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My Friend, Raine


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I only found about you today and I'm crying my eyes out. I'm not sure if I have a right to. We drifted apart in the last few years and it's all my fault. I wasn't a good friend and I hope wherever you are now you're in a better place and that you forgive me for not being the better friend you needed.


When i came to Homecoming I decided to not remake Raine's BFF and I'm glad that I did that. One should not exist without the other.


I imagine that in game when she found out, Glim would go just lay down somewhere and die of a broken heart. It's what I want to do.


Love you always,



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Screenshot dated 2:58 PM, 4/24/2008. Raine's birthday.


We teamed together the night she was created and though we never became more than close acquaintances I always considered you a friend. You told me years later that when you created her you were "just fucking around," and that in fact I had been an integral part of your decision to keep Raine as a character.


My character crush for a decade (whom I never had the guts to pursue IC), Raine became an integral part of the story my current main comes from, with your permission. I've got plans to make an AE arc of it soon, in your honor.


We were never close, but I feel the loss all the same. You were a really good friend.



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We didn't talk overly much as the years went by, but Perfidus was always good to me out-of-character even if our roleplay characters didn't always get along. No one ever wants to hear that their community has lost another member, especially one who has been ingrained into the lives of many people and characters, and especially one who was always a good friend. Just rest assured that no one will forget the fun times we shared thanks to you.


See you, space cowboy. I hope things are better on the other side

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