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  1. So under the tight category, or some others, (like jackets), if you select "Imperial Dynasty 1", the cutouts take on a slightly different value of the primary color you select, (see below): It's then a matter of finding a skin tone that matches that 3rd color you get, (just gotta find one by trial-and-error)...
  2. I saw someone in-game using the Imperial Dynasty top without the gold and that matched their skin. I did a little playing around, and it seems that there's a non-skin/tight option that makes the normally skin parts a different color, based upon the primary color you select. Utilizing this, I present "Extraterrestriana", (or "Triana" for short): extraterrestriana.costume
  3. I was messing around with different color and piece combinations, and came up with "Virulent Vilde": virulent vilde1.costume After playing around a bit, I think the cosmic corsair back piece was a bit too "techie" for Vilde's look, so here's an update with a more fitting, (IMHO), cape:
  4. When the super-powered villains of Paragon City start moving into its parks, you need a new breed of peacekeeper to patrol those areas. Behold: "The City Park Ranger"*! *Kitten not included. city park ranger1.costume
  5. Some supers win the superpower lottery, and some get the short-end of the stick. "Toxicologia" lost her normal appearance in her tweens, and in its place, gained a cracked and toxic-looking visage. On the plus side, she can emit and finely control various toxins, (both helpful and harmful), as well as exerting some control over lower lifeforms... toxicologia3.costume
  6. In the current implementation of the costume creator/editor, there is basically only 2 zoom levels, (with some automatic adjustments if you go to certain categories, like the head section vs the torso section). What I'm suggesting is some sort of user-controlled slider, or perhaps a checkbox that you tick, then allows you to use the mouse wheel to manually zoom in, like how it behaves in-game. Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated!
  7. You don't need social media. You can, for instance, create a free account on imageshack, without using facebook or such. Cheers!
  8. Welcome aboard! I'll mirror what @Techwright suggested with showing off your best few on the "post-your-best-costume-designs-here" thread. Further, perhaps you could create a simple album on an image hosting site with your entire catalogue of costumes, and add a link to it in your signature. Cheers!
  9. I tried a few designs, using what you described. I wasn't feeling the gold, but please feel free to modify my design, below: island goddess.costume
  10. "Sometimes the path to everlasting happiness involves fleeing your arranged marriage, taking up arms, and making your own way", so sayeth 'The Morningstar Princess': morningstar princess.costume
  11. The fire doesn't just bring destruction, but also life. Embodying this is "The Balefire Spinney": balefire spinney2.costume
  12. Whether she began life on the surface or was born below the waves, "Damla Dredge" makes frequent forays underseas, only to return FROM THE DEPTHS! damla dredge1.costume
  13. Great look & a wonderful play on words!
  14. Despite being exposed to the ravages of time and darkness, she remains "The Extant": extant1.costume
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