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  1. Argh, mateys! lotta orangy piratey stuffs! Hope ya'll had a blast!
  2. I am still holding out hope for a mids for my phone so I can tweak builds on my lunch break!
  3. I think I would vote for a name revamp. Either a global tag on a name or something. I have recently wanted to move a toon or two but someone on the new shards is using my name so I can't. A way to circumvent that would be nice. But a nice implementation..not something clunky.
  4. Okay, I do not own any pirates. I will skip this week rather than try to patch together a toon of questionable background. Work has me super tired anyway. I hope I can rejoin next week!
  5. I have a hardcore toon that if she is defeated I reroll her with different powersets or even different AT. Same name though and I note the incarnation in her bio. Mostly its a way to play my main toon name from live although I will never redo her live powerset combo lol
  6. I just went through and axed 46 toons today. I will have to see if I have anything that fits the theme. I hope I do cuz it sounds fun!
  7. No AT is needed but also no AT is useless. It is more about how you build your powers and slots. I run one build per toon. If that build can solo adequately (which I solo a lot so I ensure that it can) then I can be of use to any team I join. I see no need for multiple builds, even my farm builds can solo most content (possibly a caveat for PvP but I haven't futzed with that yet).
  8. Base codes are a thing that the leader of a supergroup sets up via the /sgpasscode command. It allows people not affiliated with the group to enter the base. When you click a base portal (also summoned portals and other LRT options) you can choose to enter a passcode.
  9. I mained a stormie on live for about 5 years...mostly before IOs and even after I just stuck with SOs. Once you get past DO levels it becomes much easier to manage end. My standard slotting is 2 end reds on each toggle, save snowstorm for AV or GM because otherwise its a waste, 1 end red in each attack, 2 if you like to click fast. Once past DOs I never had the kind of trouble you are describing so I hope you are low 20s or teens and it'll pass! My current project for incarnates is an elec/storm corr, so very similar to your def. She is fully built with sets and procs and has no end issues now. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
  10. Ok I am engineering a square dome in one of my bases and Hell's Angles is appropriate!
  11. This whole week has been hell, but today was a new level of it. I will be resting up this weekend and trying to work up the courage to not rage quit the only household income we currently have. Y'all have fun on your shard adventure! I will miss you.
  12. I do 2 each, numina proc and panacea proc in health and performance shifter proc and power transfer proc in stamina. This is my base starting point for all my builds. If I need more recovery or max end I look for set bonuses. Incarnates help but I exemplar a lot so I dont want to depend on them.
  13. I feel like this week is going to hurt. Back to work after two and a half weeks off, my sleep schedule is way off! I have neglected my farming for the last two weeks and added more base projects on. I am going to see how the week goes before I commit myself because my suspicion is that I will be snoozing.
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