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Additions & Changes to Slash Commands

Lost Ninja

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I like slash commands, and I use them a lot both in binds and as macros... these are just a few of the changes I have been thinking about since... well some of these I suggested on live too... so for a while.


Additional Slash Commands
/powexec_slot_t_on (/powexec_slot_toggle_on <slot>)
/powexec_slot_t_off (/powexec_slot_toggle_off <slot>)

You currently need to know the name of the power you're toggling on/off. This causes two issues, 1)in very long macros power names take up valuable space, 2)You canot make a generic /macro to turn on all the powers in a specific tray (I use tray 4 for my toggles), I want to be able to just /bind <key> "powexec_slot_t_on 40$$powexec_slot_t_on 41$$powexec_slot_t_on 42$$..." etc). It wouldn't make the actual commands any easier to access than the current commands, but would allow me to have the bind for all my characters and not need to adjust power names for each character (I have a lot of alts).


/powexec_switch <power 1> <power 2>
Each activation switches the two powers, can be used with mutually exclusive powers like fly/hover, in that case reduces size of macro. Switch resets on zoning logoff/logon.


/activate_random <string> <string> ... etc (/ar)
/activate_sequential <string> <string> ... etc (/as)
/activate_random_file <filename> (/arf)
/activate_sequential_file <filename> (/asf)

Picks one <string> which can be any interpretable string eg command, text, emote... and either uses it randomly, or sequentially. If used with a file it will treat each line in the file as a separate command/chat line/emote/etc. Activate_Sequential command used without options will reset all AS/ASF to 0 (they start from the first <string> line (in file).


Inviting people:

/sg_invite_global - Allows inviting Global friends to SG eg "/sg_invite_global @Lost Ninja", only works with global friends, returns normal error messages if the player is already in SG (/sginvg <global name>) (Must be already a Global Friend to curtail abuse).
/team_invite_global - Invite player to team via global name. (A command like this is listed in various slash command pages, but I have been unable to make it work/verify it works in HC). (/ginvg <global name>)
/league_invite_global - Invite player to league via global name. (/lginvg <global name>)



/send_email <recipient> <title> <inf> <name of recipe/enhancement/salvage/insp/etc> <body...> A working email slash command currently doesn't work to send Inf and unreliable otherwise.



/macro_image "<image>" "<tooltip>" "<command>"
Add an icon to the list of icons that functions as a placeholder for the power referenced in <command> (if one exists).
Change <tooltip> so that if it is input as "?" it passes the tooltip of whichever power it is being used with (or blank is the command isn't a power).
If the /macro is being used to activate several powers the Icon/Tooltip should change.
Would function similarly to how the basic macro does in WoW (or did last I played), you place a question mark icon in the macro, you get whichever icon should be used with that "Spell", if the active spell changed due to some internal logic, or because that spell was on cooldown the icon would change to reflect that.
Also allow /powexec_auto, sniper, etc rings to show on macro_image Icons.

And an in-game Macro_image maker with a searchable/browsable image list would be nice too... 😉


/powexec_location <target> <power>
Either make the target function like normal targeting does when clicking through somebody (automatic target of target (ToT)) for enemies. Or add an additional ToT to the list of possibilities.
Add "cursor" to targets, so the same macro can be used to place at mouse cursor (without clicking). Using the "cursor" target option should also allow targeting within the 2D UI, so allowing healing/buffing types to place heals on team mates without directly targeting them. (Might need a separate command fore this though.)

Allow trickle down targeting (unsure how this would work within the game but if I am targeting an ally place it at their target, if their target is out of range place at them, if I have an enemy target place on that target, if I don't have a target and I have "me"/"0:<range>" in the above target field target place at my feet). eg /powexec_location tot,target,me,cursor bonfire


And if that can be added made to work change all the targeting slash commands to work in the same way.


MM Pet attack commands should also be made to work through who you're targeting, currently pets think that if their master clicks on a friendly target the master is telling them to attack the friend. Make it so the pet targets the ally's target.


Normal macros work this way, only powexec_location and the various pet_com commands are different (could mean an engine limitation, but if not please change).



Change /assist to automatically revert your target back to whoever you assisted when you used it after your target either dies, changes state (Mob to Friendly NPC) or you manually deselect it. Not totally useful if they fix MM pet_com to target through an ally be it could be useful.


Replaceable text additions:

Currently replaceable text includes $name (character name), $level (character level), $archetype (character Achetype), $side (Hero or Villain) and a few more. And can be used in chat/text to make automatic changes to text. eg /bind <key> "lfg Level $level, $archetype LFG mission/trials/TFs (no DFB) ($sideSide)" is one I use a lot on my low level characters for instance my recent Dominator would say in LFG "Level 14, Dominator LFG mission/trials/TFs (no DFB) (BlueSide)". You can also use $name in AE mission texts to give an illusion that the contact giver knows your name. I'd like to add some extra types of replaceable text to make more impressive binds/macros.


$global - Returns the character's Global name eg: @Lost Ninja (useful if you have more than one account, less useful otherwise).
$primary / $1st - Primary power set eg: Broadsword
$secondary / $2nd - Secondary power set eg: Mental Assault
$tertiary / $3rd – Epic/Patron Power Pool eg: Moo Mastery
$reply - Last person to message you.
$greply - Global name of last person to message you IF they are a global friend/in SG/etc. Both these would help with inviting people to teams, leagues based on their messages.

$levelshift - Incarnate level shift amount. (Numerical)

$levelshiftplus - Spits out "+" signs for each positive level shift.

$levelvet - How many levels past 50 are you.

$prestige - How much prestige you have earned within your current SG (only if the return prestige to us ofc).


So taking my previous bind as an example I could now change it to /bind <key> "lfg Level $level, $1st/$2nd $archetype LFG mission/trials/TFs (no DFB) ($sideSide)" so "Level 14, (Mind Control/Mental Assault) Dominator LFG mission/trials/TFs (no DFB) (BlueSide)"


Allow using all the replaceable strings (existing and any suggested) in paths, filenames etc. So /bind_load_file $name.txt would load a file with that character's name eg: If my brute Voracity used /bind_load_file $name.txt The game would attempt to load a file called Voracity.txt


Additionally where a replaceable text string is numerical eg $level or $inf (I wish, see below) enclosing the entire string in brackets (curly) would allow numerical operations to be performed eg: {$level+$levelvet} would spit out your level + veteran level as a single number. {0.5*$inf} would spit out half your Inf


$level$levelshiftplus would if you have three level shifts and are in an incarnate trial would return "50+++"


Lastly have $strings within "{}" curly brackets (parenthesis?) only show if they both/all are positive. For instance {$level+$levelvet} will always be more than 1, so it will always display. However if you had {/$3rd} but have yet to pick an epic pool the whole /$3rd wouldn't print/display.


Apologies for the wall of text-ness of this I've been making a flat text list of additions/changes since I returned to CoH and this is the result, I have no idea if any of this is even possible, it's simply stuff I'd like to see/use in game. There are some more things I'd like to see but I really cannot come up with a good reason why other people would use them so I missed them off the above. Basically an autoexec_file option somewhere to load files into a character, and some extra named strings (predefined), so $str1, $str2, etc that I could store variables in. Also $inf would be handy for bragging in chat or sending all my inf to my main via the working /send_email. Totally don't expect anyone else to want/need those though... just dreaming. 😄

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spelings, clarity, additions, more additions, because I can't spell
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Some slightly clearer examples:

/send_email "$greply" "Stuff" "{0.5*$inf}" "" "n/t"
Would send an email to the last person to /tell me using their global name, email would be called "Stuff" and include half my Inf, no other attachments and only "n/t" in the body. Could be useful for sending stuff from alts to your main/mule/banker/sales person/etc.


/activate_random "cc_emote 0 ccSalute" "cc_emote 0 ccHowl" "cc_emote 0 ccLightning"
Changes to Costume number 1 picking a random (from those given) costume change emote.


/bind <key> "lfg I am a Level $level$levelshiftplus, $1st/$2nd{/$3rd} $archetype. I'd like to find a team doing Missions or TFs in my level range or higher (min 35). I'm currently a $side but am willing to visit Null to change..."
For a Fire/Kin/Mind @ level 50 with t3 Alpha it would look something like:


Pyroclastic Flower: I am a Level 50+, Fire Control/Kinetics/Psionic Mastery Controller. I'd like to find a team doing Missions or TFs in my level range or higher (min 35). I'm currently a Hero but am willing to visit Null to change...
((Note she's not, she's a fire/rad...))


Some of the $strings that I have asked for in the OP may seem like they are (totally are) there for bragging rights, but I could see them appealing to people. For reasons other than epeen inflating.

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