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  1. So what? I must have missed the memo where faceroll on trash in this game is a bad thing. I don't even take hurricane on mine. >_>
  2. People still misunderstand storm? I thought it was generally considered to be god status in the right hands once you get tornado, nowadays.
  3. Gravity was potent, and it still got an awesome change to singularity. Ice blast is potent, but I wouldn't say no to a BFR buff. Tac arrow was potent, and now it's god status in the right hands. So I don't see why Mass Confusion and TK couldn't get looked at.
  4. I think people who want to nerf seeds are totally in the wrong here. I think slashing mass confusions CD and turning Telekinesis into some Jean gray level mass murder would be more than enough to fix mind without neutering other sets.
  5. Seems simple to me. In a game this alt friendly, after going through "the journey" so many times, you will want to eventually get it over with and go straight to the power spike. Also, some builds aren't strong until IO'd and tend to not be great early game.
  6. The game is easy for three reasons: One - we've had almost ten years to plan out insane builds were the game to come back during that post-shutdown era. As classic WoW proved, when you give players enough time to plan out how to max out an old game, they're going to make it easy by having maxed out, god level characters. Two: The game was designed in an era where keyboard turning and clicking wasn't all that frowned upon/rare, still. Moreso, the game was initially made for relatively small pulls before it adapted into the dynasty warriors level god-slaying carnage it is now.
  7. Monster Hunter is the first name that comes to mind. I'd need to think on the power.
  8. I fully support this idea, but it's worth noting that plant is essentially carried by two powers: seeds and carrion. Without them as they are, plant would honestly be pretty garbage.
  9. I don't agree, honestly. Procs don't contain, and I'm of the opinion that controllers don't hit hard enough - hence why so many of them use vast amounts of procs. Seismic being a melee attack that belongs to a single epic pool you can opt into seems fine to me. If proc damage is somehow taken care of, base damage should go up across the board for all control sets - especially gravity.
  10. Regen is the best set in the game if you pop four purples and ten oranges before every fight. Unfortunately, that's useless information from a balance perspective.
  11. Builds that perform extremely well solo, generally, are going to perform well in teams by default. You can be pedantic and try to point out the fractional differences between some build that's made to be carried by cold doms and kins and a build that's got slightly less procs and recharge, but the reality of the situation is that it really doesn't matter in most cases, especially when pugging.
  12. Nerf everything powerful in the superhero game, then we can truly balance the game that thrives on powerful characters doing OP things.
  13. It's only a matter of time before the term 'elitist' is incorrectly used in any given thread.
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