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  1. According to this former go-to doc http://web.archive.org/web/20130902224630/http://www.culex.us/ig/coh/CHres.xls The FP all have mag 4 sleep protection.
  2. That Oro arc (not a flashback, one of the Oro tfs at 45 or so) with all the AVs/Heros sounds like what you're looking for.
  3. You take Claws for Spin. Stalker Claws don't get Spin. Ergo, clear edge to Scraps for this particular primary. (I came to this conclusion the hard way years ago, my first 50 Stalker ages ago was Claws)
  4. The pet resist cap is 90. Of the two options given, I'd have a slight preference for Thermal. The in-my-head math (meaning I'm too lazy to walk to my Mids computer) says the res buffs would be in the low 60s. With the Pet +res IOs and native resists + spot healing as needed, you wouldn't do a lot of resummoning. Except the Arsonist, he always manages to find a way to die regardless of how invincible his buffs make him on paper. Is this "the best" combo? Dunno, but I can promise you that when you get the sweet Thermal debuffs at t8 and t9, there won't be anything the game can throw at you that you wouldn't curbstomp until you're 50. Then with a strong build you can curbstomp that lvl 50 content too.
  5. You mentioned only PVE play, so the Acc enh in Taunt isn't needed (autohit in PVE). Go with, well, anything else. I like the psi proc for 1 slot. When it comes time to select a Judgement, keep in mind t4 Void Radial does a -50 dmg debuff.
  6. With 2xp you fly out of lowbie levels now. Most folks are using DFB to get to 15 as well, so I'm not surprised that there's a dearth of lowbie player availability.
  7. So I was off to rescue Waylon McCrane for the hundredth time (no really, probably about 100 times by now) when I noticed something seemed askew with the area around the mission door. I could make out what looked like an NPC so I investigated. Upon closer inspection I found Gloryhound. Behold - Gloryhound I dragged some Tuatha up to her to see what would happen. Out came the Claws and started with the Claws attacks. Clicking doesn't cause any interaction. On a lark I logged on a character with Geas to see if any of those badges would allow an interaction but no. Does anyone know the story with Gloryhound? Is this a Halloween thing or has she always been there and I've never noticed? Searching for "Gloryhound" yielded no results here nor on Paragonwiki.
  8. This is going to be a "grind from 1-50" character. As such, especially with all the abundant respecs, I've come to think in terms of leveling up with "Early", "Mid" and "Final" builds. Just for reference, for new characters, I pre-purchase all the IOs attuned and just slot them when the time comes. Tank SR caught my attention for the next grinder because I was curious what kind of layers I could add to it. More later about where that ended up for the final build. I chose Claws because, well, why not? (Rhetorical question) First Stage (1-25) This is how I see it at the end of the "Early" game. Soft capped already? Well all right... At 25-ish, I'll respec into something that will lead to this: It's sort of a shame to burn a respec just to take one slot away to use elsewhere (From Practiced Brawler since it's now perma with 1 lvl 25 SO) but whatevah. Positional Defs are now in the low 50s. Overkill for the mid level game but it's needed for the roadmap. I'm slotting the best +rch IOs I can in lieu of purples at this point. Other notable numbers: Recharge 73% S/L Res: 47.8% All others: 20ish (more or less) I don't know exactly when I'll do the next respec. The purpose of it will be to turbo-charge recharge for Rune of Protection, so probably just before I choose that at 44. At this point I'll be building to (final build): For the final build, I found myself in a pickle. When the battle lines have always been drawn in the great Tanker Wars of "Taunt - yea or nay" I've historically been adamantaly "yea". However, I need Hasten and couldn't find anything else to omit without hurting Def or Rch. I figured with 3 ranged attacks (Focus, Arcane Bolt and Shockwave) maybe I can get by without it. Why do I "need" Hasten? With it, Rune has almost a 60% uptime (recharge in 152.5 seconds). Without, it's down an additional 33 seconds, that's more time than I'd like. To summarize - Melee Def 62.3 Ranged Def 57 AOE Def 57.7 (yes, R and AOE are a big below iSoftCap but more about that later) Regen 242% Without Rune S/l Res is 55.5 All others 30-40. With Rune s/l res is 81.1 all others 55-66. Let's add in another 5% resists to all because I'm diligent with my Base Empowerment buffs. I'll max out my personal salvage vault to have everything needed for the res buffs as well as recharge and recovery. (As long as the base teleport ability exists, I'll just pop in whenever the buffs expire, then return. When that ability gets taken away... I'll figure something out.) Which leads to: s/l 86.1 e/n 60.3 f/c 71.5 t/p 67 Not too shabby for the "one trick pony" SR is reputed to be. I would be interested in opinions as to whether build A or build B is preferable, where build A is the one above and build B is the one below. The difference is, I took 3 slots from the 6 Unbreakable Guards in Rune and substituded 3 Impervious Skins, including the proc. The net result, with Rune and Base Empowerments: s/l 86.8 e/n 59.5 f/c 65.5 t/p 62.5 B adds 1.6 seconds of recharge to Rune. Not a dealbreaker, but a data point regardless. HP and Regen comparison, the reason to switch to B, is: A: Regen 262% (29.4 hp/sec) HP 2698.6 B: Regen 287% (32.6 hp/sec) HP: 2726.7 I'm leaning heavy on the original (A), if for no other reason due to the positionless psi damage that exists. Maybe I'll go 5 UC and the proc. Destiny was another one I was torn on, I had settled on Rebirth for the burst heal but as I've been typing this, it occurred to me I could cycle Barrier with Rune. Once the Rune buff wore off, I'd have 30 seconds of 32.5% res from Barrier, then I have 30 seconds of not so uber with 7.5% res before Rune is ready again. Even a second or 2 of 5%. Here's the cycle (for simplicity I'm leaving out the megaburst for Barrier's first 20 seconds and also 2.5 seconds of Rune's recharge.) t = 0-30: 32.5 (all from Barrier) t = 31-60: 7.5 (all from Barrier) t = 61-90: 30 (25 Rune, 5 Barrier) t = 91-120: 30 (25 Rune, 5 Barrier) t = 120-150: 25 (all Rune) Repeat I'm also not completely settled on Alpha. Without Agility I got a leeetle bit below iSoftCap for Range and AOE but Spiritual Core buffs Regen and shaves another 5 seconds off Rune. Also in the "it dawned on me while typing this" category - Barrier would cover up that small iGap for def (which isn't a real concern anyway because in that content the +def buffs flow freely). So after all that I think I'm fairly settled on Spiritual Core and Barrier Core. I'll go for a pocket healer for Lore, Melee Core hybrid (the one with resists), Judgement Void Radial for -50% dmg debuff and play "spin the wheel of Interface" for the last one.
  9. I don't know this empirically, I've never tried it, but I'd bet the farm no. Those stealth/invis powers are awards from patrols, which don't seem to be "shared" missions (like a door mission). Interesting question though and if anyone tries it, I'd be interested to know the result.
  10. If you're referring to Wanted, Most Wanted and Agent Provocateur, you can earn those from any of the 3 pvp zones that give missions. So no, you don't outlevel those. The temp powers though, like the 30 minutes stealth from BB, I think you're out of luck. There's no badge associated with them however.
  11. Yes. Kigo, who you countered above, did. Not sure why you're directing ire to me when it seems we're on the same side here.
  12. Ok, see below, a couple of people discuss how they take advantage of this bug:
  13. Are you folks having this happen on Torch? I did.
  14. We can dispel the notion that this doesn't have real consequences. Here's a sale for me today: Yay that I was the beneficiary of this, but somebody out there wasted 8 figures worth of inf. Now, I can't say with certainty that this wasn't the usual extra digit overbid, but it sure does look suspiciously like someone saw this list and thought ~15M was the going rate. Clicking "find" would toggle this list and what looks like a real list (1M-1.5M range) for this item.
  15. Let me clarify then. Attune PVP IOs for leveling ++ them if you're 50 Don't ++ uniques/procs.
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