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  1. Sticking with HC only (nothing from live) Defender: Nature/Ice MM: Demon/Cold Corr: Water/Thermal Def: Time/Fire Def: Kin/Sonic Blaster: Fire/Plant Stalker: Fire/Rad Def: Sonic/DP The challenge for this exercise was in not considering sets and incarnates. By now it's hard to think of how these characters would play without those. My Time wouldn't have perma chrono shift for example, which would make her significantly less effective. Nevertheless, with Cold shields, Farsight and Maneuvers this team is easily soft-capped for most all defenses. Resists are hard capped. Nature adds a power boosted+Aborb for an additional layer of mitigation. Passive mez protection comes from Sonic. Kin/Sonic is Kin/Sonic. The blaster and stalker provided corpses. If we were to consider sets and incarnates I'm sure this would end up being some mix of blasters and stalkers, with maybe a scrapper or brute thrown in. Strongly considered but didn't quite make the cut: Def: Poison/Rad Corr: Arch/Cold Def: Cold/Sonic A couple of Doms, a couple of tanks.
  2. I'e got another positive for the list: 8. A team leader dropping does not cause an insta team wipe when the star falls to the next person who happens to be level 40. The instanced raid locks everyone at 50.
  3. Ready for action! I got my amplifiers (dirt cheap at level 1 or 2, 1000 and 4000 inf per hour respectively) and am ready to GOOOOOO! As always, looking forward to it.
  4. If they ever do implement visual sounds, "SCRUNCH" will be used repeatedly for Battle Axe.
  5. Unbreakable Guard +HP may not be on my "must have for every build" list but it's just a notch below. Certainly if I'm 4-slotting UG (which is typical), I'll make sure to include that unique. Oh and Winter's Gift is similar. I probably include it on about 1/2 my builds. I tend to put -kb in a travel power but if I don't need kb protection, I'll go with the slow (which includes recharge) resist.
  6. Yeah you "win". My worst had a grand prize of brainstorms but at least I could make a rare salvage from that.
  7. I just spent about 5 minutes jumping to and fro the campus in Croatoa hoping to get one of the NPCs milling to give my favorite quote (so I could give it precisely). Sadly I was unable to but it goes something like this: "Shhhh, discrete math..."
  8. Let me use this as a farmer AMA opportunity... Why would a farmer restrict who sits based on level? I've seen people look for sitters less than level 20, for example. If you're one of these farmers, I ask of you why do you care about their level?
  9. Also not a big Hami raider but a Dominator in Domination is the easy answer. Doms can credibly perform any role except tanking on a raid, but mezzing greens is what they do best. As to what powersets, whatever you want. Some secondaries have a power boost (ice and energy for example) so maybe one of those.
  10. I'll be contrarian, to an extent. Need? Nah. Helped by? I sure think so. VEATs get the highest value (5%) from Weave and s/l resists gets in line with the other (non psi) damage resists with the inclusion of Tough. Weave not only allows you a means of gaining significant global recharge, but the 7.5 (conservatively) def to all allows for pursuing global recharge in other power rather than as many defense bonuses as needed to make up that amount. With this, I've got perma pets, a 3 aoe attack chain (then Venom +2 STs when it's down to an AV) so I see no offensive sacrifice. I would share my build but, distressingly enough, I seem to have lost it, probably overwritten. Oh well.
  11. My best argument for WoC: 6 slot Coercive Persuasion. Ultimate Recharge and ranged def, plus the proc makes it not nearly as bad.
  12. Oh, I only did 3 tests and none hit the target, I sort of assumed it wouldn't proc on both the caster and the target. That is an assumption though. Someone else can be more thorough if they want, I've already spent 2 unslotters for this...
  13. I just checked, it procs on the caster. Combat log: You activated the Fortitude power. You greatly increase the To Hit, Damage and Defense of *redacted*. HIT *redacted*! Your Fortitude power is autohit. Your attack strength has increased temporarily.
  14. #1 on my wish list for immobs is nothing the devs can do, I just want players to have better judgement of when to use them. For example - NOT on the ramp going to the bowl in a MSR. Anyway, my rule of thumb is Controllers - AOE yes, ST no Doms - AOE no, ST maybe (perhaps even "probably", I really hate run-away AVs). I don't really have much to say about immobs, I've never thought of them as problematic. The recent-ish change to allow kd addressed my biggest complaint about immobs. I think they serve a purpose and don't want to see them replaced. Looking back I see the request was to discuss T1 immobs and I'm talking about immobs in general. Too lazy to edit for a more focused post, so time to hit "submit".
  15. You've found the closest you'll find to your objective already. Only Kin gets to the damage cap. Other +DMG buffs I can think of from a buff set (numbers are Defender values for best case): EA - Empowering Circuit (37.5) Empathy - Fort (31.25)* Nature - Overgrowth (82.5) Pain - World of Pain (20) (also has Painbringer but only affects 1 ally) Rad - AM (25) Thermal - Forge (50)* Time - Temporal Selection (31.25)* * Single target buff that can affect some number of teammates based on your recharge and diligence. Kin, best case is 10* 25 + 50 = 300 for one casting. One Howl provides a -20 resist debuff (before adjustments). Not too shabby. Kin/Sonic Def is undeniably the king of combining +dmg and -res.
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