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  1. Netflix shows me ads for it but I haven't tried it. Is this action, comedy, grimdark?
  2. You are right, the Arrowverse does do that. And with the MCU now on Disney+, I wonder if others will do the same thing with tv shows. It makes more sense with streaming, where the old tv shows will still be around.
  3. I donated. I have played CoH for free for almost a year now. I figure I can give the money I would have spent on an MMO to a player who needs help.
  4. I'm watching DS9 episode Blood Oath. It features 3 klingon warriors who had appeared in other trek series, together for one final mission. It occurred to me that Star Trek had created something like the MCU already. The MCU is known for long plots, introducing characters in different movies, having pay offs from several movies ago, etc. And Star Trek did that with its series. Scotty reappearing in TNG. Worf moving to DS9. Barclay being in multiple series. The klingons and other races appearing in multiple series. Is there any other set oftv series that
  5. Yeah, it is also interesting to see how the money and access changes. At the start of the show they cover how they have to scrounge to find a car. Later they get help from NASA and can do all sorts of crazy things.
  6. On xfinity, Mythbusters is now available on demand from seasons 1-14. I think it ends with the last season with the build team. You can fast forward to skip commercials, so it is nice to watch. I am rewatching backwards. Starting at the last episode they have and working my way back. I am surprised at how little I remember and how much fun the episodes are. It's my current feel good show.
  7. I would like to have a series of AE arcs created with fantasy missions. You can make good warriors and casters with CoH. Arc 39817 has dark elves in the second mission and they look awesome. But they are just part of an otherwise normal supervillain arc. I want to roll up a trollslayer with an axe and willpower and hunt some orcs and trolls
  8. I enjoyed this arc. So my comments are about making it better, not that I did not like it. What I liked The plot was easy to follow. It had some twists but it was clearly laid out so I knew what was going on. I liked the variety of maps. I liked the variety of enemies. Even within a mission there was a variety of enemies. I liked the arrested people in the 2nd mission. It added a great feel of coming in after the authorities and rescuing the people. Room for improvement or confusion Why trolls for the first mission? Outcasts are new to
  9. Mission 1 Amaya's datapad clue - should it be personnel files instead of personal files? Yukiko Fox did not fight to help me. I'm not sure if she was supposed to. She just followed. Then she stopped following and I don't know what happened to her. I like the Crey costumes. Except the boss in lava armor looked out of place. I really liked the detail of them calling out that I was a tanker. It felt Crey-like and science like to label me. Mission 2 briefing - should be "the theft" not "the thief" I like the briefing. Simple mission Then the twist devel
  10. Is there a leveling pact feature or is that some other game?
  11. That has what I need for now. Thanks!
  12. I want some hellion maps and skull maps. I can't find on fire warehouses and I'm not sure if there are special skull maps available. Searching through it in AE is a pain. Is there a guide or list somewhere to what maps are available?
  13. I haven't paid attention. I will now.
  14. Korg is in the next Thor movie (along with the Guardians of the Galaxy). I don't think he's in the Loki series.
  15. How much will it feel like the adventures of Five in the Temps Aeternalis? Will Loki be heroic or are we just supposed to root for him because he is the main character? Will it be more of a comedy like Ragnarok?
  16. My daughter wanted to see it. I have to admit I might not have watched past the first 15 minutes without her as it was a bit slow. But the characters were generally very close to the comics. I don't remember Illyana being a jerk in the comics, but she looked right, her sword and armor and teleporting was great. The story made sense. It had a horror elements but turned into a superhero fight at the end which I liked. It felt like a comic. It was an origin story, of which I am not fond, but it did a solid introduction to the characters and was generally en
  17. I was really impressed with this takedown. They called out Karli as a terrorist, with a plan of being cause terror and hope that makes things better. My daughter was thrilled with the ending call out about the name The Winter Soldier. He's her favorite character and she was hoping they would rename him The White Wolf. And the renaming of Falcon in the credits without renaming Bucky really annoyed her.
  18. I have an objective to rescue a police officer. I want to have 2 objectives spawn when that is complete. A boss you have to fight and a boss that is a newspaper person announcing that you rescued the cop. I had the mission set up with the boss you fight and it worked. I added the newspaper boss as an ally. When I run the mission I get the boss you have to fight but not the newspaper boss. So can I only have 1 objective trigger when an objective completes or am I probably setting this up wrong somehow?
  19. Nice. Check ebay prices. I still have CoV box. But I use it for storing Warhammer Epic figures, which are also discontinued.
  20. I finally showed this to my daughter and so at 11 last night we watched about 5 of these pitch meetings. They are very funny. And I like how they point out issues without being mean or overly dramatic. They don't attack the movie, they literally make fun of it. Thanks for posting this.
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