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Arachnos Widow Costume Slots


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Due to the fact characters start with multiple costume slots unlocked, this creates problems for the Arachnos Widow (who has a first slot that doesn't translate well to other slots).


How it used to work...


There was a quest line at Level 10 for the Widow that would unlock her first costume slot. This would take the face, hair, skin color, and body sliders from the starting costume (which is special) and create a slot from it. All future slot unlocks would be based on this slot so that you wouldn't have to pay to get the same body/skin/face/hair every time.


What we see with multiple costumes already unlocked...


The Level 10 quest line does nothing. All costumes are default completely blacked out with every slider down the middle. Thus, loading in your saved Widow costume with corrections enabled (to get your sliders and skin tone, nothing else loads) incurs an 81,000 INF cost just to match what you already have. The Level 10 quest line does give you a free costume so it isn't a big deal. Until you go to setup your third+ costume and you have to pay 81,000+ just to load in a saved file to get your body proportions every time.


What would be ideal...


I can think of several ways to fix/address this, though without digging through the source, I'm not sure the difficulty or feasibility of these.


  • Do not unlock extra Widow costumes until the level 10 quest has been completed and a baseline has been established.
  • Enable the extra Widow costumes with the settings they would have at the end of the level 10 quest at level 1 (proportions, face, skin, hair, persisted with generic tights)
  • Detect the strange, all black, super default costume for the Widow and do not charge the first time it is configured for the sliders (I don't need free costumes, I want affordable ones; I wouldn't complain if the first time an unlocked slot is configured the first costume is free as it would certainly address my concerns/issue).



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Costume changes are free when you are level 1-2. What you need to do is as soon as you exit the tutorial, talk to the first level up contact and select the tailor option.


Just as you noticed, my slot #2 did not have the proper sliders or face it was just a random look that had propagated to every slot. So I saved my costume parameters from slot 1 and applied them to slot 2 ignoring the error message to correct the face/sliders. I then created a new non-NPC system look (which is the issue, slot 1 uses the NPC models), saved it, and pasted it onto all my other slots to reset them.


TLDR you just need to know to fix it at level 1.


Now what would be very nice is if someday we could have a 2nd NPC costume slot. I'd like to have a helm-off version of my widow. And actually since I'll probably have a fortunata build and a night widow build, the same outfit in 2 color palettes.

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That's a great workaround! However, I would like to see this addresses properly as I don't feel like restarting my Level 29 Widow. If the servers get wiped again, I'll def do this though! Thank you for the information!

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