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No Quantums in 5th Column?


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Last night I was running my PB.  Doing Laura Lockhart arc I found NO quants in the entire arc.  Zip, zilch, nada.  I asked about it on the Help channel and we all decided its either a weird bug or glitch or maybe there is a story point about the 5th and Council splitting off and the 5th don't hunt Khelds.  Either way, a blessing because its so nice to not have to rely on targetting binds to stop me from the hospital/base trip in 3.2 seconds.  


Just wanted to share this gem with y'all and find out if anyone else has this experience or if there are maybe other enemy groups with no priority targets that make us go SQUISH. 


Go.  Hunt.  Kill Skuls. 

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I was doing the Praetorian arcs in Ouro and not a single enemy group (so far) had Qs or Voids. It made perfect sense if course, Preatoria didn't encounter Kheldians, but I agree it was a breath of fresh air.

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Rerolling far too often, even by this game's standards.

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