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Descent to the Hydra (Abandoned Sewer Trial) miscolored chests


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It's actually been this way since the Trial was back on live, but I sure wish someone would fix it.


It's supposed to be color-keyed so that the mustard-yellow chests have the Particle Cannon and the lime-green chests have the Thermite Cannon in them. However, at least one of those chests is actually the wrong color—as you can see if you do the trial and select the chest from a distance so its name shows up in your targeting reticle.


It sure would be nice if chest color and type was consistent. (That is, fix the colors of the erroneous chests, not what they have in them.) One fewer thing for Trial leaders to worry about in making sure that people don't take the wrong kind of cannon for their team role by accident. Any chance of a fix in a future patch?

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