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  1. Note for anyone multi-boxing this - make sure your "killer" has the star. I just tried it with my buffer having the star, the idea being he could camp at Heather to select the 2nd mission (before getting phone) but the npcs will only talk to the star holder. It was a pain because you're stuck until the star holder makes his way to the NPC you have to dialog with. I haven't tried every combination of save/kill Hua and the save none/save 1/save 2 for the final mission. It seems to me skipping Hua just saved that time. It does seem that save both is the most difficult (and time consuming) option. I might try all 6 combos and keep good notes on what happens. Update 1 for choosing to defeat Hua Tov (with 2 players) 1) save both - 6 Knives bosses and a 2 minute timer. 2) save 1 - ambush included 1 Knives boss, no timer 3) save none - BP ambush including a Ravager (boss) I kind of prefer the Knives boss, but not by much. Clearly #1 is the most time consuming, especially if you can't control them and they go off flying willy nilly. I'll update for skipping Hua Tov later.
  2. My Beast/Sonic MM is ready! In addition to what Perfect Square mentioned, some other considerations: The 3 buffs (Offense, Defense and Survival Amplifiers) at the P2W vendor will never be cheaper than at level 1. 1,000 inf and they're pretty nice and will really stand out at lowbie levels. You can purchase up to 8 hours worth, similar to the 2XP boost. Speaking of the 2XP boost, I imagine most folks will be using this throughout. Even though SSK will allow newbies to team with higher levels, being at the same level will allow us to do level limited content together (like TFs/SFs). So I'd suggest keeping the 2xp buff on throughout. If this causes an inf hardship (enabling 2xp stops all inf gain), just let me (@hedgefund) know. I also picked up a stash of Envenom Daggers, with stacked -res AV types will go down fast, with the -regen the daggers provide they'll go down a bit faster. The more we have of those the better. If you've got 12m inf sitting around, the 3 teleport powers (Assemble the Team, Mission Transporter and Team Transporter) from p2w are helpful too. Even just the 2 that are 1M each would be handy if you want to skip the 10m TT power. We'll have a base available with zone teleporters, so definitely don't buy the base teleporter from p2w. Instead use the command (via macro is how I do it) to enter the base from anywhere. I don't know the base password right now, but we'll let folks know. Other miscellaneous thoughts - Endurance Reduction and Recovery - those are the things I'm building for and what I suggest for anyone playing Sonic. We'll be sturdy, we'll melt mobs, we'll also be gasping for air at times. Sonic isn't the easiest for endurance management, but should be manageable with the right slotting. An example of "right slotting" would be 2-3 Endurance Reductions in Disruption Field. Early slotting of recovery and +end procs (Miracle, Numina's, Performance Shifter and Panacea) will go a long way to keeping the steamrolling rolling. We're pretty mellow about game play. By that I mean no one will get shouted down for poor play, otherwise I would have been kicked a long time ago. We laugh at debt and just enjoy the game, cause it's just a game and we're all happy to have it back. We're mellow because we're mature, at least with regards to interactions with other players. Abusive chat ain't cool. The official policy - don't be a #*#*. I look forward to the adventures we'll have and I'll see y'all Friday the 23!
  3. Once while I toyed with a (failed) experiment to create a 2nd build for travel, I took Long Range Teleport. Your understanding is correct. I do want to dig in a little deeper to your "depending on your alignment and where you currently are" line. Just so folks get the practical consequences of this, if you're in a hero zone, this will only teleport you to train stations (in hero zones, natch). If you're in the Rogue Isles, it will only take you to another ferry. So you can't use it to go into the other faction zones like you can with oro, base teleporters, or lfg. In the current world, this may be the worst power choice available.
  4. Oh I always meant to comment that I fully approve of how half the comments in this thread are fart jokes. You folks don't know how appropriate that is.
  5. Thanks RM. I do have a cautionary tale of my own now. I was doing one of the patron's 4th arc via Oro, so I could start LRSF. After I defeated him in the future in a mission in Nerva, I got sloppy and used LFG to get to Barracuda for the last task in the arc, which is just to talk to LR and show him his mask. Here's the emoji depicting my emotional state after that: 😥. I love your all-encompassing guide and I hereby officially deprecate this one.
  6. I've been playing a game that allows the player to preview what an area effect would affect and I think that capability would help players make better decisions with aoe targetting. Here's an example of a cone preview: This is an example of a location based aoe: Unfortunately I don't have an example of an enemy centered AOE (like Fireball) from this game (which is XCOM 2: War of the Chosen) to show. In both of these images, the range and width of both the cone and location are shown so the player can use the power maximally. If I had to prioritize, or only request one of 1) cone 2) location based 3) enemy centered I'd put cone at #1. The narrower cones (eg Full Auto, Piercing Beam) could benefit the most.
  7. Thanks JB, that did the trick. To summarize for someone else that, like me, is also not a macro pro, I entered the following into the chat box for each: /macro RAWR "SetDifficultyLevel 4$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1" /macro MEW "SetDifficultyLevel 0$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0"
  8. I'm trying to create 2 macros. so I can toggle between "easy" and "hard". The why isn't really relevant. When I type each of these separately: /macro RAWR SetDifficultyLevel 4$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1 /macro MEW SetDifficultyLevel 0$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0 The macro button shows up as I'd expect, but the content of each one contains the first setting. In other words RAWR has "SetDifficultyLevel 4" MEW has "SetDifficultyLevel 0" I can edit each of them and paste the remainder to append to what's already in the macro. In other words, I paste "$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1" right after "SetDifficultyLevel 4" and "$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0" right after "SetDifficultyLevel 0" At this point, the macro behaves as intended. My question is, what should I have in the macro initially so I don't have to make this a multi-part process? I know, if I were clever-er, I'd be doing this via pop-menu. I'll consider that a next phase.
  9. So you stopped in I9? Bad news for you, this was the behavior once a general pet AI change was implemented in I... I don't know which one, but we lived with it for a while. Maybe I20? I wish you luck, but don't hold your breath. The change was implemented to fix other pet AI issues.
  10. I've a Plant/Nature that I rather enjoy. A few comments from a cursory glance - I have base to-hit as 48 in my Mids (for +3s). 1 Accuracy in Corrosive Enzymes is enough to have a final to-hit over 95% there. Since you're not really chasing aoe and/or fire/cold def, I'd move a slot (the end/rch) from Wild Growth, which doesn't need a lot of recharge to be perma. I'd move those 2 new slots to temp invul to either buff res/end in that power or perhaps provide a home to the two 3% Def IOs Personally I love the Panacea set in Lifegiving Spores. The proc works on teammates in the patch. I'd sacrifice the Posi set bonuses to make creepers a proc monster (note - this is a thing I haven't done yet, I still have Posi in my Creepers but am going to change). Testing results for creeper procs look impressive. That's just my 2 inf, you'll be a-ok as-is regardless.
  11. A Sonic Def will offer a benefit that's far less likely to be redundant on a team. By that I mean that if you join a quad with a Time user and say, a VEAT, they may well have all the +Def covered, especially since we now live in a world where most players build to have high defense with no outside buffs. On the other hand res is rarely redundant. Certainly the -res is never redundant. I had both FF and Sonic defs on live, just FYI. With Cardiac T4, the Sonic provided about 60% resists to the team. As far true synergy, Water would be made better by Sonic's -res by allowing it to do more damage.
  12. Apropos of nothing, my most frustrating MOG moment is on LRSF Me: Make sure to kill Valkyrie last Me: Val is taking a lot of damage, be careful Me: Val is almost dead! Me: (afk for the next 2-3 minutes)
  13. But you don't have the temp power, at least based on what you said above that the icon is displayed, but your stats are not affected by the Flames of Prometheus. Maybe there's something funky about that icon displaying but still, a 50 doesn't get a notice, outside of this sf being the WST.
  14. The best taunter (notice I didn't say tanker) satisfies these 2 conditions: 1) Has taunt 2) Has 1-3 EOEs That's it. As for how to taunt a yellow, it's ideal to be positioned outside the goo, creating a straight line that includes you, your yellow and Hami, being as far back as the range of your taunt will allow. So, to restate, the straight line starts with you, goes through your yellow then ends at Hami. Most importantly, be sure to get a hit in before he goes down so you get your goodie. I'd want to do at least 2 attacks, in case you get some 5% bad luck on the first one. I always use my ranged attack for this.
  15. If I read this correctly, you did this on one of your incarnate characters, which means, level 50. You get a, for lack of a better term, a promise of a notice when you run Morty's sf from 20-49. When you turn 50, a badge shows up (accomplishment according to the paragonwiki article on mort kal) that allows you to cash in a notice. You don't get the notice if you're 50 though.
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