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  1. Combine Evel Knieval and Daredevil and get Evel Devil?
  2. Sounds like something Hannibal would say. Do you serve it with Chianti?
  3. Did you click on the power to open the combining screen?
  4. LOL BUTTER should pair up with Who Wants Waffles? from Bloody Rainbow. Sounds delicious!
  5. Fun times on the all weapon MLTF. Recluse is mean. By the end I had to pee so bad I just quit to desktop and ran lol so I wanted to pop in here and say thanks to all who joined and thanks to Rich for organizing!
  6. I dont like bones in my food either...let someone else seperate it gimme processed! My son wont eat peppers or onions, so no stuffed bell peppers, or onions in potato salad, or onions or peppers in enchiladas, but he loves salsa. Picky eaters are usually picky in a certain way.
  7. So instead of pie, you want a pile of sliced apples, a pile of flour, a pile of sugar, a small pile of cinnamon, and an egg, all carefully NOT touching? 😝
  8. - is brawl = is reveal Solved that very problem lol
  9. Best bet is a thread here on the forums called I never knew that (I think that's the title). Lots of goodies listed on that.
  10. Very interesting. So, if ya need a random boost to health put this in stamina. If you are having end issues this will not help. Most of my girls (at appropriate levels) run Numina proc and Panacea proc in health and Perf Shift proc and Pow Trans proc in stamina. It seems that this is not the most efficient slotting so I may look at that going forward. It also isnt 'bad' slotting as all my girls are supah and haven't sacrificed slots elsewhere. Good info, folks, keep the flow of education going!
  11. Ok I took a lvl 22 sentinel with all empty slots (don't judge me) and put a power transfer proc in stamina. Random +28 in green floating above my head. It works! Oh, and she's just standing at the vendor so no outgoing health, blue and green are both full bars, no toggles or attacks or anything. As far as how much is contributes to the end mod part of stamina I'm still uncertain. Maybe someone knows?
  12. General food stuffs it looks like. We are hungry!
  13. One of my boys' fav sammich gramma makes them is peanut butter, honey, lettuce, banana and mayo. On whole grain wheat bread.
  14. I have no idea and I usually also slot some other stuff that gives random green numbers so IF I were actually paying attention I still may not know where aforementioned green number originated. Prev med proc offers giant PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE word across your screen to help you out but I am unsure about others. Edit: when I get home I will grab an empty toon and just put the pow trans proc in and test it but that'll be a few hours...am taking my dad to doc right now.
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