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  1. We already have a beta server, you know.
  2. People who ask for help with a build, then get defensive when you suggest they take different powers/slotting options.
  3. Very few things in the game can actually outdamage a scourged blizzard. I'm aware that defenders can do some scary things to a mob's stats, especially if you get into the really overkill things like heatloss>burnout>heat loss, but there is no world where a competent corruptor is outblasted by a defender. Maybe with procs you could get a slight edge due to the extra power behind the -res debuffs, but once the corruptor is scourging rain powers, there is no comparison, the corruptor wins every time. It's obviously very dependent on the powerset, though. If we're talking something like sonic blast + cold dom, I'd definitely want to be a defender for that. For anything with fire or ice blast, corruptor. For a combo like water/storm, I've heard arguments for defenders, but the reality is that the combo works a lot better on corruptors.
  4. Water/storm, fire/dark and ice/time are pretty godlike and make effective use of scourge. People seriously undervalue corruptors, currently. Their lack of presence in speed runs is inconsequential, they can do really good damage.
  5. Both, but if I had to pick one, its new content. I love the freaklok stuff and I love the Battalion that we never got. Remember: Incarnates were basically balanced with these insanely strong factions in mind, without them - we just roflstomp non-incarnates for the most part. Having a foe that could challenge us on that level would be fun. Especially for solo min/max types like myself. Another thing I'd like to see is a slight rework of the paper mission system to essentially let you pick what faction you want to fight, scaled up to you. I dislike how Council lose all the things that made them interesting in the 20s-30s when you hit the 40s, and occasionally miss beating up the family, Lost or Vahzilok, at times.
  6. Why does a tanker need an immob when all mobs they are capable of hitting by frozen aura will likely all be huddling to them? If anything, the immob will make things awkward at times. There's a stronger argument there for stalkers/scrappers, but again, I find the sleep to be surprisingly useful even there.
  7. A hold that's reduced by level and mob resists. I'm aware IOs exist, that doesn't justify this weird change at all, though. By giving it a longer animation and worse DPA. The immob is largely useless on a tank, and we have ice patch on top of that. I would go so far as to say the immob would be even more useless and potentially more frustrating than the sleep.
  8. No. I can't support a random nerf to the best power in the entire set, sorry. Why are we making this awful power worse for no reason? Again, no. These changes serve no purposes other than to make ice melee a worse set, I think these ideas are terrible. Ice Melee could use some minor tweaks, especially with GIS and Frozen Fists, but these suggestions do nothing but introduce more problems, rather than fix what exists currently.
  9. Target cap went down on SM, but they have ToF now. It kinda sucks, but it's still really good.
  10. I'd say the need to IO or incarn for it is the only thing keeping them in check, at this point. I'm all for adding power over removing it almost all the time, but I don't think this needs to be changed. Blasters are crazy strong finally after essentially being floor decorations for a majority of the game's lifespan. They're fine for the most part, many blast primaries need some work of course - like elec and AR.
  11. The great one will be hearing about this heresy on the next blood moon. Remember to bring your goat bones, everyone.
  12. Thing with the incarnate system is the game kinda died before we got harder mobs that would really start kicking our godly asses via the Battalion. Personally, I'd like to see the stuff we never got be added without caveats. As for adding to what we already have, I'd love it if we could get Statesman/Tyrant's lightning smash attack as a judgement power.
  13. There are if you want your feedback to be taken seriously. If you have no idea what you are talking about, yet decide to open your mouth anyway, then you shouldn't be surprised when people don't take you seriously. Like your performance in the PVP threads? 😛
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