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  1. Pretty much all of my roster is built to solo +4x8 all the time. I only turn it down if I'm in a rush or ouro badging. It's pretty fun, plus, when you join a group under that diff, you just crush it effortlessly.
  2. Yes/no/yes. Critical DoTs would be cool in a few cases. It works really nicely for stalker hemo, for instance. That does not mean I think we should make everything with a DoT work that way. I rather like how midnight grasp and lotus drops work and don't like changing things people are attached to if they are fine otherwise.
  3. Beam/dev is perfectly viable and able to trash things easily, but If your goal is pure range, go beam/tac. Plays very similarly, but you get the full benefits the set offers you without having to get close once. It's one of my favorite characters, proc out glue arrow.
  4. Beam/tac, beam/dev, fire/mental and ice/time are the best ones I've made so far.
  5. Which part? Storm has control and shreds things faster than Time could hope to while still being able to softcap pets and use patron powers for further control, Cold has very nice defense/resists as well as some of the nastiest debuffs in the game + infinite endurance, and Traps has mez protection, more control than time, better regen debuffs than time and better damage than time. Time's is a great set, it's tanky and has build flexibility, but if I wanted a min/max mastermind, it's not even my fourth choice. It lacks in a very important part of the equation.
  6. I don't value the defensive qualities, every set can easily softcap thugs or bots, and for control, you have patron powers. It's a great set for newcomers on masterminds, but once you know what you're doing, The first three absolutely outperform it on every level.
  7. Apparently, it's totally unresisted, making it incredibly strong on things it didn't used to be as strong with. It's going to get fixed, when things 'work as intended' the tar patch nerf really sets back dark a lot.
  8. Mind could use some touch ups, I'd like to see TK be replaced with a mass levitate, and mass confusion get a big cd reduction. But it is by no stretch of the imagination weak control. It's among the strongest control sets out there. Dark/sav will have better synergy, IMO. Vert strong combo, highly recommend.
  9. Demons/cold, Thug/storm and thugs/traps are my most successful masterminds in terms of clear speed and killing things. I have a bots/traps too, but they stall hard on +4 bosses, despite melting the packs in record time.
  10. Traps, cold and storm would be t1 on my list. Time would be t2, it has defenses and decent control, but the debuffs are very weak. If tar patch wasn't bugged it'd be a high-T2 for me. Dark miasma is great, but the big three operate on a different level entirely.
  11. If I can have absolutely nothing else, then my one pick to improve the set would be to give Trip mine the same buffs devices got. Traps is my absolute favorite secondary for masterminds, this change would make it a lot better for the other ATs, too.
  12. Yep! One per enforcer. The only downside is that it doesn't benefit you, but the tohit and assault are very nice
  13. This makes it difficult to monitor and maintain stacks of it. I'm assuming it's a bug, as the other ATOs that work in this exact same way are all trackable in some form via an icon.
  14. Bummed I missed this, I think my brute had a good shot here! Happy to see that the costume manipulation wasn't considered, though. An argument can be made for making those available to players down the line, but for now it's objectively unfair.
  15. I'm far from a fan of how these have been conducted thus far, but letting a bugged costume win it all is just crossing a few lines.
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