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  1. Sims4.....massive base building for everyone! (Yeah I wish some sims-type items were in the base builder.) Other than that I only play silly phone games so I cant help ya with the combat bit.
  2. My DP blaster has this issue when editing a costume...they default to a different weapon, probably the original but I dont pay attention, I just reselect my weapon of choice. It is annoying if I miss it amd notice it later while playing then wonder where her shiny revolvers went.
  3. Wave your hands in the air like you don't care......
  4. Street merits....for hero, found a penny picked it up....for villain, rifled the foes pockets....for vigilante or rogue could go either way. On the ' find a penny pick it up all the day you'll have good luck' thought, maybe instead of new currency it could increase insp drops (get more larges type thing). Sometimes my son and I will roll new toons and just sweep atlas, hollows, perez and steel and get to about 14. Good fun. It does get painful after that because the door mish bonus becomes noticeable and leveling really slows down. I would totally street sweep all the way to 50 if it wasn't quite so draggy.
  5. In options...first option for earn xp should be enabled to earn xp and the second one for earn dbl inf while exemplared should be enabled earn dbl inf. This way the farm will exemplar you and the game will turn the xp you would earn into inf. If the first is set to disable earn xp the game won't award the xp that it would have turned into inf so you will get the normal inf only. Good luck!
  6. Had a blast! Jimmy killed me in Atlas and titled me 'has terrible taste' for liking pineapple on pizza. Speed ran a TF with a team that was fantastic, no lags and no hiccups. Ran MSR with GM_Arcanum and only experienced lag down in the bowl at the height of the raid. I dont normally have issues but am glad I got to participate anyway! Thanks folks 😁
  7. You seem to have a basic misunderstanding of the English language. Queenie asked for OPINIONS on the act of charging inf for powerleveling services. This is the GENERAL DISCUSSION board. There is no valid manner in which you can assume that people stating an opinion when asked in general discussion is in any way whatsoever 'telling people how to play'. In your usual self-righteous indignation, you have confused this not only with the SUGGESTIONS board but with a rules and conduct thread, which it is not. To come here to a general discussion board and a thread discussing opinions to TELL everyone how to "Just play the game the way you like, let other play the game they way they like, done. Sheesh. " is sanctimonious and hypocritical at best.
  8. I have a kin/bio brute named CoffeeBean. How did @Snarky put it? interpretive dancer on meth in the street directing traffic Yeah, that fits her perfectly what with all the coffee she mainlines, and the bio armour, properly colored, makes her look like a coffee bean (if you squint and look sideways while holding your tongue just so). Both are fun sets 😁
  9. Wait..how is a player, presumably looking at their screen, unable to see BOTH the fight in which they are engaging and their power trays? I mean, mine are in the default spot and I see them fine. And those things are portable, you can move them anywhere you want. One of the reasons stated in the OP was concerning focus on powers and recharge rather than the character doing battle and that has me baffled. And botting is a bad idea. If you dont want to play, dont play. I mean, I don't even use the one auto-power most of the time. Its not hard to click (or press) buttons. What am I missing?
  10. Knowing IE it would probably install itself just to open what you clicked on LOL
  11. I think in options you can choose 'free camera movement' but I am not sure where or what its under.
  12. This was an issue I had way back on live when AE first came out. So many 50s who didnt have a clue. On HC I havent found that problem, and I am fine with PLing if that's what someone wants to do. But charging them for it? Yeah, sounds like a noob trap, too many people offer it free that if someone has been playing for a week they will have seen free farms in LFG, especially on Indom. I see them almost every day and certainly on weekend mornings.
  13. Are you using your forum account or game account? Its a step a lot of people skip or miss, but you have to use the game account to log into the game, not the forum account. I believe there is a button up top of the window here to make that if you havent already. If you are using your game account and it isnt working, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will come along and help. Good luck!
  14. You are seeing the sentinel inherent power, opportunity. When the opportunity arises, your t1 attack and t2 attack will each have a colored circle, red and green respectively, so you can choose if you want offensive or defensive boosts. Auto powers are delineated with a yellow circle. Some other archetypes use combo systems which use orange circles in the same way.
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