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  1. STILL only 25 cents! I well remember those days, comics were an obsession of mine all through the 70's and 80's up until I got too busy running my business to have extra time. I think it was around the Death of Superman/Rise of the Supermen storyline that I stopped collecting, and along about 2000 I got the ultimatum that the boxes and boxes full of comics had to go.
  2. Maybe you should quit while you're ..... er, not in the lead?
  3. I use both on almost every build I make. I also recommend the Performance Shifter Endmod and Proc in Stamina if you don't already have it, they'll do wonders for your endurance issues. For Regen I'd probably think about either Musculature (+damage) or Spiritual (+recharge) for your Alpha, Reactive for Interface and Barrier for Destiny. I like Ion for Judgement since it gives the largest AOE, Lore is a take your pick although Clockwork are popular and you'll want the Melee Hybrid. My Fire/Regen Stalker is build for 45% S/L defense via the Kinetic Combat sets in all my ST attacks among other things, and the knockdown proc fires often enough to really help cut down on incoming damage. I have a nonstandard Stalker build since I don't have the ATO set in Assassin's Strike... I used another Kin Combat set there. I also almost never use MOG, it's a panic button while I mash my heals and Instant Healing on the very rare occasions where I need it. I have it, but it's there mostly as an IO mule. Tough/Weave and Maneuvers/Tactics/Assault are also in there along with the Kismet +6% to hit proc and both +3% defense uniques. It requires sacrifices to get soft capped S/L defense on a Regen but the tradeoff in added durability is well worth it, I've solo'd GM's in the Hive with this character. Soft capped defense is great. Soft capped defense on top of the massive Regen and heals is even nicer. Barrier is a great alpha absorber that's up frequently and lasts much longer than MOG.
  4. Weapon is really a substandard choice on any AT, pretty much any other choice is better by the numbers. Of course character concept can be a subjective thing so you should pick the one that feels right for you. If you end up regretting your choice you can always type /respec. Body is certainly a valid choice for you if you're having endurance issues. I find Focused Accuracy to be a bit too much endurance for too little gain but there's other good utility choices there. Most of my damage dealers tend to go with Fire for the APP, it's a top choice for damage but may not fit your concept unless you can think of it as tossing an incendiary grenade. I know the animations don't really work for that unless you're tossing a handful of burning something. I pretty much have all my endurance issues worked out by the time I'm choosing my APP so I'm usually looking for damage instead of utility. It's your character, you need to choose what's fun for you. Give it some thought, try it out and if it doesn't work for you then respec and change it. With all the free respecs we get now there's no reason not to experiment.
  5. You can use any of the elemental ones and adjust the color to make it the next thing to invisible.
  6. That should serve you well, Invuln is tough enough that it doesn't need any additional help from the secondary. My only experience with Electric is with an Elec/Shield Stalker, but I like the set. Electric offers a good shot of AOE although it's ST damage isn't top tier. Still, it will work very well for you. You may want to reconsider Set IO's, with a fairly minor investment you can drastically increase your durability. The guide in my signature gives you an outline with mostly relatively inexpensive IO's that will probably double your durability. I haven't priced it all out recently, but it should come in under 50 million, less if you craft them, and most of the IO's you want are available in the 20's so you get the benefit of them most of the trip to 50. Sure, if you really want you can go to a higher end build and probably double your durability again but you'll likely be spending closer to a billion inf instead of around 50 million.
  7. I've heard that Energy is getting some attention in the next issue but for now I can not recommend the set. We'll have to see what the changes look like. I do hope it gets pulled up out of the cellar where it's currently sitting, right now it's considerably worse than the next worst set. I know there will always be a last place set but there does need to be a valid reason to choose it. Right now I can't see any with Energy Melee. I did play an EM tanker back in issue 6, a Stone/EM. It was a mediocre set that was redeemed by a very good T8 attack, Energy Transfer. Once ET was nerfed from a sub-1 second animation to the current nearly 3 second one that benefit went away and it lost it's one saving grace. After the nerf I shelved my Stone/EM tanker and eventually deleted her, the only level 50 I ever deleted.
  8. If you want to grab aggro fast and hold it tight the best primary is Ice, nothing else is it's equal in that department. It is NOT the most durable primary but a good build will be good enough for most content with your inspiration tray picking up the slack when you run into the rare encounter that's over your head. For absolute durability Stone Armor once you get Granite is the undisputed king, it pays for that with a ton of penalties to mobility, recharge and damage. A half step down from Granite is Invulnerability with Shield slightly below that, both of those can be built to near Granite durability with none of the penalties. Whichever sets you choose you'll certainly want Taunt and a good variety of attacks, particularly AOE attacks. Your aura will help draw mobs in to you, Taunt will grab mobs that are out of your range and attacks will keep mobs glued to you. One pointer, Taunt acts as an aggro multiplier, so an attack + Taunt will get MUCH more aggro than either alone. I recommend getting a ranged attack or two at some point, if your secondary doesn't give you one then Pyre Mastery is a good choice with Fire Blast and Fire Ball. AOE's are always a good choice for getting and holding aggro as well as for pure damage.
  9. The problem is that you cannot hold the attention of more than 17 enemies anymore so herding a map is no longer possible. You can gather up at most two spawns (assuming you're set for +8 or on an 8 man team), any more will peel off and attack others or simply loose interest in you. With a lot of work you may be able to loosely gather up more than 17 mobs but any extras will immediately loose interest in you when another teammate attracts their attention. Unfortunately herding really is dead, and has been since before IO's came into the game.
  10. In my experience Invuln is strong enough that it doesn't need any help from the secondary so really anything should work. My namesake is Inv/Stone and that's a very solid combination that I've played since 2004. Street Justice is a nice set, I had a StJ/Invuln Scrapper back on Live that was a lot of fun and quite effective. Fire Melee is a great option for pure AOE damage... it has nothing to help with survivability but it has really good damage output... since Invuln is quite self sufficient durability wise this is another good choice. Personally I'm not a big fan of Super Strength due to the Rage mechanic and the fact that it's the main cookie cutter tanker, still lots of people play it and enjoy it. The only set I would NOT recommend is Energy Melee, that set got nuked into oblivion way back when and has sat at the extreme bottom of all tanker sets ever since.
  11. THIS. I had the proc in Fire Sword Circle and found it disruptive when it would fire and I tried to unload an AS on the mob only to get the slooooooooooooow animation. I had to watch for the proc to fire and change my attack chain if it did... this was enough of a pain that I moved it to AS... that way I was assured it would not proc before I fired the attack off.
  12. Babbage up 200 yards north of south train!
  13. Not only origin but power level as well. We're talking about a being the size of a planet after all, his power would be so far off the charts in COH terms that he'd make Hamidon look like a level 1 Hellion.
  14. I did my damndest to build a decent Stone/Fire tanker years ago, originally it was rolled up in response to the massive nerfs of issue 5-6 and more or less shelved when IO sets came in and you could build Invuln to close to the same durability with none of the penalties. I devoted every bonus I could beg, borrow or steal in order to overcome the -speed, -recharge and -damage; there wasn't anything to be done about -jump though. I ended up with a character that was less effective than my Invuln, far less mobile and almost up with his damage with a small edge in durability that was mostly academic outside of a few edge cases. I found the character to be far harder to play effectively and even at it's best it wasn't the equal of the Invuln in playability. I have to agree, Stone Armor as it currently exists isn't worth the penalties it imposes, especially in the current game of fast moving teams. Even at it's IO'd best "fast" isn't something Stone can pull off.
  15. No problem, I used to overslot endred in toggles back in issue 3-4 until I saw the numbers and how much more you saved from the attacks. I think one endred in Seismic Smash saved enough end to run all the Invuln toggles for more than 10 seconds.
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