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  1. They worked back around Christmas not tried since then, and I used it then to try and find the blinky on the huge outdoor industrial zone with Rikti (I forget the actual mission, basically click some blinkies, no need to kill anything and couldn't find the last one).
  2. It was a small program that could read the demo files made by the game and then parse them to create a map (generally black background with your position and that of the blinkie) so you could see a visual representation of where the blinkie was. I think later versions used the in game map textures too.
  3. Dare I say it but a new working Blinkie Finder would be handy... 😉
  4. The ranged knockdown in Sorcery is quite good, as is Aerial Superiority from Flight. Both of which I have taken and slotted as I would normal powers. Ranged Knock Down on a Gravity/Rad controller (it's better than propel because it doesn't splash it's knock down), and Aerial Superiority on DM/Regen as it adds and extra damaging attack to DM which while control heavy never seemed to have enough attacks. I also semi frequently take the Heal Self from Medicine partly for the healing but mostly for a set of Preventative Medicine (I don't like fulling slotting Health), on characters that don't have an actual "Healing" power.
  5. No? Sounds like it to me. You can easily reach 50 doing way less than 50% Hero Content, not counting Rogue or Villain content at all. Unless you turn XP gain off to complete content (arguably not the way the game is intended to be played) you cannot do all content at the level intended. Okay so a lot of Hero side content, especially content added early on is boring and poorly designed (though often the story is well written), but I don't think that the intention of any of the devs post Orubos (i11?) was to restrict content from players. Scaling the rewards would perhaps mean more people would experience more content.
  6. And those that didn't farm their way to 50 but still want to continue to play at 50? It's a massive mistake to assume that everyone who prefers to play on their max level character only has a max level character because they farmed AE. I have both I also have some that I farmed through bits of the process that I wasn't enjoying (or just really wanted the next level's power to flesh out the build). I do most of my levelling outside of AE/TFs through the Orubos (Base Item), because I don't need to follow contacts and I can pick and choose which arcs I want to pursue and which I can avoid (Any with a lot of Crystal Caves or Council Maps.) I for one would appreciate scaling rewards, even if they only scaled on the initial play through. Personally I'd like to see the auto-exemping tech be rolled out game wide for all missions/zones (with a Null the Gull/P2W toggle ofc).
  7. Use Invasion type mobs in all zones. Low level zones, these are your level -1. Minions con Blue Medium level zones these are you level (0). Minions con white. High level zones, your level +1. Minions con yellow. Hazard zones are whatever the zone is supposed to be +1, eg Perez is a low level so you'd have even con minions. Hive would be +2 minions. Open world ambush style mobs should share this code, stopping random ambushes stomping lowbies (looking at you Malta). GMs remain as they are. I'd also love to see zone events being fleshed out and expanded with badges for completing all a zones events, exploration/plaques/etc. Hero/Heroine of Atlas Park, etc. Some sort of accolade for getting them all.
  8. To turn Blizzard into a Targeted AoE you can bind it with: /bind <key> "powexec_location target Blizzard" Or create a macro (a button that fits into a tray slot): /macro Blz "powexec_location target Blizzard" /macro_image "IceBlast_Blizzard" "M: Blizzard" "powexec_location target Blizzard" The 2nd of these creates a macro that looks like the Blizzard Icon. Macros don't show cooldowns, timers or proper tooltips (M: Blizzard) is the tooltip. To create Blizzard at max range use the above but replace "target" with "0:max". 0 is the direction, 0 being in front, 180 being behind etc. "max" is the range from you, "max" will fire it off as far from you as you can. If you want it as PBAoE instead you could use "self" instead. Icons: (If you want a different one) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uHUi6BWFTYj4wbfGBs3LjZL88Fym6B-8EwDr18YZcY8/edit#gid=0 Useful binds guide: (Search for /powexec_location for a more in depth description.) http://www.shenanigunner.com/CoH-CoV-Technical-Guide-v276.pdf
  9. I will always try to help, far more enjoyable than not. But I don't really see Badges as important, for me they have a similar level of importance of AE, fun if that's what you want to do but not something I care for. Ask for help with a mission, boss, TF and if I have the time I will gladly help, ask for help earning a badge... only if such an activity is worthwhile for me too. So if it's like a TF or something similar and you want a specific badge from it, I'll gladly help, but if you just want to clear another council map for warwolves/vampyre... no thanks. I notice names first because it's what I personally enjoy, if I'm in a team with them I will see their bio as I always check out a teammates /info... costume is a distant 3rd not least due to how many people now have always active auras that hide their costumes. Badges are somewhere beyond that, and generally are a "Oh that's a lot of AE badges... and no exploration... hmm." (I don't comment on it just observe). But I will say if I like a name or Bio. Most of my singleton characters (ones I don't habitually multi-box) have a bio, even if it's just an idea about where the come from, but I generally only add them in game if I continue to play them past their mid 30s. Multi-box trios also often have back stories but I'm even less likely to add them in game as I don't often play in a way where I interact with people... I do however have them talk to themselves... probably a good idea I don't stream myself or people would be breaking out the long sleeved jackets... 😉
  10. Be fair most religions boil down to "I don't know how something works" therefore God. Many Theists live good clean lives and respect or even love their fellow man, some of the best people I have ever met were Theists who were who they were because of their love of God. But religion is pretty absurd and nothing stops you from being a good/kind/loving person without a God. And I have met one or two who are just as "saintly" as those Theists but without the need to worship a sky fairy.
  11. Know I'm not as I never played it. I might be recalling it from another game but not Champions. What I dimly remember is a mission where you could only move between parts of the map if you had a temporary power/buff that you found by defeating something (Probably Clockwork gears). Once you had the buff you could click on a doorway styled glowy that would allow you to move into a different area of the map, without the power/buff the glowies didn't work. Map was either sewers, abandoned office or warehouse.
  12. You can always access the options menu using a mouse and you cannot rebind the left click (afaik) even if you could the left click should work as a normal mouse button when using the clients 2D UI (eg You can use Ctrl+left click to teleport but still use it to set the auto state for powers). With access to the options menu you can reset all the normal game keys (those defined in the options menu) to either their default values or change them to keys that you want. If the game becomes unplayable (using the default keys) you can always get it back to the point where it is playable with just a mouse. Well you need to use your brain too and there does seem to be a distressingly high number of people who cannot do that. Perhaps those people should pick themselves up a mobile or console game where their hand can be held to help them through the incredible difficult learning process.
  13. Definitely on my wish list to be honest. Better yet populate and use from your initial 70 slots, and only put the enhancements that won't fit into the trays into the "overflow". Additional use only trays would be a good idea (you cannot place anything into them once you leave the Respec screen but you can take out of them either in the respec screen or elsewhere. Also is there a reason we're limited to 70? Seems a rather arbitrary limit.
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