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  1. The problem with CoH is teaming. If you are soloing I don't care what you do. But if I am teaming with someone I care a lot about what they can do. For the game to be fun it has to be in the sweet spot of difficulty. You just die and do nothing is not fun, you press a button and kill all foes everywhere is not fun. What is fun differs per person. But IO builds and incarnate powers are so overpowered that they let a single player solo +4/x8 content. Which means they can be on a team with the toughest content and not need the team. They render any mission they are on not fun. So having optional difficulty per player does not help. It has to be by server or at least by team. If you could create teams and set them for no IO set bonuses and incarnate powers, I would be happy with that. 90% of teams probably would not have those options on. But I would team with the dozens of players who would prefer that.
  2. I've been soloing a lot of low level contacts recently, which means a lot of defeat X missions. They can be very cool, they usually are not. What makes them cool is the detail of the city. In KR I have found gangs fighting each other, robbing civilians, or fighting with the police. So many different little scenes that add a lot of flavor and life to the city. And the villains are usually placed intelligently. Clockwork by electric parts, Lost in the alleys, Vahz by sewers. Once I got used to it, I could find the Lost by knowing where to look for them. Now some locations are a problem. CoT in KR appear on rooftops. Not some place you casually check. So I imagine a new player might never find them. The real problem with street sweeping is levels. Most of the time I would either encounter foes several levels beneath me or several levels below me. In Guild Wars 2 you are automatically changed to the level of the area you are in (not just zone), so the local spawns are always a decent fight. In CoH it is almost always a mismatch so the local area is not a proper adventure.
  3. Joined a Frostfire team tonight. I try to join whenever one comes up. And I was on Troll Recruiter, so I enjoyed clearing out Outcasts to make the Hollows safe for trolls. It took awhile to get a team of 8. A second character was 4 outcasts away from getting FrostFire from Flux as well. So we swept a bit to get to his mission. We started FrostFire and Keystone was the first enemy by the door. We cleared the 2nd spawn when we got the FrostFire cut scene. A minute later and the mission was complete. One of the players had rushed to the end to solo the mission. Everyone else was annoyed. That player left the team. So we left the mission, recruited up, and did the 2nd characters FrostFire all of the way through. It was a blast. Fun team, good times.
  4. I'm have to finish all of the level 1's, but there is a difference in how much story and door missions they have. I do find that the street sweeping and other missions go so fast I don't mind them - they just feel like a brief waste of time in Atlas. In KR I find I kind of like them - more on that in a later thread
  5. Sanjay Chandra – Skyway City Levels 0-14, Grade D Overall: One good door mission, one fine door mission, a lot of street sweeping. Talking about the Lost and the homeless. And missions about skulls and dyne. Confiscate Drug from Skulls Door mission – defeat boss – in Atlas Park confiscate 5 drug stashes big map. Lots of looking for stashes. An ambush (maybe more than one). A very fun mission – very satisfying. Investigate Warehouse and Unlucky Pete Defeat Lost Boss in Steel Canyon Another long mission. Nothing special but satisfying. Can call contact when mission is complete Defeat 10 lost did it in KR Investigate Waste Management Defeat Skull boss in Steel Canyon 5 hostages to rescue 5 bombs to disarm Big map. Lots to do. Fun and felt like a story. Defeat 10 skulls in KR easy Defeat 10 lost in KR easy Prince Kiros Nandelu Levels 1-5 in Atlas Park, Grade B Overall actually pretty good. The door missions had some special touches and almost always I could choose a door mission. Arrest gang members in office door mission with 2 spawns – lame have to go back to contact and sent to Jose Brogan he tells you about dyne storyline → defeat all skulls in warehouse find key, defeat all, find evidence – has a nice story to it talk to Sarah Peters about the council → get crate from warehouse and take it to Azuria a lot of fake crates to search through, nice touch Prevent Council from stealing a painting finally can call contact after getting mission defeat all and find painting – normal mission → take painting to Sarah but ambushed on the way talk to Atlas Park security chief → defeat 5 hellions out of missions Rick Davies level 1-5 in Atlas Park Overall C, About the same as radio missions. All clockwork but no real story. Retrieve sprocket pieces from Sarah Peters → defeat all clockwork in office 3 spawns and done then another warehouse without going back to contact 3 spawns and done check warehouse for clockwork defeat all robots also some whiteboards with a clue short but fine go to office and defeat clockwork boss can call contact after getting this mission first clockwork are level 3 – I'm level 5 then level 6 clockwork and a box with a clue slightly challenging with the higher level and ranged attacks defeat 5 clockwork found them on a rooftop and out of missions overall went from 4th to 5th level Paula Dempsey – KR Rating C+ About the same as radio missions, but a bit about the clockwork and the history of the Clockwork King. Break up Clockwork and Skulls door mission – defeat all got a badge talk to KR security chief defeat 10 skulls can call after getting the mission Go to Jovian Storage and stop the clockwork defeat boss a big clockwork boss – first I've seen playing at low levels and it is impressive got story about the Clockwork King Defeat 10 clockwork Trouble finding them my level (6) Got defeated by a group of level 9s out of missions until level 9 Rachel Torres Levels 5-9, Atlas Park, Grade D One door mission and while it is good, you can get it from Vic Johannson. Everything else was street sweeping. was introduced – could call from the start Find missing homeless people door mission in AP sewers – got swarmed in a large room and almost defeated same mission given by Vic Johannson Perez Park security chief defeat 10 CoT in PP first spawn had a boss, with lots of inspirations I barely survived second spawn as all minions and was fairly easy Defeat 10 Lost hard to find the lost, then found an area with a bunch Defeat 10 Lost fortunately I am already here no more missions until level 9
  6. DougGraves

    New forums??

    We could refer to Off-Topic as "Silver Side" as if it were a section of the game reserved for the elite.
  7. Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on? I believe there is a way to delete your saved files and have them redownload.
  8. Troll Recruiter - Tanker Inv/SS Lost Recruiter - Tanker Rad/Psi Hellion Recruiter - Tanker fire/fire Recruiter of Artemis - Tanker WP/DB Freakshow Recruiter - Tanker elec/TW Tsoo Recruiter - Tanker SR/KM Tomb Fisted Kid - Tanker dark/dark Shackled Soul - Tanker elec/elec Bon Bone - Controller dark/dark Spunky Spelunker - Controller earth/dark Ice Ace - Controller ice/kin Kelvin of Otherwhen - Controller ice/time Voice of Ra - Defender rad/sonic Voice of Anubis - Defender dark/sonic Aqueous Solution - Corrupter dark/water Imperial Enginseer - Crab SoA
  9. I loved my friend. He went away from me. There’s nothing more to say. The poem ends. Soft as it began- I loved my friend - Langston Hughes I am looking through poetry collections to find poems that I like. This one struck me.
  10. We watch Flash, Supergirl, and Legends. Arrow was too dreary after a few seasons. Black Lightning was good first season but got tiresome the second season. Can't stand the villain on Batwoman. And I don't pay for the streaming services to get Titans and the others. Looking forward to Superman and Stargirl. Flash feels the most to me like old comics. Legends is the most fun because it is just crazy.
  11. do you mean texture looks like the leather tops? I have noted that the chest color options tend to just look like bodypaint. T-shirt doesn't really look like a t-shirt. It would be nice to have textured versions.
  12. I would like to see the player base consolidate on one server. While the idea of voluntary migration is nice, it probably is not practical. Unless everyone you know plans on migrating, it is painful to migrate yourself. So while there is no cost, there is a high social barrier to switching servers. But it would have to be a popular thing, not just fiat.
  13. I agree. I think there are many good missions in these contacts, but a lot of bad filler as well. If they could copy/paste the missions from one contact to another they could make several good contacts and ignore the others. Or - Have a contact in each zone give endless street sweeping missions. That would be nice for people who want to street sweep and get a mission completion bonus.
  14. Juan Jimenez in Atlas Park Levels 5-9, Rating B He has a story in his missions. You are investigating and stopping the Skulls and 'dyne. None of the missions ar great but they have some different mechanics and feel like a story. Break up Gang Fight – Skulls and Hellions Defeat all. At the end is an artifact to protect against waves of skulls. Nice challenge at the end. Arrest 10 skulls But get temporary power – 6 flashbang grenades. And a skull ambush Leads to door mission – defeat boss and find 4 items. Clues are telling a story Can call contact when done with the mission Destroy Drug Lab Destroy 3 drug items. Standard mission but with story. Arrest 20 skulls in PP leads to PP door mission to destroy the skull's drug supply destroy 5 drug caches. Okay mission. Completed arc – no exciting finish from Juan. Talk to Steel Canyon security chief Becomes defeat 10 outcasts somehow level 14 5th Column came out and attacked me and defeated me Out of missions Went from level 9 to one bubble from level 11. ------------------------------------- Hugo Redding – Steel Canyon Levels 9-14, Rating F Almost every mission is street sweeping. Half in Perez Park and half not. He does give the Fortune Teller mission needed for a badge. Get the Hellions out of Club in KR Defeat 2 bosses. Lots of fighting groups – bigger spawns than normal. A bit challenging Rescue Lady Oracle from CoT Fortune Teller mission in PP can call contact after getting mission Rescue the NPC – and she fights to help you Defeat 10 Hellions Doing this in PP since I am there. Easy as they are below my level. Defeat 20 Hellions in PP I'm already here. Easy as they are below my level. Defeat 10 CoT in PP I'm still here. Easy as they are below my level. Defeat 10 CoT I'm still here. Easy as they are below my level. Out of jobs until I get to level 14. Gained half a level in all.
  15. Henry Peter Wong Lvl 5-10, Rating D Overall this was not fun. 3 street sweeping missions and one door mission that was no better than a radio mission. And spread out across Atlas, KR, and PP. Stop Vahz from Stealing Bodies → Defeat Boneshear A lot of body bags to click on that don't do anything, confusing. Mission was decent sized. Basically a radio mission with confusing corpses. Could call after returning from first mission Perez Park Security Chief Defeat 10 CoT in PP Shockingly easy. Ran past big spawns of Hellions into maze of trees. First spawn was all guards. Needed 2 more, pulled them and not the boss nearby. Used base teleport to go back to atlas. Go to KR to stop Vahz kidnappings – defeat 10 vahz in KR Gave me names of areas to find vahz. Cannot find the place names on a dark map. Vahz right by tram, but higher level. Lowest is 9 and I am 7. At first I can fight them by using my inspirations. Those run out and I have to defeat 1 or 2 and run to tram and rest. Run in and defeat last 1 and embalmed blows up and defeats me. Kind of fun but frustrating. Defeat 10 vahz on street in Atlas easy once I find them. Cannot get next mission because it is level 9. Got to level 9 and he has no more missions because of my level. ----------------------------- Paco Sanchez Lvl 5-10, Rating D Overall this was lame. 2 door missions which were just like radio missions. Then a whole series of street sweeping. Introduced to him and could call him from the start Arrest Hell Storm – Hellion boss in KR Straight forward mission, just like a radio mission but in a different zone Recover the Jewel of Hera from CoT in KR Big map, ended in the tiered room. Was just like a radio mission. Defeat 10 hellions defeated them in Atlas, dumb but easy Defeat 10 CoT in KR Found on KR roof – easy with jump pack. And I knew they would be there. Another defeat 10 CoT same as before Defeat 20 hellions in PP used base portal to PP. Higher level than hellions so could take the large groups Could not get more missions until level 9 – just needed to train Get to level 9 and he is out of jobs. ------------------- King's Row Vic Johansson Levels 5-10, Rating: F One fun door mission. Then a lot of street sweeping, including one too far above my level. Find Missing Homeless People Rescue 3 hostages from the Lost. In sewers. Large room, then it split – found all 3 without exploring all of it. Rescuing each triggered an ambush. Had to run 860 yards to the mission and back. Mission was nice overall. Could call after returning from first mission Talk to security chief – defeat 10 skulls Defeat 10 lost to collect blood samples No lost my level – had to leave get to lvl 9. Have trouble finding Lost but complete it Another defeat 10 Lost in KR. Easy because I am right there with them. Out of missions
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