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  1. Fade is clearly erroneously buffed by boosting (has resists). Somewhere I have a post where I verified that a red insp with PB increases resists for Fade (not gonna look for it though). Farsight - WAI. Time is OP? Welcome to i21. All any of these proposed nerfs would accomplish is reshuffling some slotting to get the lost values, maybe lose some procs in Distortion Field, that kind of thing. In a game where Blasters can go from 0 to 45% def to s/l/e and range, nerfing Time seems an odd objective. With a pb and/or Farsight nerf to def I'd just find def bonuses. If it's a nerf to uptime I'd find more recharge bonuses. If it's a nerf to both, I'd pursue additional bonuses to both. If there should be some effort to holistically balance the game, fine, but otherwise leave Time alone.
  2. I hate discussing a statistical topic without using any actual data, but I have NO doubt that the VR drop rate is > 1/30. Maybe significantly so. Not sure if the P(R) > 1/8 but I'd guess it is. So when building up incarnate abilities, always select random salvage over emps. Sometimes I'm able to build up t4s without spending a single Emp. Other times when I'm just left with a VR needed to craft a T4, I'll spend the 30 emps, but I almost never do that twice. Emps are the one currency in game I hoard to use at a more advantageous time so I spend them only out of "necessity". I do e-mail a trans to a newly minted 50 so I can get insta t3 alpha after taking care of the Ramiel business. One could tell me that's not efficient but... I don't care.
  3. It was the live version when I joined in progress.
  4. I've seen "join in progress" work for iTrials. No has ever seen it work for task forces or non-incarnate trials, because you have never been able to add new members to those once started.
  5. The 10 inf record is undoubtedly a result of the market interface bug. If someone wants to say they bought a Winter-o or sold one for that price, then I'll believe it.
  6. To save 100M inf and provide better performance, don’t use HOs in the fitness powers. Just a regular run and jump IO for swift and hurdle, those powers use 0 end. Then one of the heal procs in health.
  7. Hedgefund

    Necro/Cold MM

    He doesn't need a stealth IO and SS to achieve PVE invis. Arctic Fog already gives you 1/2 of what's needed. So either the stealth IO in sprint OR take SS and slot anything but a stealth IO.
  8. Hedgefund

    Necro/Cold MM

    These are just drive-by comments. Meaning not a thorough holistic review but just stuff I noticed at a glance. Artic Fog will serve you better with +Def slotting than a Res set. That's not to say don't sneak in some res IOs, but it should be enhanced to ED for Def (3-4 LOTGs, for example) The Panacea proc won't be helping you in FW. I think the proc will go off on the target (someone correct me if I'm wrong). A better choice - Preventative Medicine. The proc in FW WILL be affecting you in that case. I've never tried, but based on Fog's description, you can't use it with Stealth. I'd want the BU proc in Grave Knights. BU + Broadsword attacks sounds nice.
  9. All the Kinetic buffs will affect pets, with the notable exception that SB won't provide +recharge. SB will affect their endurance and run speed. You mentioned Inertial Reduction. Though it will affect the henchies, that effect will be minimal since they already have a super jump ability. Take it if you want, but don't take it because you're expecting it to notably make your pets more mobile. I wouldn't dismiss the Beast attacks' utility. For one thing, they're very proc friendly. These attacks can be a legit source of your overall DPS. For another, and this may be more important, 2 of the attacks have -fly. Beasts chasing flyers... no bueno, this is where the absence of ranged attacks is really felt. Lastly, Repel with the kb-kd proc is actually pretty good, throw in the +recharge proc as well and it's no longer the easy choice to skip out of kin.
  10. With Time, +Def unique pet Ios and 3x Maneuvers (14.8 + 2 * 5 + 3 * 4.1) ~ 37% def Power Boost (earliest available at 41) pretty much soft-caps. For my recommendation, first and foremost, whatever the heck you want to play. There's no wrong choice here. For my own ranking of what I think would be "best" with the two already established characters - I like the idea of something debuff heavy. Rad, Storm, Poison, Dark, even TA fits the bill here. Cold, Thermal, Traps, Sonic as well. Looking at the MM secondaries now, I think I'll boil it down to - not Kin, not Emp, not FF. For primaries it's definitely "do what you wanna do". Henchies generally don't have synergy with those from another MM, with the exception of multiple Thugs. One could say Demons due to a resist aura that goes across other pets but it's not worth basing your choice on.
  11. I just used a hero aligned character to see what happens in Ft. Trident. You don't start a tf there, there's a portal that takes you directly to the tf contact. So there's no benefit whatsoever to gathering at Trident instead of the contact, especially with lfg queue performing exactly the same function, just without having to zone 1-2 times (Atlas to Ft. Trident)
  12. An AR/Ninja is next up to the plate for me to level up. I'm torn for what's best to use with Ignite. The objective is to minimize the fleeing out of it so I'm wondering what's more effective - an immob from a patron or Bonfire. I want the answer to be Bonfire for a) added damage and b) the lulz. So the purpose of this post is to see what AR-ites have found in their hands-on experience. Was Bonfire effective at minimizing scatter from Ignite? 2xp points for anyone with hands-on experience with pairing Ignite with both Bonfire and a patron immob (separately of course). Note - I made the character on the test server and suited it up per the Mids build I made. I found Bonfire effective enough. This was during 10 minutes-ish of play though so not a thorough analysis by any means.
  13. Hedgefund


    I do 3/8 for any random mob (4/8 for council, might dial it down to 2/8 for something more exotic (Vanguard, Rularuu) with a Beast/Sonic, so you can most certainly make an "army of one" with Sonic Resonance. I'm not saying it's the best, it's definitely on a tier below the usual suspects for "best" MM secondary, but it works and I'd expect with Thugs, it would work quite well. Thug Man = 2* 10 = 20 2 5% Def IOs = 10 MM Man = 4 34% def to all, add 8 if you choose to slot 2 def IOs in enforcers. Bruiser has base 26.14 s/l res, 6.54 to f/c/t Enforcers only have l = 26.14 Thugs res = 0 Add 25% from IO uniques. Add 23 for shields, 17 for dispersion That takes us to Bruiser 90% s/l (!!!!) Let's just say 65% for everybody else cause I'm tired of composing this. Bottom line Doc, you'll be fine. In general I think Aid Other is a good choice for Thugs in a non-healing secondary and certainly true for Sonic. Aid self - meh, with BG mode and resists, a column of greens will keep you upright.
  14. The bolded is the most damning statement about a power I think I've seen. Way back in the before time I had a Grav/FF. I like to experiment with out of favor powers and powersets and I thought I'd see if I could do something interesting with Dim Shift and FF's cage. I could not.
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