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  1. Back to female costumes now, since I like their options and how they turn out better, I present to you "Kitt Bash": kitt bash 2.costume And here's a slightly tweaked version with a Beam Rifle: kitt-bash1.costume
  2. I've created a lot of female costumes lately, so I figured I'd go with a male one this time. I present to you, "Mr. Fissile": mr fissile2.costume
  3. Those are awesome! I sooooooo wish we could get those steampunk belts without the clock on them, though...
  4. Yeah... I wanted something a bit more protective than just sandals, and I thought the Roman armor was too "expected", if that makes any sense. Cheers!
  5. I really love this design! I took it as inspiration, and came up with a slightly more colorful one for "Strike-through": strike-through.costume
  6. I wanted to go with something with a bit of a classical flair, so here is "The Piercer of the Veil": piercer1.costume
  7. I'm confused - I'm just talking about the weapon model. Why would it be that difficult to simply swap-in the AR models into the selection of BR ones? They're held the same, and there are both long and short BR models already...
  8. I see no reason why it really matters what your "beam rifle" looks like, especially if you consider that dual pistols has some very non-ballistic-looking options available. More options is better, IMO, and if you don't like a particular weapon model, just don't use it...
  9. Not only would I proliferate all beam rifle weapon models between Bots Masterminds and the Beam Rifle set proper, but I'd go as far as also sharing the Assault Rifle models...
  10. Can we see how your character turned out? 🙂
  11. If you play around with the color options, you can use regular tights, (and their associated patterns), to basically pull off what you're asking for. You tend to have to go with less-than-usual skin tones, but it's definitely doable...
  12. Thanks! Here's my attempt, (I modified a costume I created recently, and rather liked how it turned out): conflagrationist 1.costume
  13. I hate to be a PITA, but do those colors correspond to specific boxes on the in-game color palette, (or should we just use our best guess)?
  14. If they can iron-out MM pet customization, then you basically solved the problem. It's a huge hurdle, but I think this would be the best approach...
  15. I had some down-time, so here's anther I put together - "Singularia": singularia.costume
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