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  1. Mess with this gal, and you'll find yourself in deep schist. Not to be taken for granite, I present to you a woman who "Revels in Rubble": revels in rubble.costume
  2. I believe many of the "young" faces were added when they launched CoH in Asia, (Korea?). They seem to have larger eyes than some of the other faces, though that may just be due to them trying to portray a more youthful look. Still, I'm all for more face options, (though how fitting various anime styles would be to the CoH design aesthetic is up for debate).
  3. I love that look! It reminds me of a long coat or a trench coat. Inspired by this, I present to you, "The High Society Striker": high society striker.costume
  4. I wonder if they can just enable the "hide FX when close" option to simply hide them at all times...
  5. I wanted to do something classic, but different, so I present to you, "The Techno-Primitive": technoprimitive.costume
  6. Fantastic use of the brooch! Very classic look! Cheers!
  7. I was watching some MOTU videos recently, which inspired me to create "The Eternal Imposter": eternal imposter.costume
  8. Sorry if I'm flooding the thread at this point, but here's one inspired by the season: "Hollow Eve" hollow eve.costume
  9. This made me laugh, but also gave me an idea: I present to you, "Titillation": titillation.costume
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Here's my attempt at "Radiated Enforcer": radiated enforcer.costume
  11. I'd also like to see, for instance, options to have the veil without the bow. I'd also love to be able to use the gunslinger belt without the apron part up front. Similarly, I'd love to see the victorian-style collar with just the choker, (no lace). It'd also be fantastic to have a variation of those belt/waist pieces that have a hanging cloth option, to use the colors you pick for both the interior and exterior. Cheers!
  12. Here's my attempt, (actually 2 types of candy): "Lollipops n Licorice": lollipops n licorice.costume
  13. Just so I'm clear, is this "Radiated Enforcer" himself a cyborg/robot/human in a suit? What kind of powers does he use? Do you want to stick to oranges & browns, or are you open to other colors? Thanks!
  14. I wanted to do something a bit simpler and eerie. While playing around with various ideas, I noticed that the shiny chainmail adds a neat shimmer effect, while also somewhat distorting any pattern applied to it. I still wanted there to be some color, and after much tweaking, I present to you "Madam Mask": madam mask 3.costume
  15. I really like the way you combined pieces and colors with this one! Inspired by it, (though I went in a different direction), I present "Karat Clash": karat clash.costume
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