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  1. This was brought up on Live. The AE has a nice mission creator. The actual game does not. They cannot just take an AE mission and change it to a regular mission. It has to be coded manually in the format of Live missions. I would love them to do this, but it apparently is not saving a lot of work. We would just get better missions.
  2. Is speculation on the work on page 6 ongoing or stalled?
  3. I only play levels below 35. I prefer teams in the teens and 20's. I will join any FF or hollows team I see, as I like to support that play. I see about 1 FF team per week. I can usually get a radio team in the teens or 20s after 5 or so minutes of waiting. There used to be more teams at lower levels, but the player base is dwindling and while I had a list of people who ran low level teams 3 months ago - they never log on anymore. Getting teams at level 50 is easy. There are basically constant PI radio teams. But getting teams below that through LFG is harder. You can find them but you have to wait around.
  4. The problem with power pools in general is that they are to provide powers to an AT that does not get that power normally. But then they are made so weak that they are not worth taking in order to keep the AT's balanced. I would rather have the powers balanced by a long recharge but be good powers for everyone, rather than get weak powers.
  5. I still have my t-shirt with statesman's symbol on it. I wear it with sweatpants to cosplay as Captain Sweatpants from TBBT
  6. Redside has more interesting stories, but they are evil and depressing. I would play over the top villainy of comic books - robbing banks and such. But capturing homeless to conduct medical experiments is just grim, not fun. Redside has different enemy groups than hero and variety is nice. But when I join a redside team they seem to end up fighting the same enemies I fight on heroside. Redside does not have enough people. The best and easiest way to increase redside is to declare an official redside server so everyone who wants to play redside is on the same server and has a sustainable population.
  7. I make the same exact characters. Tomb Fisted Kid is a dark/dark tanker with a cowboy outfit and skull head. When he gets to around 32 when the game gets boring, I delete him and recreate him. Same with Punk Shocker and others.
  8. I have changed my global tab to be NPC and just have NPC dialog. I don't have general anywhere.
  9. Yes. Under options you can turn off gaining XP
  10. 90%+ of players are quiet players. That is true of all customers. They are the bane of businesses. When they do not like something they do not speak up, they just leave.
  11. Agreed. It is only fair. 1% of the content and 1% of the dev time should be devoted to the 1%ers.
  12. I agree that if Homecoming heavily nerfed top end builds it would just lose its players. I disagree that with advanced options everyone wins. It takes dev time and does nothing for me. The real problem is that IO set bonuses and paragon powers are invisible bonuses not accounted for by the game. If the game had additional levels (real or imaginary) and treated a character with IO sets as being level 55 instead of level 50, then the game might work properly. Instead, the game just kept making players more powerful while pretending they were not more powerful. I don't think many people will use advanced options. Just like PI radio teams could choose Carnie missions and not just Council missions - but they don't. Players want power, not a challenge. There are a small number, you are probably included, who want to see what your build can do. But most are just happy to win easily and quickly.
  13. The endless arguing on the boards may be fun for some but is generally pointless. Debating whether defenses are too high assumes that the players have the same goals and interests. In reality the playerbase is largely divided into 4 groups. 1. Solo players who just want to do their thing. This is probably the largest group. They spend time on IO sets or other godmode abilities if they want to, and if they don't want to they don't. The pick and choose option works great for them. More options is better because it lets them get what they want. 2. Team players who are just happy to be there. They just play. They consider defeating the villains to be good, and being defeated to be bad. They assume that there is a challenge and do not think about it. They assume they will get a reward and do not think about it. They do not try to game the system. They are blissfully unaware that there are more efficient or effective ways of doing things. Their game play is affected by the godmode power level of other players but they are not aware of it. If they get through a TF faster they think that is great. They are happy in their ignorance. 3. Players who want godmode. These are the farmers as well as others who have the opinion "I'm supposed to be a superhero so defeating everyone should be trivially easy". They revel in power. They cannot have too much power as long as there is the thinnest veneer that this is still a game. Pressing a button to have all enemies die would not be fun, they want to feel like they are beating their foes, but they want it to be easy. 4. Players who want to be as powerful as possible but want to be challenged. This is a tiny portion of the population. They want to design builds and then see how good they are. They do not want to just copy someone else's build and turn on godmode. The fun for them is creating and testing the builds. 5. Team players who want to play the game and be challenged. They want to play with others. They are not interested in making builds. They just want to play the game in a team and be challenged. Taking damage is good. Occasional defeats are good - they mean that there is a real challenge. They differ from #2 in that they are aware of the difficulty. If it is too easy they get bored. I suspect that this is a small group in CoH, because the game is driving them away. I cannot speak for how solo players play. I have played enough teams to know that at least those who put teams together are rarely interested in a challenge. Radio teams just doing council missions is definitely a thing, and the higher level you get the more likely it is that they only do council missions. Arguments about "it should be more challenging" or "we should get more influence for X" are just personal opinions masquerading as game design principles. The playerbase has self selected down to the players who want to be powerful and they want the game to be easy. Or they want to play by themselves.
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