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Night Widow vs Bane Spider


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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to do one of the epic archetypes on villain side (night widow or bane spider) for their steath attacks.

I read lot of writings about them and just can't choose, could you give some advices ?


Thank you.

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I think this will largely boil down to the old Soldier vs Spy choice.


Brute Strength (Bane) or Intelligence (Widow)

Warrior (Bane) or Rogue (Widow)

Gork (Bane, or maybe Widow) or Mork (Widow, or maybe Bane)

Captain America (Bane) or Black Widow (Widow)

Laser Mace (Bane) or Wrist Blades (Widow)

Bane (Bane) or Widow (Widow)

Armor (Bane) or Spandex (Widow)

Or reverse those because that can all change based on backstory and post-10 costume (aside from Mace/Wrist Blade Choice)

Rerolling far too often, even by this game's standards.

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