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Last week or some such, a farmer was offering up room and I was on a baby toon so I jumped in.  As far as I could tell, two people on the team were engaged and they had a third friend, but it seemed everyone else was random pick-ups.  


As PuGs do, we discussed weather and other bland stuff and realized it all sounded too familiar.  Five of the eight people on the team (aforementioned friend not included) were from the same area..like 50-100 mile area.  Zounds!


Don't get too specific (internet safety and all that), but I was wondering just how many people are from the general DFW area or did we just happen to find THE five?


I am shy with anti-social tendencies so I have no interest in a real world meet and greet but it might be fun to team up in game and put away the baddies!

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