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  1. Thanks @Sniktch Guess I need to get me a Pocket D porter now....isnt there a badge or something for that?
  2. +1 only as long as its optional....maybe even per coalition....like if my son made his own group he could coalition with me and use my stuff but if random people I dont know well coalition with me then no, let them hoard their own goodies lol
  3. Isnt this exactly how it works now? I feel like I am missing something. As for not having access to stores during TFs, isn't that standard and not restricted to the p2w store or the 2xp power? It'd be nice to open it up.
  4. Aww huggs (carefully...you're nekkid) to you...the day gets better when ya PLAY! Moar game 😁
  5. Could it be a co-op zone where heroes and villains work together to clear the streets of Skulls and Hellions and CoT, throw in some snakes and other appropriate level villain enemy groups. Maybe have the amount of enemies defeated in there by your SG (in SG mode) raise your SG ranking for the Stars of your Server thing you mentioned. Have billboard SGs could soon see with prestige or aforementioned ranking to have their name, emblem, maybe a map of their base, their 'catch phrase' and MotD. It might would die off after a couple months but a zone with the intent of street sweeping would certainly 'busy up' the city for those who want it and give a little boost to busy SGs that play a lot.
  6. When this thread first popped up I honestly figured the other one had been locked so someone started it again. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't. +1 on closing one of these and letting people 'discuss' in one place.
  7. Ditto for bidding....if I want to buy 37 end mod IOs I should be able to! But agree on the coding..it may be a whopper.
  8. Welcome to your doom! Or welcome home, whichever. 😁
  9. I have my opacity set at around 75% and the /optionsave and if it pops to a lesser amount I /optionload. I have a key bind that loads bindfile, chat, option and window settings so its just one button. It doesn't fix the problem but its a work-around for the time being.
  10. If you're on Indom you may see my MM leading her pack of wolves and lions around as a panther or coyote...I may be stupid but I enjoy doing that.
  11. Maybe I am remembering something else...my rememberer is broken lol
  12. Did you use a slash command to invite and accidentally typo into his name? As for him not seeing it, many players don't see or read what pops on the screen especially if its in the midst of battle.
  13. I thought you had to contribute to defeating Lusca twice for the badge?
  14. @crytilis Just in case you haven't heard it today, you rock. Thanks for working, voluntarily, to keep this tool we all love updated and running. Thank you for taking our wants, needs and concerns into account and being so kind and accommodating! You're awesome.
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