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  1. My worst was Dark/Dark... I abandoned it in the mid 20's as the end was too high and the damage was lacking. This was before the tanker changes, and I didn't stick with it to make an IO build which likely would have solved several of the problems I had with it. I've played a couple of Stone tankers post GDN and ED nerfs and pre-IO; they're kind of junk pre granite with weak defenses and Rooted being your only mez protection. Post Granite the penalties tend to outweigh the benefits. Still they were quite effective and I did get both to 50.
  2. Ionic has a larger AOE than anything else and doesn't need them to be all clumped in a small area. For that reason it's always been my go-to choice on all characters.
  3. My best AOE killer stalker is my Elec/Shield, it's ridiculously easy to quickly clear 4/8 maps and it's very rare to run into a situation I can't handle. My ST damage isn't first rate but with BU/Lightning Rod/Shield Charge/Fire Ball there's not much left of a spawn and Chain Induction/Thunder Strike finishes all but a boss, easily taken out by AS. Then on to the next spawn with CI/Thunder Strike a couple times to clear and BU/LR/SC/FB is back up for the third spawn. If things start getting dicey with health Rebirth fixes that, or some green candy since it tends to drop much faster than I use it. The only character I have that can kill faster is my Fire/EM blaster, but even ranged soft capped he's much less survivable.
  4. They would likely be unbeatable, being able to have high resistances, very high defenses and massive debuffs very few teams would be able to even hit them, provided that the AI had them work together. You'd have an Invuln tanker with around 50% defense and high or capped resistances both inherently and via team buffs. A Dark/Dark Defender capable of nuking enemy tohit chances into the floor along with other nasty tricks. A pair of controllers, Fire/Rad and Ill/Rad, capable of massive damage and extreme debuffs. A pair of scrappers, Spine/Electric and Electric/Shield who have massive defenses, great resistances and high AOE damage. A Kinetic/Sonic defender for buffage and -res debuffage. Finally you'd have a Fire/EM blaster who's soft capped to Ranged & AOE damage. All of them stacking Leadership for +damage and +tohit. Add the AV goodies to that team and I wish you good luck. Of course the AI we have would piss away most of their advantages and likely allow you to separate and defeat them in detail. Assuming competent players behind them I'm not sure they're beatable.
  5. Good news, it needed that. Apart from that the set has always been solid.
  6. I've been away from the game for awhile, did WP's lousy taunt aura ever get fixed? That was why I never played one back then, it didn't have the aggro tools to tank as effectively as any other set.
  7. The problem with that theory is that he'd be an idiot to ADMIT that was the reason, it would just reflect on him being petty. On the other hand I'm sure the thought DID cross their minds when coming up with the story. The reason for it? No, unless they really were that petty. An unconscious factor in their thinking? Very likely.
  8. It can be depending on how you focus it. I generally plan my final build when I roll the character but I concentrate on keeping it playable as I level up. For example, I'll always grab the Miracle & Numina uniques ASAP, and the other uniques I'll try and get as they open up. If I'm going to be using a lot of Kinetic Combat sets in my attacks I'll start slotting them when I can but not necessarily worry about getting the bonuses right away, I do occasionally use placeholder sets in the early going. My armors will get Def/End or Res/End IO's early and likely get some tweaking as I level up. One potential trap is to focus on set bonuses early to the detriment of the basic enhancement of the powers, THAT will make for a FUN time. Of course this also assumes you have the inf (money) to afford this kind of build. It also assumes you're completely familiar with set IO's and IO bonuses so it's generally not recommended for a new player. When you're starting out I generally advocate something similar to your suggestions Hyper although I'd lean towards 1 ACC/3 DAM/1 Endred in attacks that are frequently used. The tier one attack can be left with the single default slot; toss an ACC in there.
  9. I think 17 is correct, the change went in way back when to prevent Tanks from herding up hundreds of mobs to be killed with a few AOE attacks. Back in the Issue 3-4 era, or the "Great Age of Tanks" it was easy for a decently built and played Tank to herd up the entire ruined city Drek map, pull the hundreds of Freaks to one location and then eradicate the entire spawn. Frequently the Tank was perfectly capable of clearing the map in 10-15 minutes by himself, usually only taking a couple minutes to kill the herd once it was gathered. This lead to the Global Defense Nerf of issue 5 where we lost a huge chunk of our durability followed immediately by Enhancement Diversification of issue 6 which nerfed our enhancements. The net effect was our defenses were cut by at least 50%, in some cases considerably more, AND the aggro cap went in eliminating our ability to hold the attention of more mobs... and the ability of AOE powers to affect more than the cap's limit of mobs. With the benefit of hindsight our power was a bit too much, but the Dev's gutted us way too hard. The raw durability of a well built Invuln tanker then was higher than a Granite tanker with a full IO build today, and the damage output was greater since we could slot 300% damage enhancement (6 slot Nucleus HO enhancements... they were 50% Acc/Dam back then) in our major attacks.
  10. The worst I know of is Ice/Emp, I didn't play one but a friend of mine did, AND he tried to solo it. No, I don't know what he was thinking either but it was his first character and he was determined, or possibly fixated. The combo I personally played and hated the most (that I actually played to any extent) was an Illusion/Empathy controller. The character was rolled up back in 2004 because I "Had to play an Emp" for some reason (ironic note, Safari autocorrected "Emp" to "Empty") and the character would get played on rare occasions when he was in the right level range. Somewhere around issue 20 the character actually made level 50, making it the slowest 50 I ever played.
  11. STILL only 25 cents! I well remember those days, comics were an obsession of mine all through the 70's and 80's up until I got too busy running my business to have extra time. I think it was around the Death of Superman/Rise of the Supermen storyline that I stopped collecting, and along about 2000 I got the ultimatum that the boxes and boxes full of comics had to go.
  12. Maybe you should quit while you're ..... er, not in the lead?
  13. I use both on almost every build I make. I also recommend the Performance Shifter Endmod and Proc in Stamina if you don't already have it, they'll do wonders for your endurance issues. For Regen I'd probably think about either Musculature (+damage) or Spiritual (+recharge) for your Alpha, Reactive for Interface and Barrier for Destiny. I like Ion for Judgement since it gives the largest AOE, Lore is a take your pick although Clockwork are popular and you'll want the Melee Hybrid. My Fire/Regen Stalker is build for 45% S/L defense via the Kinetic Combat sets in all my ST attacks among other things, and the knockdown proc fires often enough to really help cut down on incoming damage. I have a nonstandard Stalker build since I don't have the ATO set in Assassin's Strike... I used another Kin Combat set there. I also almost never use MOG, it's a panic button while I mash my heals and Instant Healing on the very rare occasions where I need it. I have it, but it's there mostly as an IO mule. Tough/Weave and Maneuvers/Tactics/Assault are also in there along with the Kismet +6% to hit proc and both +3% defense uniques. It requires sacrifices to get soft capped S/L defense on a Regen but the tradeoff in added durability is well worth it, I've solo'd GM's in the Hive with this character. Soft capped defense is great. Soft capped defense on top of the massive Regen and heals is even nicer. Barrier is a great alpha absorber that's up frequently and lasts much longer than MOG.
  14. Weapon is really a substandard choice on any AT, pretty much any other choice is better by the numbers. Of course character concept can be a subjective thing so you should pick the one that feels right for you. If you end up regretting your choice you can always type /respec. Body is certainly a valid choice for you if you're having endurance issues. I find Focused Accuracy to be a bit too much endurance for too little gain but there's other good utility choices there. Most of my damage dealers tend to go with Fire for the APP, it's a top choice for damage but may not fit your concept unless you can think of it as tossing an incendiary grenade. I know the animations don't really work for that unless you're tossing a handful of burning something. I pretty much have all my endurance issues worked out by the time I'm choosing my APP so I'm usually looking for damage instead of utility. It's your character, you need to choose what's fun for you. Give it some thought, try it out and if it doesn't work for you then respec and change it. With all the free respecs we get now there's no reason not to experiment.
  15. You can use any of the elemental ones and adjust the color to make it the next thing to invisible.
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