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Would a +endurance/recovery proc work on dark servant?


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Depends on the proc. Some procs are global effects, others are "proc-120's".


In the case of, say the Miracle or Numina uniques, those are Proc-120, so if it is in a passive or toggle power it will work as long as the power is active, but in a click power (such as Dark Servant) it will work for 120 seconds after the power is activated. The effect of the proc is always for you, the user, not for the target of the power or any pet created by the power.


In the case of the Panacea unique or Performance Shifter proc, it has a chance to activate every time the power is used, or every 6 seconds in a toggle or passive power. The effect of the proc affects the target of the power, not necessarily the power's user. These could be used to grant an infusion of extra end to your pet.

I would strongly recommend against trying to use endurance recovery procs on your pet, however, as they will be much more beneficial in a passive power for your own benefit, as it is usually fairly trivial to slot pets for endurance reduction, since they have few powers and are unaffected by recharge bonuses.

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