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  1. I feel called out. Seriously, appreciation to all the players on the theme team, we always have a great time. I don't have any one particular name to call out, but there are quite a few fine folks who have helped me out hugely the last month or so. For those who don't know, my mom passed last month, two days after my birthday, and I've been having a rough time of it, along with several other catastrophies I've brought down upon myself. There are a handful of players who really stepped up and supported me as friends. I don't want to name them because they'd be all 'sh
  2. Okay, if there is a spot open for Ice team, I'll bring EmmySky, Fire/Ice sentinel!
  3. Just realized, there isn't a costume theme too for the khelds, right? Just...bring a kheld?
  4. If there is still room, I'll bring my human-only peacebringer JaqMacPratt. Life has been crazy rough lately, but I really hope to be able to get back with ya'll weekly!
  5. Put in a petition with your global, character name and approximate time of deletion. I had to do this and if it hasnt been too long they can do it. I think.
  6. Homecoming allows multiboxing of up to three accounts, presupposing you do not do it at a Hami raid or when the server volume is high.
  7. Yeah my bad. Good run CR just bad timing on my part.
  8. I was going to try to enter this this week but then life blew up. Maybe next week.
  9. Chiming in with agreement on the super uber power that is dark/dark/dark (/dark) defenders. Mine is fully T4'd and has a specialty build from a genius friend, and she thinks she's a tank. Which she kinda is. Embrace the dark side!
  10. Target nearest enemy is a bind on my numpad right above my arrows but I only is it if the target next enemy which is tab fails me.
  11. I see talk talking about khelds but missed the schedule...I have a rocking human form PB I can bring whenever that is...lemme see if I can find the schedule and reserve that date weeeee
  12. Yes, well. Some is excellent some is sucky but hey its life, just super busy for a while.
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