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  1. Recluse can't run without a campaign slogan. That's just science.
  2. I want there to be no bad choices presented. That means balancing existing powersets and ATs, updating old content such as missions and particularly TFs. Streamlining or doing away with TO's, DOs, and SOs - they just seem to be vendor trash now. I want bad old zones remade into good new zone. But I do not want more generic city zones. We have a lot of city. Boomtown being redone like Faultline would be a waste. Come up with themed zones that are unique and cool - chinatown, a theme park, cyberpunk area, etc.
  3. I don't pay much attention to politics. I have learned recently that one of the city council members has been working with organized crime and another broke a criminal out of jail to cause destruction of public property. I don't know who the mayor is, but I am sure they are up to no good. It seems to me that we need an election. So who would you nominate for mayor or city council and what would their campaign slogans be? I'm going with Blue Shield for mayor "He's tough on criminals".
  4. Like in the tv show Powerless?
  5. I'm probably not unique but I am "different". My old main Tomb Fisted Kid was a dark/dark tanker. And scrapper. And brute. And dark/willpower. I tend to level a character into the 30's then delete them and start over. I have a few names and costumes that I like, so I reuse those for a new character. I don't have old characters, they don't last long enough to get old.
  6. This is a computer game. What you can do is literally encoded in the game. So you are choosing to have your free time be controlled by the restrictive rules of others. What you are really saying is that you like the current set of rules and do not want them changed. That is a valid position. But you are pretending that this is an argument about freedom versus rules when it is really a question of who determines the rules - you or someone else.
  7. Dang, I didn't take suppression. Looks like I might need to do a quick respec.
  8. I just hit 24 and respec'd and looking at the aoe powers they look identical as crab to normal SoA - just whether you use your backpack or gun to shoot. And the single target shots look worse on crab than basic. So what Crab powers are better than SoA basic powers and is there a reason to take one over the other?
  9. Powerset proliferation demands throwing weapons. Axes should be thrown. Maces should be thrown. Thrown small, bouncing weapon. Boomernangs, throwing stars, and round sharp discs should be thrown by warrior princesses could all be skinned as a small thrown attack. Shaped cartoony energy. I shape my force power into a boxing glove, or a baseball bat, or a bowling ball and hurl that at my foe. Lasers and light. Let the players have blindness abilities. Gas. Chemicals that poison, blind, suffocate, heal, etc. The attack version of Poison. Rockets and missiles. Let the mech characters fire off single target, exploding, and whole racks of spiraling rockets.
  10. My guess is they select between multiple random paths. There probably is a straight path but that might be one out of 16 paths. Easier to have them choose a slightly randomized path then to have the game know how many mobs are moving at you and then selecting a different path for each. And if they all just ran straight at you it would be easy to get them to stand in a clump and hit them with sands of mu.
  11. They should allow EATS and VEATS in Praetoria. Both the ATs and Praetoria need all the help they can get to attract players.
  12. I definitely do not think the Black Forest is a theme. It could be the setting of Roman legions attacking the Visigoths, or hansel and gretel lost in the woods, or a WWII battle between nazis and russians, or an invasion by Martian tripods, or a cyberpunk corporate retreat.
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