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  1. I stick to Rogue which is "Redside" that can group and do stuff with Blueside, seems to offer the best of both worlds, I highly recommend it. As for SG's (Guilds) that's still something I'm looking into, Roleplay is really fun here and it's what I enjoy most but sometimes I crave something deeper than Club RP.
  2. I've very quickly realized the price of this build is insane! I had a go at making the same build as Extors but with much cheaper Sets, thoughts?
  3. I'm trying this build too, thank you for sharing it Extor. Brand new and made today, now to get to 50 and beyond!
  4. Latex

    Nerf That!

    Wow you guys really bit. I thought this was a satire thread. 😨
  5. Latex

    Nerf That!

    Head to your local AE Building to see what's Overpowered, HINT; It's Spines/Fire Brutes.
  6. 1500 Limit would work nicely I think. The problem with unlimited character bio descriptions is that it's supposed to be the bread of your character, the meat of it is your live actions. If everyone's character biography is a sixteen page novel the majority of people will pass it up and instead choose to Roleplay with you, if your character bio is short and sweet more people will read it and have a better gauge on what to expect when engaging in conversation with your character. I've roleplayed in worlds where there was no limit and it's not nearly as convenient as it is here with a generous limit. For examples sake, take League of Legends and it's character design and summary. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/champion/vi/ You have a brief summary of the character and can choose to read more about the character by clicking 'Read Full Bio' I'd liken this to a link ingame in your bio to a forum post here so those very curious about your character can elect to look further.
  7. I play Katana/Bio Scrapper, so obviously 95% Lethal Damage and I have never had any trouble with resists in any content. In ITF the other day I was critting for 1200+ damage on +4 NPCs I can't yet recall a situation where the Lethal Damage of Katana was not bolstered by Soaring Dragon and Golden Dragonfly hitting like an absolute truck, reducing an NPC's Resistances would make those two skills (the bread and butter of Katana) hit even harder. My Katana Scrapper has never at any point felt weak against any type of NPC.
  8. I'd like more things that facilitate Roleplay; it's one of this games biggest draws for a lot of people and always has been. More costume pieces. Labeoux Thong needs a top piece to match! The ability to use all costume pieces for every slot, for example being able to use Chains under a Jacket. Tattoo options that are a completely separate category so that you can use tattoos regardless of your Tops with Skin selection. Asymmetrical costume parts- for example one short glove one long glove. Ripping every costume piece from every NPC that doesn't use it as a full mesh model and implementing it into the costume creator.
  9. That sounds interesting, really love this games story. What of places like First Ward from a brief look up of Lore it seems to be part of Praetoria that succumbed to the Hamidon but still has Citizens seeking shelter away from Coles regime? If I'm understanding things correctly, Emperor Cole purposefully hunted down Magic-Archetype heroes or anyone that dabbled in it which means if you're a Magic Archetype Hero/Villain from Praetoria your character story will be very different from someone that is say Science, Natural or Tech.
  10. On the topic of Praetoria being "saved"- I just recently played through the arc with Number Six- was Kallisti Wharf which was in development at the time intended to be what Praetoria built itself back up to or was Kallisti Wharf just an addition to Paragon City/Primal Earth? If not then I assume the Developers never got to realize their plans for Praetoria, the arc of Praetoria's Story seems close to finished but not quite.
  11. I really enjoy selecting my powers first for a gameplay experience I'll enjoy then using some creative thinking to make it work for a character concept I have in mind, I keep to within limits of realism for the character though, for examples sake I wouldn't have a Technology focused character use the Sorcery powerpool, or I won't have a Magic themed Mage use an Assault Rifle, even with these examples though you can make them work in Roleplay, creativity is our greatest gift as Roleplayers. What I do enjoy is making characters that utilize lore-points of the game world, whilst not restricting myself too heavily on what I can or cannot play. 'Is it plausible within this universe?' is the question I ask myself whenever creating a new character.
  12. That is an amazing write-up and helped me understand the lore a whole lot better.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I played a bit more of the later missions- specifically the (Solo Story) missions where you play as Tyrant and Anti-Matter but I'm still really confused on why Praetorians invaded Primal Earth? How successful was that attack? What was the outcome of it? I'm guessing from piecing together the few bits I know that Praetorians invaded Primal Earth because Primal Earth invaded Praetoria first, it seemed like a retaliation, I heard also that some Praetorian "Heroes" (as in Signature Heroes, not Player Heroes) are locked up? It's all very confusing.
  14. I've played this game a lot back when it was live and now when it's emulated. But there was one thing I never got to the bottom of, never explored fully and failed to find any information on across the internet. It's the full story of Praetoria, from start to finish. I'm playing through as many Praetorian Arcs in Ouroboros as I can, but it's taking a lot of time and it feels like I'm not following it in a way that was intended which only makes the lore more difficult to grasp. What I have gathered so far is that; The Hamidon decimated Praetorian Earth and anything under Emperor Coles Empire is the last remaining bastion of civilization, he defeated the Hamidon? Every need of every citizen is cared for namely by the Clockwork, it's an oppressive regime but there is an uprising- the Resistance. Ground water is contaminated by the Hamidon, so everyone drinks Enriche? Praetoria loses the battle against the Hamidon? At some point Praetorians invade Primal Earth? For what reason/motivations? If anyone has any good links or videos that cover the lore I'd appreciate it, or if you're willing to dedicate the time to put things in writing. I guess this feeds in to the actual story of City of Heroes which despite playing all this time the story of the game sometimes evades me, prior to Going Rogue it just seemed like Red vs Blue, but with Going Rogue things seemed to of gotten a lot more complicated.
  15. I love Katana, hits hard, fast animations, has decent AOE, has a defense buff attack, hardest hitting ability crits slightly more often. Lethal damage sucks a bit but the damage it does makes up for it.
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