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Crowd Source a Darkness Control guide


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Newly back, I played Dark/Dark 6 years ago.  Barely remember how anything works.  So here is my take on the powers in Darkness Control.  Tell me where I'm wrong.


Shadowy Binds - Your single target damage, immobilizes and reduces their chance to hit.  Take after Dark Grasp, but you need it for damage.


Dark Grasp - Your basic single target hold plus damage.  Take this first. 


Living Shadows - Cone immobilize, damage, and - to hit.  Good for damage if soloing.  Weak control, this is skippable if you team.


Possess - Single target confuse, no damage.  Causes the target to attack its allies instead of you.  Great control for one target.  Great if solo.  Potentially skippable if you team.


Fearsome Stare - Cone fear.  Recharge is 40 seconds, duration is 28 seconds.  So slot for recharge not duration.  Can be up almost every fight, your primary AoE control.  If you solo and use Dark Grasp and Possess you may skip this.  If you team you want this.


Heart of Darkness - PBAoE Stun.  90 second recharge and 19 second duration.  Slot for recharge not duration but this still will not be up every fight, so use as a panic button.  Good for that solo or in teams.


Summon Shades - Summons 2 pets that attack your target and taunt it.  Recharge is 210 seconds.  You need to slot for accuracy and damage, so recharge will be long.  Great solo for extra damage against the occasional boss. 


Shadow Field - Duration AoE that gives -to hit and chance to hold on enemies in it.  Long recharge of 240 seconds.  Duration is 45 seconds, so useful for defending areas in missions.  Activation is 3 seconds, so a bit harder to use as a panic button.  This is ranged which Heart of Darkness is not, so may be more survivable. 


Umbra Beast - Summons a pet that attacks.  Provides damage against bosses.


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