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  1. Ok. If you wanna chop off your head with a helicopter backpack it makes no nevermind to me, but dont come crying to me when your just another headless chicken running around, wreaking havoc on the world around you instead of tackling objectives in a reasonable, well thought out manner.
  2. Star Trek: First Contact Picard explains it to Lily Sloane.
  3. Slag heaps yes! Thank you...I knew it was a ... less that genius level foe lol.
  4. Okay, ya'll help me out here please. I seem to recall from live (ok so a memory at least a decade old, questionable at best) an Igneous or some such in the Gulch in the Hollows saying "Where am friend?" Am I misremembering? Am I remembering a different game (LOL like I play other games)? Can anyone help me pin this down? Am thinking of taking a toon to peruse the gulch to see if I can find it but I don't remember if its tied to a specific mission or enemy or arc or whatever.
  5. and LOL at all the pics of us dead on the Silver Mantis......we were kinda deathy but it was still so much fun!
  6. Have fun at the party! Eat some cake for me please 😄 EDIT: And I wouldn't turn down a free toy, just saying.
  7. WOWOWOWOW I just explored this thing and its amazing! I see the tricks and work that went into it and just cannot imagine having that kind of patience. Thank you so much for showing it off, I am so stealing that breakfast nook (sans ghosties) for my vignette maze lol!
  8. *rolls a drum* NERF REGEN!!! oops...wrong topic again? *slinks away*
  9. Hi and glad you're home safely from your travels 😄
  10. Hmm I can see it now....assymetrical wings introduced...bug is that you can only fly in circles!
  11. It seems to be lagging. Sometimes I will just give up on claiming items...go do a mission....and the items start to show up. And I dont mean lag like normal lag...it is something to do with the processes..it also effects shard transfers. I think its all one bottle of goo and stuff gets a little stuck sometimes.
  12. I will fly to.......somewhere and meet you in the nest! No clue where the thing we are doing tomorrow is 😁
  13. Downloaded the new launcher and so far all is well. It copied my saved keybinds, options, wdw and chat files perfectly as well as loading them perfectly in game with my existing 'push one button to do all that stuff' key. Managed to run two accounts at once even. To check the time sink, I reverified the files, and it seems to take about the same amount of time as Tequila did. Went ahead and downloaded prerelease and beta too, just to see how long they would be, and they were decently fast. So far, so good. Thanks for the hard work! EDIT: I had to turn back on the cooldown timers, somehow they got turned off although they were saved in my options.txt....but I cannot swear they hadn't managed to turn off before the transfer to the new launcher, I may have been playing for days, weeks even, with them off and not noticed because....well we won't get into my netflix habits but I sometimes play distracted 😄
  14. Not weird at all BZB! If someone talks to me, either through my character or my face (lol), they get the same person. Its all just me. A whole lot of me. Frightening.
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