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  1. If I recall correctly Praetorian Clockworks or rather WarWorks models were reverse engineered by Primal Earth's elite - namely Longbow and Arachnos - so you sometimes see the bots helping them in some missions (with matching paintjobs), they mostly seem to be healer type bots, can't recall seeing a "Victoria" unit used by Arachnos or Longbow.
  2. Some lore stuff on Praetorian Clockwork; http://web.archive.org/web/20111028072434/http://goingrogue.na.cityofheroes.com/en/game-info/enemy-groups/praetorian-clockwork.html
  3. Heroes v Villains needs some sort of proper arrangement and structure. The adage 'The Villain always loses' needs to be thrown out the window, loss is good for character development, guaranteed loss is predictable and bad. Then you've got to question what makes a Villain a Villain? Most topics that aren't 'Saturday morning cartoon Villain' might involve more adult themes such as torture, blackmail, manipulation, widespread terror, a lot of Roleplayers muddy the waters here, IC/OOC blend and drama can occur. This is why the Hero group and Villain group need to trust each other OOC t
  4. You know what makes Superman, Invincible and Homelander interesting despite their absurd power? Their flaws. Story would not exist without them, players who neglect flaws in their character are not Roleplaying to their full potential.
  5. Katana/Anything Scrapper Katana's attack combos are so fluid and smooth, you have a proper combo chain and the damage is insane.
  6. I've met and engaged in spontaneous RP with plenty of people around the world, Mercy Isle a few times, places like Atlas Park, a couple of scenes at Kings Row monorail, St. Martial, Grandville. Anyone with the Roleplaying tag on is pretty much fair game, I take initiative jump in and engage with some random line like 'Your costume looks like a green-screen' or 'You know where X is?' or if their bio has them as some big name Hero or Villain I'll entertain it, if they happen to be totally AFK stood around and haven't responded at all to IC attempts I'll send an OOC tell. Trying to en
  7. My advice is easier said than done so bare it in mind. Don't bother with any methods of OOC interaction to 'set up' a scene. Why? Players will make judgement on your Roleplaying experience and character without ever meeting you IC, more often than not you will start on an unbalanced footing, they subconsciously didn't like your character bio, you partake in a roleplaying style they dislike, your characters costume is cliché, your characters backstory isn't original, etc etc. The irony is that it's somewhat easy to defeat all these bias' that might be typically against y
  8. I'm gonna spring on people with the Roleplaying tag in open zones more often, not enough people seem to do that.
  9. Time is the Roleplayers Bane. No matter what setting I Roleplay in I try to ignore it as a thing and remain intentionally vague. Time itself doesn't really serve Roleplay it's generally a detriment. However it's important to not mix up IC and OOC perceptions of time, my character might say "We'll meet sometime soon?" and I'll organize OOC "((This Friday 8pm?))". My character(s) are supposed to be all active all the time with realistic lives and things happening offscreen, I can't be that dedicated as a player, thus time needs to be given leeway.
  10. I log on very sporadically but when I log on I usually end up in RP, if not from a global friend whisping me then I'll head to D and bully someone who looks lonely.
  11. It's a private server in murky water concerning legality. While it's well run by the team it is still a private server not owned, ran or managed by the original creators in any way. Any talk of legality concerning what happens on the server can be wavered because it's blowing hot air, it has no ground to stand on. The decent thing to do for those with access to the back-end chat logs is to discuss incidents as a team 'Yes this player is a problem, permabanned.' and not reveal the details to those that play on the server because it just begins a vortex of never-ending drama and back
  12. Defeat, genuine defeat near-death, grave injury or psychological trauma will add more to your character than any victory ever will. Don't be afraid of losing, put everything on the line and feel the thrill of it as your creation is not invincible but tangible, real and not immune to the dices fate. My most memorable characters were the ones that came back from defeat because the defeat warped their perception of things, gave them new drive, new outlook, a newfound determination. In one of my characters cases it became vengeance to which she was willing to do unthinkable things, sel
  13. Club RP for me - at least in D - is picking out the outliers, the characters that mostly just watch what's going on. I read their character bio, check their costume and if they have some interesting traits I bring them up while displaying my characters own traits so that they have plenty to work off and collab with. Non-public invite only Clubs are dreadful in my experience, they can be the most extreme clique of any place where even if you make any and all attempts to integrate characters would rather gravitate toward other characters they already know and those that attempt to ro
  14. Overwatch style graphics, this graphics style is very popular right now and works extremely well to highlight unique character designs, it can be colourful and still be grim at times. A theme/lore that doesn't piggyback at all off established superhero mantra. Avengers, DC Universe? It's all been done a million times time to split off and create something a bit more unique which would be Adult in nature. (For me the Invincible series managed this) Embrace the ideas that made City of Heroes mechanically superior, every mission being a 'raid', excellent chat system. Have every missio
  15. I love writing bio's and love giving and receiving compliments based on them, it's a good conversation starter and a good place to attract like minded players especially those who might be intrigued by my characters concept or brief synopsis.
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