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  1. I remember tanks saying wait here and the rest of the team ignoring that and working as a team to defeat the room/map. My ex-husband was terrible at reading the chat and at typing in chat so I always acted as interpreter. Usually I would notice his blaster halfway into the room behind the tank and I would say "oh hey but tank said...screw it" then type to the team that we were going in. If you dont like herding...my advice is hire a blaster who doesnt read chat 😝
  2. Honestly thought this was WAI as it has always been this way. My first toon back in 04 was an energy defender....lots of caves...which begs the question....bug or feature? 😝
  3. Ok so, about this whole 'winning the day' thing.... Next time MY day comes around and someone else wins it...do we, like, duel to the death or what? I mean, I just wanna be prepared, do I need to be in fighting form or is slightly pudgy and tired okay?
  4. But..but..but...its my DAY...MY day....don't rain on my day 😥
  5. After today's patch, I find myself able to walk straight through some Outcasts in Steel Canyon. There doesnt seem to be rhyme or reason to when I can or cannot, it can happen with bosses, LTs and minions, but they are just as likely to be 'solid' so I cant walk through them. They are all still able to be attacked and defeated. Just for completeness...I am on a level 15 stalker, staff fighting and ninjitsu, and she is using the three toggles: hide, ninja reflexes and danger sense. @EmmySky, Indomitable shard, Ramifications toon name. Edit: confirmed with folks on discord it isnt just me but also seems a harmless bug
  6. I saw a lady wearing bell-bottoms the other day. Not flares...massive bell-bottoms. I should make a tank with bell-bottoms.
  7. This is why I have a spreadsheet with my toons, origin and AT, powersets primary and secondary, face #, hair style and color and their signature color(s) for costume. No repeats lol
  8. December 9th is mine. When next it rolls around, I would ask for donations to your favorite charity (or slightly deceased video game) in lieu of flowers. Thank you.
  9. Granite tanks cant hop a curb much less bend over to pick up inf off the sidewalk. DISCRIMINATION!! 😝
  10. Sometimes I go to bed after base building and dream of ways to build it better. Last week I was making my third batch of characters and found myself planning out their paths (so-and-so will street sweep, whos-it will Hollows, that one will KR) while I was supposed to be drifting off to sleep. Its an addiction, man, and I need my hit!
  11. It hasnt always been bugged as I remember distinctly defeating the BP ambushes and wondering why it didnt finish, had to go back up and defeat a leader I had overlooked. That was back in November or maybe early December.
  12. One I just learned last night (credit to Twisted Visage) is /monitorattribute influence All my toons have their influence showing right under the target box so I added this slash command to my load key for bindfile, windows, chat and options so basically I make a new toon and hit one button and everything is where I like it.
  13. Probably Indom...we have some weird names wandering around 😀 Nvmnd that most of them are mine 😝
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