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  1. Well, it'd be interesting if the heal chained, (as you indicated). I wouldn't make it enemy-dependent though; Just have it chain from 1 ally to the next. I'd also give the set a lot of different ways to aid yourself and your allies in recovering end - either through a direct buff, or what if you summoned some "support voltaic sentinels" that floated around and emitted a +rec and +regen effect or something? Maybe there could be a power which is a toggle damage and -regen -rec aura that you can place on an ally as well. Another idea would be a sort of "electrical link" power, which connects you to an enemy - they suffer a DoT and/or -end while you simultaneously emit a HoT and/or "end over time" effect to you and your nearby allies. I feel like a res shield for allies has already been done in other sets, so maybe have i be an absorption over-shield or something that protects against *everything*, only at a lesser value than the separate typed ones...
  2. Why not just allow *any* damage type to ignite the oil slick, or change entangling net arrow to electrified net arrow? I certainly agree that TA needs a lot of love, but either of those solutions should be (relatively) quick and easy to implement...
  3. Well, MMs can already get an extra pet in dark miasma, and some of the primaries can summon additional ones. If they were to implement some sort of summon/control or control/summon AT, I'd imagine that having all those pets would be factored into whatever damage numbers/scalars they'd get. Still, I think they could make for some very fun play experiences...
  4. If I had to guess, it was probably to avoid the chance of ever confusing MM pets with NPCs.
  5. I was trying to create an homage character to the Martians from Duck Dodgers, when I realized how difficult it is to create a character with regular eyes but no mouth; The closest I was able to create was achieved by using one of the bandit/assassin/ninja masks...
  6. I often lament the lack of bindable in-game slash commands for adjusting the value of voice, SFX, and music...
  7. Agreed. It'd be nice if you could have options like applying some bandages, maybe using a wand, and so on.
  8. There have been a few rare instances IRL, where I have heard that distinctive hum of a "glowie" in real life, (or at least close enough to it to trigger memories of playing the game). In that case, my first reaction is to look around for some key item, only to quickly catch myself and feel embarrassed...
  9. AFAIK, no one gets control sets as a secondary, so it's hard to say if they could be adequately scaled down to fit such a secondary roll. I suppose you'd have to reduce their duration and other effects; Lowering the magnitude would be to great of a reduction in their effectiveness, IMO.
  10. Not that I agree with it, but I think that some people want to be able to wear a costume piece, knowing that no one else who hasn't completed some task or set of tasks/conditions, couldn't show off said accomplishment. If you allow everyone to choose how they get access to such stuff, then person A, who has grinded out some "Kill X enemies" task doesn't have anything over the person that simply chose to cut out the middleman...
  11. Well, I think it's more a matter of finding ways to proliferate the assault, manipulation and summoning sets, likely via new ATs. One of the common ways of doing that, that I've observed, is to remove the direct attacks from the MM sets and replace them with something that's complimentary to or fills in the gaps of whatever other set you pair it with. For instance, maybe have an assault set as the primary, and a MM summon as the secondary, only with the attacks replaced with 2 shields and a mez protection power.
  12. Go back and read what I wrote, because you are blatantly ignoring that "ally-only" and "enemy only" are conditions separate from oil slick arrow's. Sorcery's enflame is actually more versatile because it has a function vs allies or enemies. Now, if they added an additional effect to oil slick arrow, where it did something different if it were hit with cold, negative energy, smashing, lethal, or psi, then maybe you'd have a point. You cannot take poison, as a MM, without having access to henchmen. In fact, they modified the set for ATs that don't have them. If they didn't, then again you'd have a point. You don't need to go outside of your primary for that, either.
  13. No argument there. Ally-only and enemy-only powers are commonplace and well-established in CoH's history. Name me any other power that requires a power outside of the set and of a specific damage type, in order to trigger its full effect...
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