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  1. I was thinking of doing dark with Mercs for all the -to hit on enemies and healing. I was also considering Demon/Storm, Ninja/Time and Thugs/Nature.
  2. What's a "run"? Are you talking about taking down a Pylon? I'd like to eventually have a 50 of each mastermind primary. Got a Beasts/Cold at 50. A Bots/Poison at 37 and Necro/Traps at 22. I've really been holding back on making the Mercs because.... well yeah, I've never really heard anything positive about them. Even Ninja I heard good things about if you can keep them alive. Better people than I will have some form of idea on what they need to work.
  3. I was doing the Praetorian arcs in Ouro and not a single enemy group (so far) had Qs or Voids. It made perfect sense if course, Preatoria didn't encounter Kheldians, but I agree it was a breath of fresh air.
  4. McJigg

    Is EM Broken?

    I still recommend opening with assassin's strike when solo/leveling. The fear effect it causes is nice mitigation if you're still working on defenses. The AS taking endurance but not activating is a lag issue. On your screen you've stopped, and to your system you're standing still and ready to attack. The server on the other hand, needs to acknowledge you stopped first and that may happen just after you hit the AS button. In groups however, or if you don't need the mitigation from the fear, don't AS from hide. Use your next highest hitting move or your target will be dead before AS winds up. Once you have the ATO proc, this will matter more. As you'll want AS off cooldown in combat for the hide proc to trigger for even more crits.
  5. Peacebringers get the flight powers baseline. My understanding is aside from some extra VFX, Energy flight is supposed to be identical to Flight and Combat Flight is supposed to be identical to hover. These days, Hover has a pose that is different from flight, although at launch they use to share the same pose. Leaning forward to fly as such low speeds was seen as... odd, so it was eventually changed into the upright position we have today. Combat Flight though, never got to share this change. It's as slow as hover, but you lean forward and glow a lot. I'd just really like Combat Flight to get Hover's upright position. -McJigg
  6. I recently went through Ouroborus to finish every 1-20 Praetoria mission for the accolade. However for Collapsing Support (Neutropolis Crusader, Ch. 4) - 18.48 under the Keeper of the Peace level band (levels 20-24) I hit a speed bump. You are brought down to level 20, but no matter how I set my notoriety, Maelstrom spawns as a level 24 boss. Even if set to -1/x1. This is also a Single Player only mission, so you can't being anyone else with you for help. In full disclosure, I did eventually manage to beat him, being a mastermind has it's perks. But I don't see many other ATs being able to handle that as this level.
  7. Been using Ice Armor on my stalker with the minimal FX option, absolutely loving it. Liked the set enough to wonder if the blockyness would really have been that bad. Fought a doppelganger who had the full block armor, and.... Yeah, no way I'd have been able to stomach it.
  8. I think this will largely boil down to the old Soldier vs Spy choice. Brute Strength (Bane) or Intelligence (Widow) Warrior (Bane) or Rogue (Widow) Gork (Bane, or maybe Widow) or Mork (Widow, or maybe Bane) Captain America (Bane) or Black Widow (Widow) Laser Mace (Bane) or Wrist Blades (Widow) Bane (Bane) or Widow (Widow) Armor (Bane) or Spandex (Widow) Or reverse those because that can all change based on backstory and post-10 costume (aside from Mace/Wrist Blade Choice)
  9. I never bothered with TOs. I'll slot any DOs or SOs that drop but right from 15 I'll start crafting what IOs I can. You don't out level IOs so once I've filled a slot the bonus is permanent. I'd try for set bonuses now and again but mostly just standard IOs filled out my character. At 50 is when I'd start actually bothering with sets.
  10. Hey Torch team, Earlier tonight during some the instability, an extra character appeared on my list that I did not make. If I click on it, "InvalidPlayerInfo" appears in a window. More information can be given either here or in private if required.
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