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  1. Mandarin isn't Asian in it at all. I assume that was the intent. But the villains are all just sort of there wanting to be evil.
  2. looks like it is the one with Force Works, although they call them the Avengers in the show I am almost sure
  3. How did I miss this thread? I've been playing Champions since first edition in the 80's. I stopped updating at 5th edition. It is the best system for creating and playing superheroes if you want the detail - and I want the detail.
  4. EMH is by far the best Avengers animated show. I am now trying the Iron Man series, in which he has other avengers as well but they are just there to worship Iron Man. It's not terrible, but the 3rd episode was quite bad.
  5. You use it for getting around in the Hollows if there isn't a taxibot online
  6. I just watched one episode. It is made for Japan and is really about 3 anime heroes with the Avengers as side characters. All of the Avengers look and sound great. It has Hydra. It looks like it should be a great show. But it is all about 3 new anime characters. They don't look like the rest of the characters, they just look photoshopped in. They call out their powers every time they use them. It really feels like they just added an anime show to a backdrop of the avengers.
  7. Anyone downloaded this and verified it is safe? That isn't the sort of link I click on.
  8. for people who don't know, Loki and the other comic book shows and movies are discussed on https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/68-comic-hero-villain-culture/
  9. Dr Who doesn't strike me as a good subject for an RPG. The Dr is so much more knowledgeable and powerful than the companions. How do they make the game work so it isn't just the Dr doing everything?
  10. an entrenching tool would probably work better as pick or axe than warhammer, but given 5e weapon stats it makes no real difference. the calculations would be better as a battlemaster fighter though or a kensai monk
  11. The game is too easy if people are not almost getting defeated every other spawn. And someone gets defeated every mission.
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