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  1. She nodded. "I enjoy a good game of pool. But are you up for it? Looks like the lack of sleep is starting to get to you." She glanced at the feline woman and gave a reassuring smile. Turning back to Hagis, she smiled. "But a game sounds good." Following him over to the pool table, she picked out a cue. "I will have to start bringing mine out." She dug into her pockets and pulled out some change. "Want to rack them?"
  2. Libra turned as the feline woman came in. Catching a glance at the corner and seeing sparkle, she suppressed a groan. Looking at the young woman, she stood up. "Paul, I will be right back." She stepped outside for a few minutes then walked back in carrying a sundress, small purse and a pair of summer sandals. "You don't look much bigger than my daughter.. adopted... we are her fall family. I keep extra clothes for her in a spatial storage. And the sandals are mine. This will help." She offered the clothes. Turning to Hagis, she lowered her voice. "A Pixie? I am a mage.. I can feel and hear them... hope she is well behaved."
  3. "No.. I haven't.. but I will be happy to keep an eye out. I am Libra. Need an additional hand? As to being a hero..." She shrugged. "I just do what's right and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it." She took a drink of her whiskey. She tapped the picture. "Thugs like him need put down and dealt with.."
  4. Libra laughed at Paul's story and nodded to the new guy. "And I think the clan what adopted me will love this place. And don't apologize," She nodded at the man who just entered. "You need something hot, strong and can win a bar fight on it's own.. A proper pot of coffee can do that."
  5. Libra leaned back and listened to Paul's story and her eyes flickered to the newcomer. Nodding to her, she turned her attention back to Paul, sipping her whiskey. "What?"
  6. "Nikeiva, if you want.. I will be happy to introduce you around to some of my family. They are some of the best people you will run across. A bit weird.. but that's why they are so great." Libra lifted her glass to the other woman. "The running joke is I just need a Lion to complete the collection. I have adopted a Tiger and a Bear as my Brothers and we have a dog.. named Dog.."
  7. "I know how that goes.. but trust me.. after a century of dealing with things alone.. knowing that I have people who will back me is comforting. Hell, if I don't tell them if I am about to head into a dangerous situation, they get mad. Standing offer of breaking my leg to make sure I can't go alone.." She chuckled. "But what do you expect from a giant Tiger? Niceness?"
  8. "Sure." Libra finished her whiskey and slid the empty glass over. "This has been one of the better days I have had."
  9. "I don't see him becoming redeemed for anyone.. He has no real desire to. He wants and has power. Why should he change?" Libra sipped her whiskey. "I don't see him changing."
  10. "Recluse is only scary because he runs his own islands and he has bully boys enforcing his will. But they manipulate and scheme against him.. The only reason he is still on top is because his underlings fight among themselves." She shrugged. "Besides.. his grand-niece will help protect him.. She thinks he is redeemable."
  11. "Mots being a pain in the fundament. Lord Nemesis has been randomly attacking sections of the city, Lusca has been being a pain to the shipping in Independence Port.. So pretty much an average day around Paragon." Libra took a long drink.
  12. Nodding, Libra smiled. An expression that softened her features. "So many new people.. Sure there is a lot of things to deal with.. but there is a lot of good here as well."
  13. Libra raised her glass to toast that. "I know it made my life better. Paragon is a much nicer place than where I am from."
  14. Libra sipped her whiskey. "Been dealing with Malta and Praetorians lately. I work a lot in Dark Astoria as well. I needed a break and saw this place. Definitely worth the stop."
  15. Libra took a sip of her whiskey. "Heroes.. Villians.. Rogues.. Vigilantes... can't go two blocks without seeing one. But it makes for an interesting time."
  16. "Libra. In Cape, out of Cape.. doesn't matter.." Libra lifted her glass to the other woman.
  17. Smiling into her drink, she murmured. "Speak of them.. and they come..." She gave the newcomer a rueful but friendly smile.
  18. She winced at that. "Yeah.. never cared for clowns.." She finished her drink. "A second one, please." As she got and paid for the drink, she sighed. "I make it a personal rule.. I don't dance in doorways, I don't even have any doors... I don't own any mirrors, and I try to be careful of things that can mess with your head." She smiled as she sipped. "Far too long dealing with things better left alone by wise folk."
  19. "That's why we do what we do. Sure, the task is a Sisyphean one.. But we have to keep at it. Nothing worth keeping is easy." She watched him. "Circle only gets worse the more powerful they get. The ones I dislike though are the Carnies.. they are possessed and psychics. Frankly I don't like things getting into my head."
  20. Smiling, she sipped at the whiskey. "I stay in the air for fighting. And when dealing with Malta or the Knives, you need to stay moving. I know about the people on the street. They can't deal with some of these gangs. Hellions and their demon worship. Freakshow and what they do to themselves. Sky raiders... The lists goes on and on." Her smile faded. "Sometimes it feels like everything has been flushed down the drains and we are trying frantically to push it back.."
  21. She laughed softly. "I know a guy like that. He wears street clothes as a hero.. I wear a costume out of habit.. but no mask. Street clothes, aren't so bad.. but a miniskirt in a fight? I can't see how someone can fight in that. Hell, I hate working in Cimorea.. I dress like a native there.. but I feel silly... and considering that I fly.. I try to stay more grounded..."
  22. "Colourful, yes.. Tacky is another word I would use.. but then some of the hero outfits I have seen.. two pieces of electrical tape and dental floss... and that's just the men.." She chuckled. "Some of these costumes would be better as swimsuits or used as Cleaning rags. How can anyone take a hero seriously when they look like... well.. they belong on a street corner?"
  23. "I am Libra. On or off the clock." She looked at the picture. "I am sorry that happened to you. And yes.. superhero on the clock.. I run a magical consulting and retrieval firm otherwise. And I retrieve things that were stolen from their rightful owners." She gave a faint smile. "I can pass word around, if you wish, about your situation. Try to help you find out who was behind it all." She pulled out a phone and sent a quick text. "But first, telling the family about this place.. maybe get you a few more customers."
  24. She smiled faintly, her eyes going a bit sad. "You can say I am a bit of a Dimensional refugee or that I am in self exile. Been here only a few months. So far this one has treated me better than my last two Dimensions. I have people who I can count on here. My abilities don't make people stare or comment excessively. And lovely women seem to be a dime a dozen. I would rather be the interesting woman.. Not enough of those."
  25. "My Assistant, my student and their clan will love your bar, you know.. They are a bit rowdy.. But what can you expect.. Red-headed the lot of them.." She gave a small laugh. "The O'Quanes are good folk.. I brought them here.. and They have not been happier.." She raised her glass. "I wish my friends and loved one now and in the future and in the past, Health Wealth and happiness Galore. I wish them heaven when they die.. What could I wish them more.. May their joys be as deep as the ocean and their troubles as light as it's foam and may they find sweet peace of mind, wherever they all roam. Sláinte." She took another drink. "So.. What brought you to Paragon?"
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