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  1. If it isn't...you gonna *gasp*make a toon on another shard to explore it? 😝
  2. @Taki that is phenomenal..my regards to your wife and team of base builders (which may be her grey cells)!
  3. For me, its very little to do with gaming and almost entirely to do with a new personality quirk I have developed over the last 10 yrs after divorce. I find myself running away from any commitment. That includes running teams and SGs or taking my parents to their doctor appts (which I do anyway). Kids are grown and I do what I want when I want..usually (work and family are exceptions). I kinda get anxiety attacks when I feel like I am gonna let someone down who is expecting things of me. I have also noticed a few prominent leaders on our server (for raids and things) have been MIA lately. Probably hiding on alternate accounts. But it can get very wearing to be the one people expect a lot of. I don't wanna burn out on something I love so much.
  4. @MTeague said it so much better than I could. Ditto.
  5. Macro (I use a bind) to email inf to yourself that @r0y posted down in tools board is a genius lifehack! I don't know how to link a thread but y'all can go look, definitely worth it!
  6. I believe changing your global name does filter to your friend list. A work around for you could be to send yourself 1 email and then open that and hit reply...put in the amount you wanna send and hit send. I have found that doing this repeatedly remembers the amount so you just have to hit reply send reply send over and over again. Good luck and dont accidentally send the cash to a different account that is someone who won't return it to you!
  7. Ok this is genius! I have a bind to in select powers that also does the /e tantrum emote....which also now sends 25m to myself in email..hell r0y I may just send you a thank you gift for saving me so much time!
  8. I do love a good conga line but alas that falls right in the time frame I go over to my parents house to help them out. I am assuming y'all don't restrict attendence...I am not a part of the *throw a lot of letters and see which stick* community but I am proud to be supportive of friends and family!
  9. EmmySky


    I'll team with ya, Rath, you so good you can carry me 😝
  10. I think this is the main key. If someone calls me a bitch because I hold differing views, well that is more their problem than mine. Entrapment requires me to participate and my using a modicum of self control robs them of their trap. If I care if they get in trouble for calling me names then I am acting just as childish as they are. Don't respond. Don't care. Don't get your feathers ruffled.
  11. Any MM that tickles your fancy. Its hard to find teammage goldside and with MM you at least feel like you aren't wandering those creepy underground tunnels alone. My latest goldsider is an archery/willpower sentinel (shes lvl 5 or so now) because I have found sents very solo friendly and Gen chat keeps me company 😁
  12. Couple days ago we found one in Steel then a couple hours later had twin titans on top of the Talos train....Kronos really gets around ya know 😁
  13. Again..water off a ducks back. Offense is most often taken and not given. Merely refusing to engage and respond to a passive aggressive person removes any weapon they may have. Nobody dictates how I respond other than myself. Each poster taking personal responsibility for how they post rather than shifting thw blame like children (but he poked me first) would go a long way in solving so many problems.
  14. Its not our job to 'fix' people. Took me a lot of years and a divorce to figure that out. Some people are unfixable. They have a bone to pick with the world at large and everyone is fair game in their mind. The best we can do is not let their toxicity bleed over into our hearts and minds. Sure, everybody has a bad day, but I make a conscious effort to offer the benefit of the doubt and greet each interaction cheerfully and with my best foot forward in the hopes that others will respond in kind.
  15. That's why I carefully said responsible human being instead of responsible adult LOL some kids do play and post and sometimes I find them more reasonable than 'adults' 😁
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