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  1. To that I'll put on a hat I shouldn't and have no right to - the "manager of dev resources" hat. For them to make a change means someone will have to do something and I don't like for someone to do something when there's literally no benefit to it.
  2. My 2 inf for why not to make the change - it would change nothing at all. The ticking clock is by and large irrelevant. If a team is so inclined to farm ambrosia or go spelunking in general, they're free to, they have 4 hours, more than enough time. I've done this before on a team that fought their way through and I remember that being 45 minutes, so I bring this up as the edge case for how long an Eden takes. I've been on plenty others using the more common "Speeden" techniques and those can be as few as 10ish minutes, more commonly in the 15 minute range. Again giving ample o
  3. I had something similar happen recently as well. I think once you introduce yourself to the Ouro contacts then they "know" you and get added to your contact list when they're in your level range. They're not tf contacts, but rather regular contacts. If you do the content while you're in the level range, you can invite others to team as you go along. When you complete their content they go into your inactive contact list. Once you've either outleveled or completed their content then you can find them in the pillar THEN they're like tf contacts, just anyone done via flashback.
  4. I hate that data analysis will show I'm primarily blue. Almost all of my "retired" characters (and there are many) are vig for meta-gaming convenience, not a preference for blue over red. While leveling up I could, at any point in time, be rogue or vig, depending on what content in that level range I want to run.
  5. Not a quote, but if the dev that did this is reading this message, just wanted to let you know you're a-ok in my book. Pictured - Nick Rivers, Dr. Flammond and The Torch, all from one my top 10 movies - "Top Secret"
  6. Yeah what the heck, I'll do this. I willl never ever ever stream, but this is the sort of oddball thing I need about now.
  7. I have an answer! We started the mission at +4 with me leading with a 50. Hami (and Mitos) spawned at 54.
  8. With all the hubbub about Hami spawning at 50 regardless of the tf leader being a lower level, it got me wondering, is Hami just hard coded at 50 even if a level 50 starts LGTF with difficulty at +4? Or will Hami and the mitos spawn as 54s? This may sound jerk-ish and apologies in advance, but I'm not looking for answers couched with "I think" or "I believe", but if you do know for sure, I'd much appreciate an answer.
  9. Let me clarify, which it appears I need to do. Typical Rune slotting was a level 50 Titanium Coating Resist/Recharge boosted 5 times + a level 50 Aegis Resist/Recharge boosted 5 times + Unbreakable Guard Resist/Recharge boosted 5 times. As far as I know, resist IOs can't be slotted into Hasten. Some of y'all may know something I don't. My post was in jest by the way. Just lamenting losing the uptime I had with Rune. And now, for this thread... I'm out!
  10. Anyone want to buy some 50+5 Res/Rch IOs? 3 of those became my standard slotting for rune and if I sell these on AH, they'll lose the ++. Once I get around to respeccing my old Rune toons, they'll need a good home .
  11. Some things are better left unknown...
  12. My recollection, and I'm not going to put in the work to verify via old patch notes, is that it was released as 35+ erroneously and was changed to be 45+. SCORE changed it back to 35.
  13. My for real answer is - they're probably the most "well behaved" without micromanaging. I paired them with Electric Affinity and they tended to stay in Faraday Cage without being told to. Kind of makes sense, assuming they're all ex military and have that kind of discipline. EA is so good, I was able to keep them alive fairly well. Took down a few AVs along the way but it was slooooooow. Otherwise, they're the best at being worst.
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