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  1. In character creation. It says choose type of character - ranged damage, support, etc. Then each category gives you a list of AT's. Then each AT gives you a list of powersets. Imagine if you said "I want buff/debuff abilities and I want control." Then you might get recommended controllers, dark defenders, dark masterminds, and fortunata widows. Or you might say "I want a defender that buffs my allies outside of combat defense and resistance" you would get force field, sonic, cold, and thermal. Then you might say "I want to be able to heal my allies". That eli
  2. Conan Doyle received death threats in the 1890's for killing off Sherlock Holmes. This is not a modern phenomenon.
  3. Well of course EMH is the best. Avenger's Assembled isn't bad, it is just far inferior to EMH.
  4. Knockback/kd works on many bosses that hold does not work on. I like Jolting Chain for the same reason - it gives you some control on bosses. If FB took 1 second to cast and did one knockdown, it would probably be worth it on low level characters against bosses (fighting Trolls in the Hollows). On a FF defender it would be better because they lack other controls. On a FF controller it would not be worth it in general. If you want to make Force Bolt better, make it a knockdown with a mag 3 stun for 6 seconds. You get some control for bosses and decent control for min
  5. I finished the arc, defeating Lord Richter. I did some of the missions one day and then finished this morning. I remember the general plot but not the twists and turns. Partly it is so long and there are so many twists and turns, and partly I played it over a week or so. I really like the details and how the missions play. I enjoy them even though I am at this point basically ignoring the larger plot that ties all of the arcs together. I wish you just had each arc as its own story, but I understand you have a story you want to tell. I have never done the Seraph map
  6. It looks like from your response you missed the part about powerset and just read AT. Why should I choose a defender FF powerset instead of a cold domination powerset? Both have defense shields you can put on your allies. Why should I choose FF and why should I choose cold domination?
  7. I played GW2. They had a lost of classes and powersets plus pools (using CoH terms). It was hard to understand why a lot of the pools existed. Then I learned that some things were designed for pvp and were not intended to be good for pve. Other things were good for teaming but bad for soloing, etc. While it was sad to learn that a set that I though would be cool to play for style reasons was going to suck for me because I don't pvp, it was nice to understand why a set I thought sucked was designed that way. With so many AT's in CoH it can be hard to tell what each is for. Br
  8. I had not know this existed. I am assuming it is from the 90's. A one season, 13 episode cartoon. I like that the show has the lesser known Avengers. Wonder Man, Tigra, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision, Ant Man, Wasp, Scarlet Witch. Some are now much more famous of course. It does have Ultron as a villain - created by Ant Man. But the main villain group is Zodiac which is rarely seen. So if you are an Avengers fan from the comics it has a lot that is missing from the MCU. The episodes and story are pretty good. They feel like the comics. The only oddity is that the hero
  9. I finished 1-3 with the wrap up of Mirror Master. It was a bit hard to watch because of the large gap. I could tell things were supposed to be dramatic but since I was just jumping in it was hard to remember what was going on and why certain things or people were important. That said, it was generally good and classic Flash tv. Cisco getting a new supersuit was nice. They did a lot with all of the characters in general. The episode where they try to take down Flash made no sense. They did a whole lot of stuff to end up teleporting him back to where they started. T
  10. Agreed. I have no idea if I run into the same player again. Looking up everyone I play with is not feasible. If I saw the player name I might recognize them.
  11. The big thing is LFG. I want a shared LFG across all players. We could then teleport to another server, shard, or whatever once we join the team.
  12. He also shaves. The trick is he uses heat vision to shave himself (using a mirror) and also to make the cuts and holes in his clothes for tailoring them.
  13. I never find the body on the floor I'm supposed to talk to. I've called a GM for help and had them point out I was standing right next to the NPC I was trying to find.
  14. Funny you just posted this. I just ran the first mission of Dark Deeds Part Three. Kip shows up. I liked having Kip show up but was confused as to whether he was supposed to be part of my mission or had just happened to be there. I think the end mission briefing clarified that he just happened to be there. I do like having named people show up. It feels like more of a world. But it also does make me wonder why, so it adds confusion.
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