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Newb Blaster Power Selection Question


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I currently main a SS/SD Brute and am looking to start exploring some ranged DPS. I've always been interested in Blaster, particularly a weapons based Blaster. I enjoy all the content the game has to offer so I would want a build that is capable at all 3 "levels" of the game - beginning/mid/end game. I am looking for some guidance on primaries and secondaries, what pairs well and why, what doesn't and why. This would be 100% for PvE and it's ok if the sets require expensive enhancements. The combinations I would like to know about are:


Archery, AR, Beam/TA

Archery, AR, Beam/Dev

Archery, AR, Beam, DP/Ninja Training 

AR/Martial Training 


Dual Pistols would be a second blaster build I'd be interested in down the road.


DP/Ice - I feel like there is a lot of utility here (Blastfender?)


Thanks folks! 


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Archery is a lot easier to work with than AR, AR is extremely controversial and requires lots of practice to use and IMO, does not provide the AOE consistently that Archery does.


Beam is quite nice, it provides a lot of debuff proc options. It only lacks some AOE capability. 


AR/Beam are your best bets for primaries.


TA is amazing for Arrows because you're permanently at range with mezzes to prevent deaths. It also gives you some defense, more recharge than any other secondary, and overall just looks good together.


Devices is a really interesting secondary with a steal component but that component is easily achieved in other ways. However, it gives you one specialty: Trip Mines, which are an extremely good AOE damaging power, although you don't get huge utility out of that in groups.


Ninja is going to try to "force" you into range, while not a bad set, if you want "ranged DPS" I don't think this is the secondary for you.


Of all your options, I think the one most will find that they would favor is Archery/TA. The T9 is exceptional, good damage, and extremely short recharge, with TA paired, it's even easier to get it down to like a 15 second T9 nuke.

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Archery has two big benefits and a minor one.

The big benefits IMO are that it's incredibly light on endurance; I've never played anything else that's nearly as good on the blue bar.  Even at level 40 I've never had end issues even in long drawn out AV fights.  Second, it offers decent AOE with fairly quick recharging attacks, you can almost chain Fistful and Exploding for AOE with Rain (your nuke) tossed in every few rotations while filling the gaps with a few hard hitting ST attacks.


The minor benefit (or it may be another major depending) is the range, Archery has the longest ranged attacks of any primary I've played so you can bring hell from way the heck out of the enemies range.


My favorite secondaries for Archery would be TA for more ranged goodness with a sizable helping of control, an Archery/TA blaster plays like a cross between a Blaster and a Controller.  My other favorite is Energy Manipulation mainly for Boost Range... want to kill mobs so far away you can't even see them?  Then /EM is for you, and you'll have lots of extra room in the build since many of the powers don't really fit with the idea of staying out of melee.

Guardian Survivor, occasional tanker and player of most AT's.

Guides: Invulnerability Tankers, The first 20 levels.  Invulnerability Tankers Soft Cap defense





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