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Market displays winning bids lower than outstanding bids


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I'm guessing this is a display bug.  In the Auction House interface, when I go to check the current price of a couple of ATOs that I have outstanding bids on, the last 5 transaction window shows one winning bid in what I consider the normal range for the ATO, and then four winning bids well under 1m inf.  My own bids are over 5m, and in one case, I can actually see that one of those bids has won and the others are still outstanding.  Screenshot of that latter case attached.


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Important bug and well worth mentioning but it's been brought up here:



The last time I went shopping for Defender's Bastion Acc/Dmg/IEnd I had to buy it completely blind, every time I brought it up the list of last 5 sales was comprised of only 5 digit numbers.  I ended up making a wild guess and my initial bid was successful, meaning I overbid for how I normally purchase items.

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