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MIX and match power set


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HI Guys,

I had an idea for a new power set which is MIX and MATCH. I have a few favourite powers from different sets which I would love to bring together.

For example you can choose one power from super strength then the next one from dark melee for example. You don't always have to mix powers if you don't want too, that's the whole point, it's freedom of choice. I thought it would deepen the customization further. The same also applies with the defence sets. Please let me know what you think.

If you like the idea I will go deeper into it, until then, fight on.

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Champions Online allows something like this via their "freeform" system.  Frankly, it's horribly unbalancing and would either result in godlike characters or super gimped ones;  Imagine if you took some beam rifle attacks but not disintegrate.  Imagine if you took street justice and rage from SS.  Don't get me wrong - I think there is a way to create a few sets that mixed things up a bit, but not to the extent you're suggesting...

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So as an example of a way I think this could work, would be for Dominator Assault sets, such as this Ranger Assault Set I suggested.


I could also see something like a dual pistols/dual blades assault set, and perhaps beam rifle/titan weapon or katana.  I don't see how you could combine 2 or more melee sets all together, unless you added a new gimmick to that set specifically for the combined/mis-mash of powers it contains.

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