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  1. The self-proclaimed "master of all things that flow", also known as "Aqua Tempore": Aqua Tempore2.costume
  2. "The Sublime Ichor": sublime ichor2.costume
  3. Is that 1st one a tribute to his NES depiction?
  4. A minor member of the Seelie court of Paragon City, who adopted one too many "bad habits" from its human populace, "The Midnight Sprite" has decided to immerse herself in said culture and fully embrace the heroic lifestyle... midnight sprite1.costume
  5. The heiress to "Eldritch Cola", with a nearly unlimited R&D budget, aspirations to be a hero, and an ego to match, had her engineers develop the Tactical Heroic Interdiction Response SuiT, or "THIRST", so she could make those aspirations a reality. Now going by "The Pop-Star", she's ready to deliver a heaping load of refreshing justice to villains everywhere! pop-star1.costume
  6. I just use windows in-built "snip & sketch" tool to capture mine; You just launch the program, shrink it down to its smallest size, then alt+tab to it while CoH is running, and click "New" to kind of freeze the window and select what you want to capture. You get good at timing the animations playing out in the power customization section of the costume editor...
  7. Sometimes you're up against the clock, but a select few make the clock work to their advantage. One such person is "The Timeline Trooper": timeline trooper1.costume
  8. I've had a bit of "costume-creator's block" lately, but I think this one came out rather nice; Don't let her darker coloration scare you, as "The Queen Beeyond" is here to help! queen beeyond1.costume
  9. There is a hairstyle under "standard" called "topknot", which is what I think you're looking for...
  10. So I've taken some ideas from @Yellowjacket @Shocktacular & @Robothenri, and come up with this. Thanks again! daemchyld3.costume
  11. Thank you @Yellowjacket @Shocktacular & @Robothenri! Love all your designs & ideas!
  12. With the weather getting warmer, it is time for this refrigeration-technician-turned-hero to make her debut - I present to you "Cream-Sickle": cream-sickle2.costume
  13. I'm looking for a bit of advice for my latest character "Daemchyld" - She's a half-demon who had lived outside of society for most of her life. She wears a mixture of demonic armor and various fashions from the human world that catch her eye. Thanks for your consideration! daemchyld2.costume
  14. I soooooo wish we could get the cape part without the "apron" in front, (or at least get rid of the black stripes)...
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