice to finally finish this). Mostly I just play by myself with occasional supergroup teaming and task forces for fun, so detailed power optimization is something I've never really looked into (I've tried using Mids a couple times, but I just get kinda baffled by how what I do there is supposed to be different from when I do it in the game). I'm not actually sure what my level-by-level power selections were like I see in most of the builds that people have here, but I was wondering if anyone could see any, like... massiv
  11. Aye, I like that band. They didn't always break, though. Sometimes I showed up from behind them like I was part of the act.
  12. Okay, trying to puzzle through it right now. So far I'm at... /macro_image "Teleportation_Pocket_D" "Pocket D VIP" "powexec_name Teleportation_Pocket_D" ...which creates a button! Alas, the button is nonfunctional. I'm guessing the command to teleport to Pocket D has a different name than its icon. I *can* replace the powexec command with the popmenu command for LRT, which isn't a perfect solution, but at least it'll get me to Pocket D even if not the VIP Club.
  13. Aye. I meant to look into making macros today but work kinda got in the way. Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to figure it out.
  14. I'll check for that the next time I play in case it was changed without me realizing it, but last I looked the only part of it I could see was in the sub-menu that pops up with the little Teleport Options menu thing. I can't recall if I checked it to see if it would take me to the Tiki Lounge instead of to the base portal. If so, I suppose I could bind something? I'd have to investigate ways to try and change the button icon in the tray, I'm pretty sure that's doable but I've never tried it out for myself.
  15. So, I had my doubts about the teleportation rework, but I think that for most of the player base the new way of doing it is a nice QOL improvement, even if it raises certain character-based story concerns for me. As much as I like what's happened so far, I was wondering if some of the Long Range Teleporter effects could be reexamined? I have some weird thoughts on it... All of the exits are by Base Portals. I'm guessing this probably has to do with playerbase familiarity with the base portal teleporter thingie that this feature replaced(?). While this is good in a way that makes a
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