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Looking for Claws/Electric Brute: Survivable/AOEs/ with taunt


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Hi everybody,


I have a bunch of brutes and I'm looking to roll a Claws/Electric Brute for endgame play.

I want  to have a good amount of AOEs, which means I'll likely go Mu mastery and pick the first two AOE powers (forget their names).

If you think the inherent AOEs in claws/electric are more than good enough and I should pick a different epic powerset please chime in.

I would like to have taunt (only a single slot is necessary) because I duo with a friend that plays recklessly and needs me to taunt things off of her :)

Looking for high survivability and a decent amount or recharge close to perma-hasten.


I know this build was popular back in the day, why not so much anymore?





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