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  1. Thanks. I just assumed I needed to ctrl+click MB for the effects to work. Next play session I'll use it as you mentioned.
  2. Blazing Blast has kb and repel. Does slotting OF -kb have a notable effect to lessen pushing mobs away. I'll define notable to mean something like - a mob being pushed away happens half as often. I'm thinking about slotting an Overwhelming Force kb-kd IO but if the propel still happens most of the time I won't bother. I've played a lot of fire blast over the years and having to account for kb/propel has taken some getting used to. On the /SR of things, I took Master Brawler and I can see the appeal. My question is - is 30 seconds the end goal recharge? Already, as opposed to all the SR characters I've played where I've gotten used to PB activating, it feels like I'm spending an inordinate amount of time activating MB. So, it seems exactly 30 seconds is the target (maybe a little bit less) because any more and I'm not under the effect of the power, any less and I'm spending even more time activating it. Already in my late 20s it's perma. I'm scheduled to put another slot in that will decrease cooldown even more. I'm thinking I should do something that does NOT increase the power's recharge. Does that sound right?
  3. No, those still con as enemies.
  4. Not just allowed, encouraged! I'm bringing a level 1, well, two level 1s , a cold and a therm. The unofficial agenda for tonight is 1 run of DFB, then on to the Hollows with hopes of eventually unlocking and running the Cavern of Transcendence (the current WST). So go right ahead and hit the character creator and I hope to see you in Atlas at 8:00 pm Eastern. I'll be on earlier to help with organization.
  5. I'm giving an enthusiastic vote for Cold here. Demons aren't just resist base, they have def to stack with Cold, at least the Demon Prince does. Cold, contrary to popular belief, is not just a defense set, it offers strong f/c resists in the shields + Fog, which coincidentally are the Demon's best resists. All numbers referred to below include the 6 pet unique IOs for def or res. I wish combat attributes could show just a summary and not the details of what comprises end values because I'd provide a screenshot of defense and resist values for the 6 pets. Each of the 6 are so distinct that I can't really group any together so I'll just say every one of the 6 has one of the f/c resists a low value of at least 80 and the other one capped at 90. All have AOE def of 54%. For s/l def the high is 55 (Prince) low is 40. Throw in some Frostworks, which unslotted (I just use the absorb proc) takes a minion to their HP cap and you have significant layered mitigation. Significant enough so that the sporadic healing they do is sufficient. Your other choices in the OP don't have a power comparable to Sleet which offers some mitigation (via slows, -recharge, attempted scatter and sometimes a little kd) and packs an offensive punch via resist debuffs. Certainly nothing with a comparable cooldown timer (easily up to begin every fight). I've always found Demons to be the minions that struggle the most with endurance among the MM pets. With debuff toggles and aoes, I see their blue bar on the low end frequently during extended fights. As an added bonus for Cold, Heat Loss will take care of that. You'll need very high global recharge to get that even close to perma, but while it's active it solves end for your pets, for you and adds another significant -res debuff. I imagine since this response is a week after the OP you already made your decision and Thermal would definitely not be "wrong" but having played both demon/therm (live) and demon/cold (HC), the latter has the greater upside.
  6. Yeah boyeee! Can't wait, I always enjoy "new team night". If you're wondering what's in store, we seek challenging content and don't rush to complete it. Meaning we'll ratchet up the difficulty early on and kill all to objectives typically. We view death as a means of badge progress, vengeance fuel and a chance to laugh at someone's eagerness to overagro. What we don't do is berate someone for causing someone's death or complain about debt. If that sounds good to you, go ahead and make your cold and/or therm and I'll see you Friday. I've got one of each. This next part is completely optional, but my own suggestion for a P2W loadout: 2xp booster (most of the member use this booster so I suggest this one to keep us around the same level) Enable team inspirations Mission Teleport Team Teleport Assemble the Team Envenomed Daggers (the -regen powers come late for both cold and therm) Mystic Fortune Defense Amplifier Offense Amplifier Survival Amplifier The 3 amplifiers above are just 1,000/hour at level 1. 4,000 at level 2. It's well worth getting the max 8 hours as a lowbie, I think. Again, those are mere suggestions and by no means a requirement, so please don't think "I'm not paying 10M for Team Teleport so I'm not joining". Certainly this list isn't meant to be limiting either. Buy one of everything from P2W if you'd like.
  7. It is sort of weird to have a blaster get mezzed for the first time at level 50 when I let amps lapse sometimes. Lapsing doesn't happen leveling up because it's a "best" practice to refresh those buffs before training (they're at your pre-trained cost). Not just mez protection, 5% def to all and 7% res to all. This amp is a favorite of squishes and melee types alike. Cheating? Whatevs, we crossed that threshold a looong time ago.
  8. Fine, show some t-tests if you want to say probabilities are different. I had 2 Electric toons (armor and affinity [a Defender]) that each got 10 VRs in their first 30 menu choices. So I'll conclude that the RNG favors electric powersets (note - I know this sounds ridiculous and that's the point).
  9. I always thought it was odd that SO many people are carrying rebar or wood (whatever it is they have). One day, I actually saw someone carrying rebar over his shoulders in the next town from where I live. I wanted to click him to see how long I've been on patrol.
  10. To the OP question of "favorite Dom?" I'm going to give a shoutout to my Plant/Rad. Rad "buffs" the enemy's ability to damage each other when confused via def debuffs, making kill speed quicker.
  11. That's the whims of the RNGods, nothing more, nothing less.
  12. I've taken Weave on every Def except a Time, and I may have to rethink that with the impending PB+Farsight nerf. Maneuvers + Weave + 2 3% Def IOs gets you to around 20% def to all before you even start thinking about IO bonuses or whatever your primary offers you.
  13. Given that stealth in sprint + the grant invis buff from base empowerment provides pve invis, the truly "selfish" player would be the one expecting someone, especially a Stalker where every pick is precious, to waste a pick on recall ally.
  14. I Discord with a specific group. I've also joined for groups running higher difficulty content like RHW and the Keyes badges. I will NEVER join some pug's Discord for freakin' Manticore (or insert any tf/sf/trial). So my 2 inf for whoever does demand this - say so up front so I can quit before we get started.
  15. It's 100 (maybe 99).
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