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Arachnos costume pieces for every class


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Is it possible to make the Arachnos costume pieces available to every class and not just the Soldier and Widow? I want to make a character with the background of being an ex-Arachnos soldier, but unless I do the specific Arachnos classes all I can use are three helmets. Can those costume pieces be made available to all character classes?

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Short answer: No.


Long answer: The Arachnos Soldier and Widow costume slot was required as an entirely separate setup covering a bunch of different pieces attached to body points that don't always line up right with the standard character creator.


Even putting them in the game actually broke the character creation UI to the point where the art department gave the fuck up on fixing the costume slot window so that Soldiers and Widows 'appear' to have the same number of costume slots as everyone else with one of them locked. When in fact they get an extra slot that's off the end of the UI accessible only through /cc commands.


The Helmets we got just fine... but almost everything else would require some MASSIVE changes to the way the character creation system works.

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