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  1. I for one, enjoyed being the last man standing against a mob that was designed to kill me. They were one of the truly difficult things to encounter in the wild, kept things unpredictable.
  2. I kinda miss shadow cysts and would like the option to let them spawn again. >.>
  3. I just like to pick on them. 😛
  4. 1: More challenging, newer content. 2. Underperforming sets brought up. 3: Teleportation rework 4: Uncapped pool powers 5: Making boxing/kick skippable. 6: Controller primary dps buff. 7: Reversion of the tar patch nerf. 8: The rest of the incarnate powers. 9: Kheldians and widows getting some QoL. 10: Delete sentinels.
  5. This doesn't strike me as something that just needs to be fixed. If people want to farm it, let them.
  6. I know the Tar Patch and Rage nerfs were stupid overkill, but real talk: There's nothing to suggest they are going to massively overhaul how TW plays, all we know is that it's performance is going to take a hit, so let's at least put the pitchforks down until the appropriate time.
  7. I say we nerf them because they operate outside of my arbitrary parameters.
  8. I should host a build challenge where people intentionally make a useless character, it's a lot harder than some people here seem to understand. Mercs are the closest thing that come to mind.
  9. What do they pay you? Because it's not enough. 😄
  10. "Gravewalker" for my Dark/shield Skull character. I was shocked, I thought I was going to have to use an L over an I, but nope.
  11. Miss and the gang's costume contests are pretty fun!! Jimmy's ability to destroy floor-based terrain is unmatched by anyone else in the universe.
  12. You're not in trouble, but you are using a leaked dev command that's days are numbered, despite the protests of those who can't be assed to fly, super speed or teleport to their destination using the myriad of non-cheating methods available to them.
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