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  1. Frankly if you want DPS I'd go with either a Brute or Scrapper, either can be very tough and leaps and bounds better at damage than a Tanker. Unless you want to tank for a team you'll be happier with either of them than with a Tank. That said, the classic answer for a damage dealing Tanker was Fire/Fire and it's still pretty good today, Fire melee is one of my favorite sets. Shield is another good set for boosting damage and it's quite durable. The ever popular Electric/Shield combination is a staple with Brutes and Scrappers; I see no reason it wouldn't work well for Tankers. Anyway, think it over and decide what you want to do as your focus. Tank and protect the team? Then by all means roll a Tanker. However if you just want to do a lot of damage and survive then consider either a Scrapper or Brute.
  2. I was indeed. Hami tanker back in the old days and many other roles. I think the only AT I never had to 50 was a MM.
  3. The worst I ever played personally was a Stone/EM tanker post nerf. I leveled the character in issue 7 maybe, pre-ET nerf anyway, and it was only marginal then. Once the nerfs hit her I shelved the character... the only level 50 I ever stripped and abandoned. There's lots of combinations with no synergy, kinetic/energy blast or vice versa for example, but that Stone/EM was the worst I played. Some of the best combinations I've run? Broadsword/Shield scrapper, Fire/Energy Manipulation blaster, Dark/Dark Defender, Illusion/Radiation controller, Fire/Radiation controller and several others.
  4. In my opinion yes, it is. I started playing it back in issue 3 in 2004 and I played it continuously until shutdown in 2012. In that time I tried WoW, Star Wars The Old Republic, Champions and several others but none held my attention for long while CoH was running. The customization and power set combinations are a great bonus but what really kept me playing was the community, there just wasn't another community I found like the one here. Very few build snobs or elitist players, this was certainly a game for the casual player and as long as you played your character decently nobody was going to give you grief because you weren't at "optimal DPS" or some such. No "Holy Trinity" of Tank/Healer/DPS, nearly any combination of characters could handle over 90% of the content in the game and most builds could be startlingly powerful... more to the point, most AT's (Classes) simply FEEL powerful to play. As several have mentioned, it's free so go ahead and download it and see for yourself. If you're a solo player I'd suggest playing a Scrapper or Brute since they're straightforward and have enough damage and durability to be forgiving while you're learning the game. I would NOT suggest playing a "Healer" since that play style isn't needed or looked for. Buffs and Debuffs are many times more powerful here than in most games and are far more beneficial to a team than simple healing. As far as powerset choices, most of them are quite functional so pick ones that sound fun. If you want to change your powers (the individual powers you pick as you level, not the power sets themselves) you get a free respec every 10 levels so you can rebuild your character and grab this power in place of that one. Most people you run across will be happy to help you if you have questions.
  5. I've seen some extremely capable fire tanks who could handle anything the game threw at them. Yes, it's weaker in protection than some overall but it's still a stout base to build on. The whole point of Fire Armor was as an offensive tanker as opposed to a defensive one. Stone Armor was the exact opposite, all defense at the expense of offense.
  6. Possibly so. You need to weigh benefit vs cost, most builds I've seen reach 90% or more of their potential with 20% of the cost. Yes, a perma-Phantom Army Illusion/Rad controller is a very expensive undertaking however it's considerably cheaper to build defenses than to build 200% recharge bonuses. Shop around a bit for other sets too... for example in my Invuln soft cap guide I suggested the Kinetic Combat set for S/L bonuses, but also mentioned that the MUCH less expensive Pounding Slugfest set could also do the job if you slotted an additional set of them. Many sets are like that, while the expensive set offers better bonuses you could substitute a cheap set and slot two sets of them for the same benefit at a tiny fraction of the cost.
  7. They can and will strip your defenses in no time since you have no debuff resistance, however with 90% S/L resistance and Healing Flames to patch you up it shouldn't be that bad. I can't look at your build as I'm on my Mac laptop without Mid's but it shouldn't be an issue. I didn't have a lot of problems with a Spine/Electric scrapper back on Live in that situation and your fire tanker should be considerably tougher. Just bad luck with one group of mobs? Check on your actual defense/resistance numbers in game and make sure you didn't get something wrong, or have a brain fart and jump in without something turned on. At a guess you had one of them get lucky and drop your defenses, then others started getting lucky until your defense was in negative numbers and they were more or less always hitting you. Still, a 90% S/L resistance and a tanker's HP bar should have handled it easily. You should have seen a slow drop in your HP that Healing Flames could take care of while you took them out.
  8. I don't really know how to answer that as it's highly dependent on the primary and secondary as well as what your expectations are for the build. For an Invuln tanker you could probably get the vast majority of the maximum durability for $50 million. From there it's all down to how you want to tweak things. Frankly a competent player can handle tanking nearly anything in the game with SO's and a decent team behind you. Set bonuses make things easier sure but what you spend on your build is all up to what you want to accomplish and what you're willing to spend to get there. Most set IO's cost less than a million each even buying them crafted on the auction house; if you're crafting your own then that can drop to MUCH less. Yes, some highly desirable IO's sell for more but outside of a VERY few I don't see many prices over 5 million per IO. I've been doing a lot of marketing recently and I seldom see even the Miracle +recovery or Numina +regen/recovery uniques selling for much over 7 million. Purples, now yes they are expensive but I generally don't look at them in a tanker build unless I'm going for a no holds barred ultimate build.
  9. Pre-shutdown S/L accounted for somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of the damage you'd run into. It does seem that others are becoming more prevalent nowadays... you'll run into more E/N than F/C as a general rule while Psi is becoming more common. Toxic, aside from Vahz in the lower levels, is extremely rare. It's always best to have layered protection... a good shot of defense along with a good amount of resistance is better than either one alone.
  10. That would put the soft cap against those mobs at 58.75% defense. The simple gist is that you cannot reduce the mob's chance to hit you below the 5% floor so any amount of defense beyond the amount needed to counteract the mobs to hit does not matter (barring debuts of course). The way a mobs chance to hit you is figured is that the game takes the base to hit of the mob, subtracts any defense of the target and then adds the accuracy modifier that LT, Boss and AV's get. That's why LT's and higher mobs will hit you more, they have an accuracy (NOT to hit) bonus that's applied AFTER your defense is calculated. I forget the exact amount of the accuracy bonus but if you're soft capped then minions will hit you 5% of the time, LT's will hit a bit more and I think Bosses will hit maybe 8% of the time due to their accuracy buffing the 5%.
  11. If you're starting from scratch it may be better to think about building S/L typed defenses instead of positional. It's fairly easy to build significant defense from nothing in one type or position but it's far more challenging and can cause a lot of undesirable compromises in the build to get multiple positions or types of defense at an effective level. Last I checked, which admittedly was prior to shutdown, Smash/Lethal defense was the best bang for the buck defense... roughly 70% of enemy attacks had one of those two tags. Also there's a ton of sets offering S/L defense. Trying for say 25% or better defense to multiple threats forces you to gather up a lot of set bonuses which may leave you a bit gimped in other areas. My Blasters I tend to build for Ranged defense of around 40% since they don't spend much time in melee. On the other hand a Kinetic will want to be close to benefit from Transfusion/Transference/Fulcrum Shift so you'll want to evaluate your needs based on that. S/L defense will protect from more than just Melee but you'll also be getting hit by other damage types on occasion. I have to confess to a lack of knowledge on MM's, they're the one AT I've never played to any significant level. If your pets are going to be able to hold aggro then you may want to focus on building them up rather than chasing defenses for yourself.
  12. One thing, you can get all 5 starter enhancements free from the P2W vendor. They're good until around 21 I think when they stop proc'ing and should be replaced. Don't limit yourself to just one of them, they come in handy for DFB.
  13. I remember doing that way back when. I can't remember when the ability to do that was changed but I vaguely recall being... displeased.
  14. I've thought of moving the proc into AS, however I loose either the S/L res from 6 slotting the Stalker set or I loose one set of Kinetic Combat and the S/L defense from it. The build up proc makes sense though and I'll make that change. Boxing is simply a wasted pick to get Tough/Weave and it doesn't fit into my chain so it's kind what the heck on the choice between Boxing/Kick. My attack chain is already more than full without either. The Panacea proc I hadn't though of, sounds like a good idea. I'll be doing a bit of shuffling of powers for a bit more respec friendly build, particularly Recall Friend could be earlier for lower level TF's.
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