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  1. A genius scientist who is too smart for her own good, she took her goal of being "fluid" or "malleable" a bit too far, with regard to what she wanted to achieve with her latest experiment. At least having the foresight to construct a containment suit for emergencies, she was able to prevent herself from literally going down the drain. No longer human, this scientist-turned-crimefighter now goes by "The Droplette": droplette2.costume
  2. I feel like some folks just want to beat up enemies as a hero or villain, instead of the innumerable fantasy MMOs out there, but perhaps don't want to bother with the more mechanical aspects of the game. That being said - yeah, just look up a build for the AT or powersets that you want and call it a day...
  3. It basically uses a simpler rendering method and/or simpler textures. Take a screenshot while in the mode and compare it to a regular one to see. Things tend to look flatter and there's little to no reflections/metallic effects. I have an old i5 laptop I bought used and refurbished, and use that setting on it because it only has Intel graphics...
  4. This would be great as a head accessory! We already have a scarf and tattered cape that consist of 2 tails, so I wonder if they could be adapted...
  5. IMO, people that ask for a build, or for their build to be critiqued, are looking to accomplish a certain level of performance or to accomplish a certain goal/task. Those that want to "wing it" or decide as they play, wouldn't really post about their build or seek feedback on it. I'm not really sure what the OP is trying to accomplish here, but folks that want to pick and choose powers and slots are already doing so...
  6. I'd rather a more generic "small arms" or "personal defense" type power pool - perhaps something like: 1. Throwing knife - similar to the origin power, but with greater range, more damage, and slottable. 2. Steadied shot - a simple, aimed single pistol attack; low lethal damage, small -def debuff. 3. Reinforced clothing - auto power, minor resistance to all damage (very small amount). 4. Flashbang - thrown grenade power - minor smashing damage, disorients targets in a small AoE. 5. Combat training - toggle power that grants a small de
  7. I appreciate the input, but perhaps you missed the part where I said that I was already aware of the manual method of accomplishing this...
  8. In light of the events of Ragnarok, what are the actual capabilities of the hammer, then? Just a very heavy/dense/hard hammer that returns to its user?
  9. I suppose "effort" is the wrong word to use - I more meant development and/or build-up. For instance, we saw the whole selection, contemplations on, and process for Captain America getting his powers, but Captain Marvel just shot an experimental engine/reactor and got caught in the explosion.
  10. If it's a well-told story, with interesting characters, and doesn't try to pander to or berate the audience, then I don't care if it's a story where the entire universe is at stake, or if it's about saving people from a burning building. I want a world that makes sense and is internally consistent. I want to see characters that think logically, (or at least reasonably within the context of the story). I want to see flawed/human characters, who have to learn, train, and grow as the story progresses. I am, at this point, turned off by characters that seemingly get their powers with little ef
  11. I played around with a few designs, and here's what I came up with, (1 is brown and 2 is tan/beige): demdark1.costume demdark2.costume
  12. The issue, IMO, is separating "ridiculous" from "bad taste" or, as you put it "a discordant and eye-searing color explosion". I also think there should be some distinction between characters that are ridiculous by happenstance vs those that are ridiculous by design...
  13. So I was originally going to make this character a sort of "supermodel/diva meets low-level vigilante", but after playing around with different colors and costume pieces, I instead decided to make her a relief worker who, after working with several members of "The Lost", became a little too interested in the changes they were undergoing and weapons they were utilizing. To this end, she used that close contact to gather a few DNA samples and choice pieces of equipment. Thus, she became the wielder of "Alluring Armaments", not because of her appearance, but because of the power to do good that
  14. This thread reminds me of how many early 3D games that used 2D backgrounds, (think Resident Evil), would kind of "remember" your control orientation, even if the perspective shifted, so you may have to continue to press down to move forward, even if you were now moving away from the screen. Regardless, just set your controls the way you like, then save them so you can quickly reload them on any future alts you create...
  15. One of the things about CoH that always boggled my mind was how gangs that messed around with demons (Hellions) or death (Skulls) are considered low-level threats, while glorified LARPers like the Warriors are tougher. The whole dynamic seems out of whack, (though I guess the same logic is applied when the Joker can suddenly pose a threat to Superman, when the plot demands it)...
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