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  1. Let's assume for a moment that the way the game tracks player positions is via an invisible "box" that surrounds your customer, (now I know it's more complicated than that, but just bear with me for the moment). This box can be designated as "solid", (i.e. other such boxes cannot pass through it), or permeable, (other objects can pass through). It's not just a matter of toggling some feature on or off to change this behavior. There are consequences that may result from just switching it off.
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you, but I don't think you can just "toggle off" the collision detection, (short of having none, I suppose, which may result in you falling through the floor or going "out of bounds").
  3. Perhaps it was a simpler, less network-intensive implementation to go with back in 2004. Keeping track of someone's rectangular prism instead of the totality of their polygons was probably decided from a pragmatic standpoint...
  4. It was so much fun to participate. Thank you so so much!
  5. I'm not a higher-end player by any means, but one thing to consider is that your tier-1 and tier-2 minions are mainly melee. With that in mind, consider the electric secondary - particularly Faraday Cage, which will allow you to setup a zone that grants significant damage resistance and status protection. You can then use the chaining-heal to bounce between those minions and keep them topped off. Barring that, I am rather fond of the nature secondary.
  6. Quick question: Are you considering an entire row in the costume creator to be of the same color? Especially if you're including costume pieces that glow, the difference between the darkest shade in a row and the glowing lightest/brightest can make them look like completely different colors. Thank you for your time!
  7. Aping off of my "Rambot", I present to you her magical counterpart - "The Ruby Ram": ruby ram1.costume
  8. I just wanted to provide an update to this topic. As it turns out, that backpack *does* animate, but it's fairly dark/dim, (see below). The exhaust color seems to be tied to the secondary color you select:
  9. No no no! Obviously it'd be an alternate way to upgrade your thugs minions...
  10. Try fiddling with the Windows "Focus Assist" feature. You can read more here.
  11. Similar to my previous post about using shoulder pieces as shields, here are a few other bits that could be repurposed as shields: (The last one that is the set of wings, could work if you keep them in the closed position and rotate it about 90 degrees and imagine the wings would be angled inward toward your arm)
  12. Besides messing around with a bunch of retro games, (it's amazing how many NES/SNES/Genesis/etc games I never even knew about), and logging in for weekly and daily challenges in Fallout 76. one game I like to visit every now-and-again is a little indie one called "#killallzombies". It plays like Smash TV or Total Carnage, except you generally stay on the same map/zone, (albeit one that dynamically changes as you're playing). It's dirt-cheap and really fun if you just want to shut off your mind for a bit.
  13. Agile, sure-footed, tough, and head-strong, she's "The Rambot": (And, yes... I know a "Ram" is a male sheep. 😛 ) rambot3.costume
  14. Really awesome design! Reminds me of the character from Assassin's Creed melded with or if they became a lich.
  15. Here's another I put together - "The Ashen Angel": ashen angel1.costume
  16. Now delivering "Liquor Quicker! (tm)", by means of "Science! (tm)", I present to you, "The Barmaid": ...Just make sure you pay your tab! barmaid1.costume
  17. I present to you the illustrious, incomparable, unbelievable, and ultimate hero - "The Deadliest Doily": 😉 deadliest doily1.costume
  18. Now that I've freed up some space, (thanks again, Glacier Peak), and I've gotten a few ideas, here's another - "The Balefire Boss": Balefire Boss4.costume
  19. Cool costume! I've never really used that backpack. Does it animate at all when flying? Cheers & tyvm!
  20. Here's another I whipped up - "The Clouded Mind's eye": clouded mind's eye1.costume
  21. Thanks! I did some cleaning up of old posts. Now that that's out of the way, here's "The Downward-Spiral": downward-spiral1.costume
  22. Quick question, folks: It seems I am only able to upload a few KB of attachments as of late, (which is why I've been using the photobucket images). Have I done something wrong? Exceeded some forum limit? Thanks for reading!
  23. The proper way to swing a sword is "Edgewyze": edgewyze1.costume
  24. Love the steel blue & dark blue! Is that the Kheldian sash? I thought it was only available to males...
  25. Here is my attempt. I hope it's to your liking: murder-one1.costume
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