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  1. I just went through getting the Vanguard badge (so I can earn vanguard merits at MSR) on about ten 50s last night. The only non-talk to mission I had to do was defeat 10 Rikti. I guess I am not sure what you mean.
  2. I make mine all natural (except a very few that predate this practice) because its just easier. Old days: it directed your starting contacts and store choices. Back then I was mostly magic because I knew where the stores were lol. Now I agree with you, I dont see as how it matters much.
  3. I like fly for auto-pilot. Set direction, up up to top of map, auto-run, go get coke or have smoke break, come back and there you are. I take SJ on 95% of my toons. SS makes me run into things even more than I do normally and teleport is just UGH.
  4. I have noticed that a lot. When my girls hit 50 I usually upgrade them to some procs, uniques and the rest common 50 IOs until they can afford sets. I often see my bid 25k over recent prices sit and sit, later when I recheck, other sales history is showing up with a couple below my bid and even below the previous sales prices. Inf is easy enough to come by so it doesnt really bother me but itd be nice if there were a rule by which it worked that I could understand, and maybe even use to my advantage like I see marketeers do.
  5. I am all for options. Right now we have the option for large teams, small teams, solo, whatever. I dont favor changing that. Maybe lifting any existing restrictions that force large teams would increase options as well as difficulty (for those who want more challenge). More content is an excellent idea. More storylines were recently added so we know its on the HC teams radar to do. I am also in favor of tweaking the notoriety options so they can provide more (or less) difficulty for the folks who want it.
  6. I think, collectively, we can conclude that some parts sucked some small fraction of the time BUT we all fell in love with it enough that here we are, 15 years later, still loving it and still griping about the bits that did suck/still suck. Three cheers for the suckage! 😛
  7. My regen scrapper didn't need fitness. Prior to the def nerfs you talked about, prior to ED, prior to many regen nerfs, my scrapper didnt need fitness. It was glorious! I felt like a whole new world had opened, I had choices rather than an expected path to follow all the other toons. She had three whole choices to ponder! She was the first toon I took combat jumping on because she had room in her build to fit it in since she didnt have to have hurdle, health and stamina. But aside from that rare (and very early game) experience, you are correct, I dont know of any other set that didnt need fitness.
  8. I'm pretty sure my best time was somewhere upwards of an hour...I fall off and dont know where the flags are so I will just sit firmly in the cheering section.
  9. The reason I am okay with PLing my toons (AE or even just DFB) through to at least 20 or maybe even 30 is because between 2004 and 2010 I ran literally hundreds of combos to 20 or so. I have done that low content to death (it used to take longer than an hour to get those 20 levels lol). I do like to jump back into content in the 30s and HC has made it easy by having contacts that dont need intros, just walk up to them. Its really easy now to do the content you want and skip the parts you don't want.
  10. I bet your SG emblem is a wolf. Open your SG tab, hit settings, hit accept, scroll to bottom of color/part choices and select the radio button 'hide Supergroup emblem' and save (or whatever the button is called). Now your costume will display correctly! I hope. If this doesnt help you have a deeper issue I cant help with, like maybe youre a werewolf at heart 😁
  11. My 50s have a ritual. Train up and do enhancements. Then run IP and FF icon missions (Steel too if they skipped it). Then they get a snazzy new outfit (holiday themed right now). I like that you can still unlock costume slots, and I like breezing through them at 50.
  12. Or....should I take a travel power because I have to find some Mage in the Hollows or do I take an attack power because the aforementioned Mage probably wants me to beat someone up?
  13. Ok I have noticed on about 3 of my toons they are slept and held a LOT. I appreciate the tip and most likely will look into this Clarion thing for them as they work on their incarnates. Thank you! (I was afraid I had a few respecs to do to try to solve this issue).
  14. When CoV first came out, I was under the impression that when my villain robbed a bank and fought a Hero, that would be a PC Hero. That is the kind of PvP I could totally dig. I was also hoping PvP would manifest in some sort of zone event like Rikti Invasion but instead, PC Villains trying to destroy Steel Canyon or whichever zone. Maybe a TF or arc where you form your team of half hero half villain then you square off to each complete objectives like when you have the mirror you arc and you are shown mirror objectives and your own objectives. Interesting idea!
  15. Lol it happens! Welcome to the game....don't forget to make a game account on each forum account, that's what you'll use to log in to the game.
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