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Update EVERY time I launch, then doesn't run game


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I previously posted that every time I launched, it would update. Well, it seems maybe there were actual updates because then the game would run fine. It was just the nuisance of having to wait for an update that cut into my play time. I never got that solved, but maybe there was nothing to solve.


However, today, it updates every time I try to launch, but then nothing happens - window closes without showing "PLAY." I've tried multiple times and always the same.


Please help because it would appear that I can't play CoH until I get a solution.


Possibly related question is that in the Tequila window, at the upper left, it shows "Homecoming" highlighted, so I assume that's what's being updated and launched. The next entry down looks like a 64-bit version. My computer is 64-bit. Should I be running that and if so, how to I change that default to the 64 bit version? Is it wise to do so or is there a downside? I tried double clicking that right after the update started and have had variable results. Once, the download stopped and the game launched and played fine. Another time, it ran, but all sorts of things were screwed up. For example, my character had all kinds of abnormal graphic effects like surrounded by fire, a jetpack that I don't have, and others. Also in one mission, the warhulks in an office building scenario were huge - several stories high, right through multiple floors, though functionally, they seemed normal. I haven't tried that again.




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To answer your various questions:


First, try rebooting.  If that doesn't work, open Tequila's options and add "-safemode" to the "Launch Parameters" as so:




The client files are frequently updated -- there are multiple versions of the client (live and beta, 32-bit and 32-bit safe mode and 64-bit).  Patches occur frequently, and there are often minor fixes to the beta client that require changes to one or two of the beta client files.


Please don't run the game until updates have finished, no matter what version of the game you're running.  This causes mismatches between the files the server is expecting you to have and the files you have, making incorrect models and FX load.  The errors you've described are what typically happens when you try to run the client when it's only partially updated.


You can't set a default client version in Tequila.


The 64-bit client is fine to use if you've got a computer that supports it. It's functionally identical to the 32-bit client, just built to take advantage of the 64-bit computer architecture.

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Once you are all updated on patches and such, just highlight the 64-bit option and click play.  It will load the game as usual but graphics and maybe sound and lag, will be improved.  Since you cannot choose a default, you will need to highlight the 64-bit client everytime you run the game.  If for any reason you dont like it or have issues simple exit the game and from tequila select the 32-bit client and click play.  It will be just as it was before.

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