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  1. Just jumped on Justin since it's back up and noticed that disintegrate effect is now spreading off (at least) Lancer Shot and Penetrating Ray even though I haven't fired Disintegrate at all. Rechecking the patch notes, I don't think this is intended, unless I am reading it wrong.
  2. I don't have tactics. You never needed it to get instant snipe. This is not just 'big deal you no longer need tactics to get instant snipe', this is 'EVERY possible way that ANY archetype could previously have built to get instant snipe is now irrelevant'. That's the flavour this change removes.
  3. Sounds good to me. If we give all that stuff to defenders too, do you think they'll mind if we get their heals?
  4. No, I'd just like it patched into my powerset thanks, people shouldn't have to build a particular way to get the abilities they want. I was being facetious to highlight how absurd and unnecessary this change is, I don't actually want a buff of any description. Nevertheless, it's no more silly than "I want access to some ability but I don't want to build for it so let's just change it so everyone gets that ability for no effort". People high fiving each other over how great a change which actively removes flavour from the game will be, while ignoring how it affects balance between ATs and sets all ATs on a path to total blandness because it benefits them personally, is kinda sickening.
  5. I see a lot of Dominators posting in this thread, maybe one of you can tell me what to do about my literally useless targeting drone now? A power which differentiated my character from other characters, you know, so there's some variety in the game, which I now might as well drop? You get the best part of my sniping ability, can I get an AoE hold then? Since apparently everyone having everything is the way it should be, and that's fine.
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