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  1. Well, you're certainly free to do what you like, but even just providing an outline of what a powerset would do helps the reader imagine what your intention is or how you imagine such a set working. Regardless, here's some of my ideas: 1. Single pistol "blast" set - focusing more on accurate, high-damage attacks instead of dual pistol's flashier/gimmicky ones. 2. Thrown weapons/throwing knives ranged set - Either expand on the martial assault powers or utilize wholly new attacks. 3. Monster summoning; This would be a mastermind primary, and you could use the hydra tentacles, devouring earth 'devoured', Rularuu watchers, to give the set a creepy/inhuman vibe. Maybe use thorns/spines attacks to fill out the set. 4. Sonic armor - Basically utilize variants of sonic resonance powers to create an armor set. 5. Temporal armor - Similar to sonic armor, create an armor set utilizing the 'Time Manipulation' set. 6. Infernal Assault - Many have suggested some variant of this, but basically create a dominator secondary utilizing the whip attacks form the demon summoning mastermind primary along with appropriate melee attacks, (savage melee, claws, fire sword melee attacks, etc)...
  2. I may be in the minority, but having built my own computer for many years, I've just grown tired of having to install the motherboard and connect all those small header leads. To that end, I've changed my approach to where I buy decent/good "barebones" computers, (sometimes used), and upgrade/customize them to my liking. This can drastically cut down the cost of your computer. I've started with something like the below links, then added an SSD, a dedicated video card, and other features as desired. Hope that helps! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hp-Compaq-8300-Elite-intel-Core-i7-3770-3-40-GHz-8-GB-RAM-500-GB-HDD-WINDOWS-7/401741768523?hash=item5d89ace74b:g:eFUAAOSwohVco3Mu https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Compaq-8300-Elite-CMT-TWR-i7-3770-3-4-GHz-16-GB-RAM-1-TB-HDD-Windows-10-Pro/184144198963?hash=item2adfd97d33:g:1LgAAOSwSXFeK3MK https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Compaq-Elite-8300-CMT-i5-3470-Quad-Core-3-2GHz-8GB-RAM-500GB-HDD-3061/163982877865?hash=item262e2424a9:g:ciMAAOSwzahdjlmv *Note - Just be aware that unless you change the power supply, you may need the below additional components in order to supply power to a dedicated graphics card: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Pin-Molex-to-6-Pin-PCI-Express-PCIE-Video-Card-Power-Converter-Adapter-Cable/222637300975?hash=item33d6379cef:g:Np0AAOSwqYZZsP4d https://www.ebay.com/itm/15pin-SATA-Power-to-6pin-PCIe-PCI-e-PCI-Express-Adapter-Cable-for-Video-Card/122880279778?epid=0&hash=item1c9c3c44e2:g:SCIAAOSw9~5ZPZns
  3. Maybe elaborate upon your ideas a bit more? Check out how similar powersets are constructed over at paragonwiki.com and come up with something...
  4. Can you put together a proposal for how you envision such a set or sets working? I can see them using the rifle-butt pummel and bayonet attacks for AR and BR, but what about for pistols? Are there any pistol-whip attacks in game already?
  5. You may be able to do something with the CoT Spectral Daemon Lord or Wailers to make them look more dragon-like...
  6. It might be too difficult to implement full dragons, but you could do something like this: 1. Shriek (per the sonic attack power) 2. Summon "draconoid" or lizard/snake-man (use the snakes enemy model) 3. Scream (as per the sonic attack power) 4. Grant Mystical Equipment (1st upgrade power) 5. Shockwave (sonic attack) 6. Summon Harpies (use the harpy/avian-like Talons of Vengeance models) 7. Siren's Song (as per the sonic attack power) 8. Summon Minotaur 9. Grant Legendary Equipment (final upgrade power) *I was debating using some powers from water blast, spines/thorny assault or plant control instead of the sonic ones...
  7. Here's a very quick Rikti set: 1. Psionic dart 2. Summon Rikti Soldiers, (3rd one summoned is a Guardian who can buff allies). 3. Mental blast 4. Improved Gear - 1st upgrade power 5. Psychic scream 6. Summon Headman Gunmen 7. Summon Portal - The portal is targetable/destructable, and summons Rikti Conscripts every few seconds 8. Summon Chief Mentalist 9. Elite Gear - Final upgrade power *I went with the psychic blast powers because the Robotics set already gets the energy rifle attacks.
  8. Does this work in reverse, like if I wanted a much closer picture of my character? Also, can you change the height of the camera? Thanks!
  9. Mastermind sets are, from what I understand, quite difficult to implement. Regardless, put together and present each power of the set, and outline some mechanics for how things would work...
  10. I suppose it's a matter of how you look at things and what criteria you are using. A blaster's entire primary is basically ranged attacks, and several secondaries have no or few significant melee attacks. I'm not discounting the playstyle, but I just view "blapping" as an optional/alternative way to play the AT...
  11. Well, I meant it partly in jest, but also partly as a "hardcore mode" foisted upon all players... 😉
  12. I wonder what the feasibility would be to utilize the tech that "kills" then resummons the MM pets with all their buffs while zoning, to allow the MM to "collapse" or recall their pets then quickly redeploy them...
  13. None of those have a fear or disorient toggle. While energy has a stealth toggle as well, it's schtick *is* energy management via energy drain and energize. I think part of the oddity with the set is how they game the PBAoE utility powers to the melee set. I just rechecked, and DA has 7 toggles vs EA's or Elec's 4, to boot...
  14. The question is how to make new content challenging without just giving enemies more HP and higher damage numbers. Can the AI handle more complex power allotments? Can enemies use tactics?
  15. Whatever is going on, it seems inconsistent. For instance, I rolled up a fire melee/bio armor brute, and enemies would run away. I also recently rolled up a demon/nature mastermind, and if I get into range to use the melee whip attacks, the enemies approach me. Is it possible there's some odd "switch flipped" with regard to taunt mechanics? *shrugs*
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