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  1. It's worth noting that mids has an export to beta option that essentially does what the pvp bot does.
  2. Well, if you find a way to use arcane bolt that ruins the experience of the game for others, do feel free to share with the class.
  3. Sorcery is improved, it is by no means going to break the game by any definition. Kindly stop villainizing people who min/max, it's incredibly unproductive.
  4. As one of the harsher critics of the rune change, I'll just say that I like this version quite well, it's even an improvement over what it is on live, in some ways. I'll miss the slightly higher padding, but it'll be useful for more people as an anti-mez tool, and save slots in the process. My criticism of spirit ward no longer applies, as it now has the up-front padding needed to keep it useful. I'm still iffy on enflame, but it's a hell of a lot better than what it was.
  5. Yeah, I think that's lag or some kind of server-side weirdness. It's an old bug(?) that occasionally happens.
  6. Arcane bolt is really cool and it's definitely the best part about this rebalancing. Spirit ward seems weaker overall, I get the idea behind the slow build, but it effectively does make the power less useful in scenarios where your buddy actually needs the padding. Enflame is alright, I guess. It could use a slightly larger radius, as mobs my singularity herds up seem to be slightly out of range, despite being all huddled up. Works better when directly applied to enemies. Rune of Protection is a glorified break-free now. I guess that's good for the people w
  7. Where were you? Sometimes this happens to me on my teleporter, it at least predates the initial teleport changes. I don't know the trigger.
  8. Insanely minor issue, but I'd like the 1.50s activation to match here. The speed difference is roughly 11% because of the shades slightly higher activation time. The pool power feels a lot snappier despite the very minor difference, when your travel is instant relocation, it makes it a lot more noticable than say, 2mph slapped on to super speed or fly. No big deal if it can't be done for whatever reason, the teleport change is amazing for both shades and everyone else.
  9. I imagine the pet acting as an anchor makes it easier than say, a patch type power.
  10. I think this is the major concern at play here, but I think they're smart enough not to replicate what Jack tried to do early on and rebalance everything. In many ways, I would consider trying to balance this game or alter how IO builds work outside of extreme outliers a fool's errand.
  11. Appreciate the time taken to respond to this, @Faultline. I believe a major part of the reaction was the vague explanation in most posts addressing Rune. While I understand that some people take what a dev says and runs with it, earlier transparency would have made this a much cleaner discussion and less of a firestorm. Your clarification on the issue brings to light future intentions and stops imaginations from running wild, people are invested in their characters and probably don't want to be nervous about their favorites being gutted out of the blue, if they look at
  12. I thought we were talking about combat mobility, guess I misread that one.
  13. It stops hurricane from knocking back, but it still pushes things outwards. Singy's repel power is more of a knock on contact, so kb>kd ios make him go from a great pet to a godlike control power.
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