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  1. This is simply something people claim that is not true. You can make any AT with any powerset and no enhancements, get them to level 50 - the go back and wipe out hordes of villains in Perez Park with no risk to yourself. You can one shot them. You can one shot hordes. You can be as "super" as you like. But people don't do that. Because they don't want to be "super". People want to be rewarded for doing things quickly with no challenge. They pretend that is being "super". But if you take the reward away they won't do it. It is not the being "super" that matters.
  2. "I don't care if players want to use godmode to do whatever they want. I do mind when I join a team and a godmode player solos the team content and ruins my experience. " If you read the thread you will know what you are responding to.
  3. Right. Many people don't play godmode because they can't look at a forum post on a godmode build and look at another forum post on how to farm or just make money on the market. Because it takes so much skill to look those things up and then copy them. But I do need some explanation. When a character has soft capped defense, what player skill is required to stop enemies from hitting them? Does the RNG do a player skill check before deciding if the attack hits? Because see players who farm, possibly just door sitting to do it, copy someone else's build, and then with huge IO set bonuses can solo x8 spawns at level 25 - I don't see any player skill that is obvious. But perhaps you can explain to me the skill that they have that I am not seeing.
  4. I tried to earn 50 badges in one day. I only earned 49 badges but then I earned a badge for earning more badges in one day than anyone in history.
  5. Having godmode characters is fine if you isolate them. I don't care if players want to use godmode to do whatever they want. I do mind when I join a team and a godmode player solos the team content and ruins my experience. At least incarnate is limited to the high levels. But set bonuses let players use godmode at any level. It would be nice to have godmode servers and skill play servers.
  6. When he was created he could only superjump. Flying was added later.
  7. Mission Contact - looks sufficiently odd. First mission intro text is great. A good mix of rhyming and flavor but understandable. Except "when your there" should be "when you're there". Mission 1: a ton of NPC text comes up when I enter, so it is wasted. A lot of things to do on the mission which I like, but it looks like it is a defeat all which is terrible - it makes the other tasks pointless. interesting map. But huge. And cabal are a pain in the open since they scatter instead of staying in melee. The mix of villains makes no sense and is not explained. The boss villain names are not inspiring. "Marsha" does not impress. I would rename. I finish the tasks and find it seems I am expected to defeat all. While the intro text was good, the rest is just average and I am not willing to slog through a large map to clear all of the cabal to get to the next part. I quit. Remove the defeat all from Mission 1 and I would play more. But defeat all on a huge map is just drudgery.
  8. They do the same thing and do not stack. The game figures out which defense is better against a given attack - an aoe fire attack looks at your aoe defense and fire defense. You use the better defense. So in theory if you have all positions covered you are done, no need for def by type - and vice versa.
  9. I now have an icon. Doug Graves, secret identity of the Tomb Fisted Kid.
  10. Joined a Positron 1 TF with my 24ish level controller. I was the 7th to join. We waited a bit to find an 8th. Then decided to go with 7. We start. The leader is level 8, so it is a level 8 TF. One player says sorry, he doesn't want to play at level 8 so he quits as we start the first mission. Someone else silently quit. So we had a team of 5 at level 8 doing Positron 1. It was really fun. We had a decent mix of AT's. No tanker, so our defender charged in and took the alpha - not a plan, they were just aggressive). Some quick healing would keep him alive most of the time. With only 5 of us, each person really mattered. And at level 8, each power really mattered. The whole TF was less chaos. Spawns were small enough that they did not occupy the whole map. And at level 8 there were no Ruin Mages - so that was nice. I normally just assume we will try to fill a team, but unfilled teams might be more fun.
  11. Yes, but that is looking at something else entirely. "Does not need a specific AT" is about the need for a specific AT. "My character may as well not even be there" is about whether or not your character is actually useful. We do not want a specific AT to be needed. We do want our characters to actually matter. If your character being played or being afk has no impact on how the team does, that is a problem.
  12. The idea is that holding a solo mob is too powerful. If they cannot do anything, they will just lose. Which is why controls generally do not work against AVs and GMs. But the devs can decide on a specific effect that is okay to do to the boss and have the stacked controls cause that effect. So it lets controls have an effect, but not the overpowering effect that they normally have.
  13. It is not a wearing off of protection, because the effect when you get rid of the bar is not that the control works - although you could do that. Instead the effect differs depending upon the boss. A boss might have damage resistance 50% unreducable, but when the bar is broken it goes away temporarily. Or they might regenerate while the bar is up but stop regenerating while the bar is down. Or they might have a damage aura while the bar is up, but it goes away while the bar is down. So controllers do not hold bosses, the can debuff them with controls in a way that is specific to the boss. It has to be part of the design for each boss.
  14. You say that controls are binary, but they aren't quite. Enemies can have resistance so that a control has no effect, but they can also reduce the duration of the effect. So like debuffs work but at a reduced percent, you could also have controls work but for a shorter duration. A problem I see with controls now is that they are not universally resisted. Sleep works on many AV's. So you can use static field in electricity to put them to sleep on and off - not full control, but it still works. Whereas hold does nothing. The best use of controls for bosses that I have seen is Guild Wars 2. They have a defiance bar. Bosses with a defiance bar get some effect while the defiance bar is up or some penalty while it is down. The defiance bar is reduced by controls - different amounts depending on the control and its duration, so immobilize would lower it slightly and hold would lower it more. And after the defiance bar is down, it comes back after a short time. You can win without taking down a bosses defiance bar but it helps a lot. And since every AT has controls of some sort they can all participate in it not just controllers and dominators. Those ATs would just be better at it. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_bar
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