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  1. Target nearest enemy is a bind on my numpad right above my arrows but I only is it if the target next enemy which is tab fails me.
  2. I see talk talking about khelds but missed the schedule...I have a rocking human form PB I can bring whenever that is...lemme see if I can find the schedule and reserve that date weeeee
  3. Yes, well. Some is excellent some is sucky but hey its life, just super busy for a while.
  4. Life just went overboard on crazy and I may not make many theme teams in the next couple months. Hopefully, by June, things will slow down a bit for me and I can definitely return! You may see me hit and miss until then, but I just don't make any guarantees! Ya'll have fun!
  5. I was always disappointed that villains and heroes were relegated to their own worlds. Seems to be that villains should rightfully be trying to break stuff over in Paragon while the heroes are righting wrongs in the Rogue Isles. Or better yet, everyone do everything everywhere. I'm not advocated free world PvP, but I do think the two sides should be integrated better. On the PvP note, I was somewhat disappointed when CoV came out and I kinda thought when you do a bank job, you'd be fighting an actual hero, someone from the game. I thought it was going to be a fun little queued system to h
  6. Yep. And if I don't get that feeling when picking them up after a while, I tend to delete them LOL
  7. Its always a dance party! Ya'll are great fun! I had a blast this morning but seriously need to get that toon a decent build.
  8. I can't believe that over on Everlasting I just picked up the name Flee. Honestly thought it'd be taken!
  9. Okay, Sinnocence will join ya'll for Posi 1 & 2, she took the bunny theme too far, but thats just how she rolls! See ya'll in Steel! She's elec/elec scrapper.
  10. My SG on everlasting has an event tonight which will keep me up late so I will be shit tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can jump back in next week.
  11. Couple months ago I heard a civilian say no I am not Ascendant you have the wrong number so yeah its still there!
  12. I do love color! Yes, palettes from the game would be easier to match, but ya know, the variations as different people tried to match the off-palette was interesting too! *logs in on computer to see the signature linky*
  13. USE ALL THE COLORS! Muahahaha!
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