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  1. Not really account names are just account names... Inviting them into SGs or Teams though can be fun... 😄
  2. I could agree with making the current PBAoE Tier 9s into TargetedAoEs instead. As someone who primarily plays blasters as ranged attackers it annoys me when I need to move into melee to do my best damage attack. The fact that outside of Incarnate content I 100% ToeBomb, is neither here nor there. 😉 But I don't think moving the PBAoEs to the secondary would be a good thing. It would make one or two secondaries far more powerful then the rest. You also don't address what you'd place into the primary pool as a replacement. I'd also like to know what problem warrants this change?
  3. On my 50s with Incarnate powers I have at least 3 trays of the stuff I use all the time and a tray and a half of things like teleports/crafting benches. If I was prepared to convert all my Macros to Keybinds I could probably release 10-15 icons of space. Sadly most of my readily remembered keybinds are used already, many with CTRL+ SHIFT+ and ALT+ states as well. Problem I have with macros is because they don't show cooldown information/toggle status you really need the proper power icon as well. If they could make macros work like that I'd not need more trays. But I bet adding more trays is an easier thing to add... 😉
  4. I don't really remember it myself but unless I miss my guess it was one of the sites that if you wanted your character on it you had to upload it? I think really there are three ideas here. To allow access to the original DB of characters for importing into HC. This won't happen. From a legal standpoint it's asking for trouble (even if HC gain legitimacy from NCSoft). And from a logistical standpoint it would be virtually impossible to make sure that a player only has access to his or her own characters. It's really not worth it for any servers this or others. They'd be better off just allowing instant 50s and giving enhancements/inf away. Allow access to the original DB of characters purely for research into what you used to have. This could happen but I doubt under HC... in fact if it was possible to divest the original DB of player/account/billing information, so literally just Server > Character Name > Bio > Build. And have a searchable DB of that I don't see that any of the data protection laws around the world would have any issue with it. But I doubt that HC have the time/energy/need to do that. Allow some API access to the existing character DB to allow fan made sites like a reborn Crey Industries. I for one would love to see an API like that, even though as a coder I doubt I'd use it for anything the many games that I have played that have this sort of access seem to have a more solid interaction with the players even outside of the game.
  5. If you update the Icons in the game files using one of the packs that fix icons. I believe that the /macro_image will show the updated texture. But even if you could do it will completely new textures I wouldn't know how to get /macro_image to even see the new texture. And I already use other icons, love some of the icons that come with mob/pet powers. The idea sprung on me as I was adding some new macros to my master list and it occurred to me that a change like this would probably be in the database side of the game and not need actual code to function so could* be quite easy to add. *With the usual caveat that I'm not a coder nor do I have access to the actual code of the game (even if I could I probably wouldn't understand it, so this might be a massively complex thing to add... 😉
  6. I have a trio with the names: Heavy Illumination - I L L Heavy IIlumination - I I L Heavy IIIumination - I I I I triple box them and I do get some confused conversations "How do you get three characters with the same name?" sort of thing. It was always my dream on live to be able to afford to run 8 accounts (and the hardware/internet/etc) to run a full super team on my own... The Heavy Illumination super team would have been 8 Grav/Rads all with the "same" name, same costume... build... etc. Never happened of course. And unless HC rules on Multi-boxing are relaxed I doubt it will. 😄 I also have a spreadsheet with the exact names because it's a sod to remember which is which... 😄
  7. I know it won't happen. But I'd love to gain access to my old characters (even if it was just in a text file type thing), because unlike many when sunset came a long I didn't have easy access to the majority of my characters and I didn't save anything... I figured the game was going and saving stuff would only make me miserable hankering after things I couldn't have. Having a "print out" of my old characters, especially builds and bios (though I have many of these saved as I wrote them out in a text editor prior to placing them in the game), would be really neat.
  8. Back up existing keybinds (if you want to make sure you don't lose any custom binds): Type /bind_save_file <filename> This will create a text file with all your existing binds in the place you installed CoH. Then go into the options menu and click the red: That might help.
  9. I will have to re-try it then, though with my current build not sure I have the slots/space for it. 😕
  10. As @EmmySky says Imgur is good. For stuff like above I just use the Windows Snipping Tool (Win+Shift+S) paste into 3D Paint and Crop. Then drag+drop directly into the post. If I were doing a guide or showcasing something I'd go with Imgur because I'd then have easy access without having to go through the forums.
  11. I used to love Fire/Kin. I used to love Fire/Rad. I used to love Mind/Rad. I used to love Mind/Kin. I currently love Grav/Rad. But that will change as I try different things out, my 1st 50s on HC were Fire/Rad but apart from being my Bank character and main crafter I seldom even log in on them now. (They're mostly T3 and I have 3 of them (multi-boxing).) My current project which I'm enjoying immensely is a trio of Grav/Rad gobbling their way through content and are heading toward 40 ATM, I'm probably going to start soloing with them to get through the 40s (or AE them up to 47, dislike content in the 38-47/48 range, you're so close to the end but not quite there), And when I've had my fill of them I'm looking at either a /Storm trio or /Dark trio. Not sure on the primary but sort of edging towards Plant or Dark at the moment. Played all the others and either don't like them (Ill), didn't enjoy them as much as I'd have thought (Ice, better as a blaster & electric) or don't like some of the powers (Earth). (Not saying that any of these are bad, just that I don't like/enjoy them.)
  12. I've used Piglet to extract, but I don't see the point of baking the replacements in, if the game updates the pigg you'd need to do it again and the override system seems to work.
  13. Unless you're already down... then it just keeps you there. Though when down I find some days Gravity seems higher than others... which is weird. 😞
  14. I generally 2 slot it. (2 Total), I take it on more characters than I don't. I very seldom take CJ, as I don't like the set much. Concealment has more potential for LoTG Mules than Leaping, for travel 9/10 I go flight, not because I like it so much but it's just an easier pick than SJ or SS. (Good vertical positioning, 2 LoTG Slots (not mules as I use Hover and Afterburner quite a bit.) I play mostly squishies, and only time I don't take it is on characters that don't need/use a stealth pick, so Brutes/Scrapper/Sentinels who both have other sources of mitigation powers or who are much more likely to take the Fighting pool. Don't take it for the defence though... it's nice to have an extra bit but it's mostly for the stealth and defence procs.
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