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  1. Sure, polkadot is green, blue is a paw print, orange is side table, and red is pail
  2. Is there a chat channel for regular players who want to team sometimes? We could have our own secret world within the world of other players.
  3. I've joined most of them. I have Freakshow Recruiter, Skull Girlfriend, Outcast Recruiter, and many more. If you see a low level character that is part of a villain group it is probably me.
  4. Normal arc fighting skulls. Then you become a villain and beat up BAB? WTF? Why is that mission there?
  5. I was going to work on a list for that but got side tracked. I did create 2 arcs for levels 1-9. Snakes from the Isles 41022 and Infection from the Isles 40195 The content is better than the names. Suggestions for better names gladly taken. Both are heroic arcs but one is with Snakes and one with Infected so you can face different foes than you normally blue side.
  6. I rarely solo, I play for the teaming. But this past week I have been soloing a stalker. I got to level 5, turned off XP and did all of the blue side level 5 content. Then leveled to 10, turned off XP, did the content. I am currently at level 15 and there is a ton of content. But I just grabbed all of the contacts and am doing whatever mission is convenient. So I am not getting any stories out of it. It works well for just having stuff do to at hand, but I feel I am missing out on the stories. So when you are leveling and doing content, are you doing it
  7. They are called Porters, nothing says they will shoot at you.
  8. Sorcerers teleport and heal and are annoying in a good way. The first Tsoo to target, but their teleporting makes them hard to take out. After fight Tsoo my team fought sky raiders. The Porters teleport around but no one seems to care about them. They don't seem to do anything special except teleport. Is there something I am missing with Porters? Is there a way to make there teleporting more meaningful?
  9. Rain just started in Seattle, so I can't do long walks anymore. I am trying to do 10 minute basic exercise routines from youtube during my work breaks now that I work from home.
  10. As a note, the lost cure does not break stealth for a stalker. So you can just take out the lost while safely hidden.
  11. I also have a temporary power a contact gave me to use against clockwork. I don't think it is as impressive but I'm saving it for the Synapse TF.
  12. I already had the badge, so I don't know
  13. The Lost AV in DFB can be cured by the lost curing wand from Montague. The curing wand made dfb a lot easier, taking out a boss each spawn.
  14. Just play on teams lvl 35 and below. The godmode players rarely play at those levels, so the difficulty can be turned up until people cannot solo it. The best teams are still the teens in their teens. A Hollows, KR, or Faultline team is the best teaming in the game.
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