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Unable to invite to League


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I frequently run MSRs. I've found that sometimes I am unable to invite someone to the league, even if they are literally standing in front of me, but one of my Team Leaders can.


I consistently get this error with one player in particular, and we've wondered if it is an alignment issue. My character is a Vigilante, while his is a Villain.


I will try to capture the exact error next time I form a league and can see it, but it's something along the line of "can't create a co-op team unless all characters are on the same map." Anyone else forming leagues have this issue? I searched and didn't immediately see another thread started on this.


EDIT: The error reads " Could not Invite {Player}, You cannot make a co-op team unless all teammates are on the same map." {Player} can be standing directly in front of me. Seems like most are Rogues, but I also had it happen with a Villain.

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This is indeed an alignment issue, but you are wrong about what is causing it.


The bug occurs when someone, anyone, on your team is out of zone and not of the same alignment (rogue / hero or vigilante / villain) while at the same time there is someone else of the opposite faction out of zone. This also is true of the entire league as a league leader. Until they both zone in you personally will not be able to invite anyone new from any faction at all. If that person is part of a team with a team leader then not only you as a league leader but also that team leader will also be unable to invite. However any other team's leader with an empty spot will be able to invite. However, the bug is not permanent as the moment they both enter your zone / map you will now be able to invite people once more.


Incidentally, this bug is closely related to another bug. There is also an alignment bug where that rogue / vigilante with a hero / villain leader attempts to enter their SG Base for teleporting. The moment they enter the zone the game removes them from the team because of the alignment conflict.


Regardless, this alignment issue is one of the reasons a majority of people these days refuse to send invites unless you are already in zone and can prove it by using the broadcast channel or stand right in front of them.

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